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Monday, February 21, 2022

Chietla, Puebla: Governor Claims The Area Is Complicated Following Several Executions And Bagged Bodies Found

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This weekend authorities found human remains - presumably - of two people in black bags in the center of San Nicolás Tenexcalco in the municipality of Chietla, with a drug message. In this regard, Governor Miguel Barbosa condemned the events and said that these type of violent acts is largely due to its proximity to other states.

He stated that they work every day to maintain the safety of the inhabitants of Chietla, however, in some cases, due to its proximity to Morelos, there are cases of executions outside the state of Puebla, but they take the bodies to Pueblan territory.

However, he pointed out that they will maintain security strategies in the face of the wave of violence that broke out in that municipality and that in just a few days has left at least four people dead in that municipality of the Mixteca Poblana.

According to information published in Puebla Roja, in less than a month there have already been seven executions and they have all been left with narco-messages from an alleged purge carried out by a dangerous criminal group which has warned that there will be more murders as part of the "purge".

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  1. They found remains of 2 dead bodies, "presumably"? People are so cynical. It might have been a flock of doves, or a bag of cupcakes, or a slowly melting ice-sculpture celebrating the beauty and fragility of life in that black bag. But no, its dead people, "presumably".

    1. They say that because it was regular cops who responded, they can just assume until crime scene investigators come and give the official word .

    2. Perhaps somebody was doing a lovely interpretive dance in that bag, protesting the use of The Humpty Dance song at AMLO rallies


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