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Sunday, February 27, 2022

Chaos Continues In Colima: Seized House Set on fire; One Killed And Two Wounded

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

The fire spread and presumably reached four other small neighboring houses.

In Colima, there are 7,789 members of the security forces, both federal, state and municipal, and even so there is chaos generated by organized crime.

In the context of the violence generated by the war, presumably between the Jalisco Nueva Generación and Los Mezcales cartels, this Saturday there has been a house on fire, a murder and two gunshot wounds in different neighborhoods of Colima capital.

Burnt house

A house that was secured a few days ago in Colima capital was set on fire, which caused other homes to be damaged.The event was recorded on 5 de Mayo and Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz streets, in the Fátima neighborhood, Colima, where two people were murdered on February 22.

This house is located in front of a school, where this Saturday, February 26, it was the locals who reported the fire. The fire spread and presumably reached four other small neighboring houses.

The place was attended by elements of Firefighters, Civil Protection as well as members of the armed forces, National Guard and State Police. According to the neighbors, they heard detonations of gun fire. 

"Motosicarios" commit murder

On the other hand, in the Nuevo Milenio II neighborhood, located in the eastern part of the capital of Colima, the murder of a man shot was reported.

According to the first reports, the subject was walking down Calle De los Andes when motorcycle gunmen shot him at close range.

This caused an intense police mobilization in the area, however no one was arrested.Two people shot and wounded

Later, in the Revolution neighborhood, also located in the eastern part of the capital Colima, armed individuals tried to assassinate two people. The attack occurred on Tecomán Avenue, a site where two men sustained gunshot wounds. The alleged perpetrators fled without being arrested. The elements of the Red Cross transferred the injured to receive urgent medical attention.



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  2. Marro got hard $$$ from huachicoleo and still couldn't build an army to fend off Jalisco.

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  4. The Murder rate per day and per year in Mexico exceed its daily birth rate. 30 years from now, Cartel will run out of people to butcher. They going to come to US side and start butchering us. By then, I’ll be dead.

  5. Burn Mexico burn, let it burn babyyyyyyyy


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