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Friday, February 4, 2022

Carboneras, Sinaloa: FGR Seizes Over 4 Tons In Meth

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The Attorney General of the Republic (FGR), through the Specialized Prosecutor's Office of Regional Control (Fecor), in its delegation of Sinaloa, completed a search order, granted by the district control judge specialized in the accusatory criminal system, Where they seized four tons 17 kilos 746 grams 200 milligrams of methamphetamine.

As a result of the investigations, the Federal Public Ministry (MPF), with the support of elements from the Federal Ministerial Police (PFM), of the Criminal Research Agency (AIC), and expert staff of the institution, completed this search order in a property located in the town of Carboneras, in Culiac√°n, Sinaloa.

During the search, two thousand 419 liters containing methamphetamine, 199 liters 920 milliliters of acetone, 499 grams 600 milligrams of heroin, 198 grams 400 milligrams of fentanyl, in addition to scales, gas tanks and freezers were also seized.

The property and the insured were made available to the MPF of the FGR, who continues with the integration of the research folder against who or who are responsible for the crime against health.



  1. Floyd would had consume it in 2 weeks max.

    1. To keep fkng non stop your jefita.

    2. Look at all that P2P based garbage. Even chicken-feed based meth made in a bathtub is way better that this crap.

      We call it weirdo dope because eventually after prolonged use, even a straight man can get caught wearing panties running from people hanging in the trees.

      This drug will destroy all inhibitions. Meth was the best when it was puffed off with anhydrous ammonia somewhere on a pig farm in Iowa in the 90's.

  2. Sinaloa has been get hit hard this week.

    government favors the ever growing cjng
    Sinaloa drug siezures 7
    Cjng. 0

    1. @8:50-
      Snitches?? Prolly not. You can smell this shit from miles away. Dogs could catch a wiff from even farther away.

  3. Replies
    1. Something is happening don't know what but somethings up with chapitos

  4. Something stinks. No way is CDS letting these clowns seize this much dope, this is either a setup to justify a hit on some high ranking skinny jean wearing snitchaloa slob, or some worthless crooked dick politician payed them off to make it seem like theyre worthy for re election. or could be CDS throwing the cops their yearly donut feast. i highly doubt Sleepy joe Brandon is behind this

  5. MZ and Chapitos snitching on each other


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