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Monday, February 28, 2022

Caborca, Sonora: Los Cazadores Show Off Their War Arsenal

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Gunmen from the criminal cell "Los Cazadores" demonstrate one of the "Narco Monster Trucks" that were used on February 16 during their assault on the municipality of Caborca.

Every ounce of someone's malevolent creativity was used to bring this unique Improvised Armored Fighting Vehicle aka Monstruo into existence in the state of Sonora. 

The dark monolithic beast was certainly not moved in secrecy across the Mexican landscape for its appeasing aesthetics.

Someone was hired beforehand and paid handsomely for their exclusive work. A criminalistic skill set strongly desired by many in the underworld. 

In due time this makeshift combat vehicle will be used again by armed men devoid of life on the inside. To engage in a conflict where the prepared assassins hold a particular leverage over others. 

El Blog de Los Guachos


  1. Gas milage is bad, with the heavy steel 8 miles a gallon.

  2. Animo Sicarios!

    "Siempre al tenton
    Cuarenta tiros doble el cargador
    Bien enfierrdo traigo a los plebes
    Listos para la acción
    Un blindadon
    Bien empotrado traigo el cincuenton
    Camoflajiados como los guachos
    Pero con un cuernon
    De un señorón
    Traemos charola Sinaloa al millón
    300 locos que dan la vida
    Por el cazador
    Ponchis de acción
    Anda encargado puro guerrero
    Que no la piensa dos 3 veces
    Pa darse un topon
    Traemos nuevas plazas pa que sepan
    Aya por Santana y Magdalena..
    Traigo un clicon
    Más de cien carros
    Cuidando al viejon
    Van bien marcados por el noveno
    Que no haiga confusión
    Un refuegon
    El que cargamos
    En el terreno
    Brawnis tostones
    Portamos pa defender el Pueblo
    Un equipon
    Plebada bélica del cazador
    Un minimi en cada carro
    Para cualquier situación
    De un señorón
    Traemos charola Sinaloa al millón
    300 locos que dan la vida
    Por el cazador
    Pura gente nueva es la que pesa
    Aquí somos chapos pa que sepan."

  3. Ukrainians can use manpower and monster vehicles. Mexican governments should help out and send cartel members and trucks to fend off Russian aggression, don’t you think?

    1. Horny hotdog.
      Why would the Mexician government think of that?
      They cannot even protect it's citizens and the Mexician military is busy watching Novelas,Chavo del ocho, and smoking joints with compilcated weed. And you want them to go to Europe lol, give me a break.

    2. For once medical can be productive and useful and destroy Russian troops. Let’s do that. Send all cartel members to the front like.

    3. No los pueden mandar no tienen pasaporte

    4. 4:50 he/she means they smoke the weed siezed from criminals.

    5. The Mexician government ran an ad, any Mexicans in Ukraine, nowvis the time to get out.

    6. 4:50 I meant to say
      Compiled weed, but this stupid azz spell check has a mind of its own.

  4. That isn't a war arsenal. And what's so unique about this monstruo? Did I miss something?

    1. Go back and read if you miss fukn something, for crying out loud, put on some depends, ya crapping all over.

    2. Look at the Title you genius instead of filling your mouth with sh@#! And I read the article, it says this monstruo is "unique". If you would have thought it through you would have realized that's why I'm asking the question instead of being ignorant.

  5. Now all the cartels want to copy the zetas
    If I'm not mistaken they were the first to use them

  6. Im no car guy so how do sicarios protect monstruo tires from being shot flat?

    1. 12:18 The guy that says poor journalism in here good morning


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