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Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Azcapotzalco, CDMX: Alleged Leader Of Criminal Group 'La Union Azcapotzalco' Apprehended

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'El Briones' was arrested when police circulated on the Primera cerrada de Miguel Hidalgo corner of Manuel Contreras.

The leader of 'The Union of Azcapotzalco' is detained

José Juan Morales Briones, El Briones, alleged leader of criminal group Azcapotzalco Union was arrested by agents of the Intelligence Area of ​​the Citizen Security Secretariat (SSC) in the vicinity of the Santa Bárbara Colony, Azcapotzalco neighborhood. 

According to investigations by capital police, the organization headed by this 35-year-old man is linked to crimes such as narco sales, extortion, kidnapping, homicide and theft within the region. 

El Briones was arrested when police were traveling on the Primera cerrada de Miguel Hidalgo corner of Manuel Contreras. Authorities observed two men interacting with each other, they were exchanging plastic bags of marijuana for cash.

It was for this reason that they approached them. After noticing the police presence, one of the individuals fled, agent were unable to catch him, but achieved apprehending Morales Briones. 

Agents performed a preventive review and found 60 clear bags with marijuana, 48 white paper wrappers with cocaine. And a .45 pistol with the insignia "Combat Comander Colt Automátic". As well as a magazine and 10 rounds. Briones was placed at the disposal of the Investigative Prosecutor’s Office for the crime of narco sales. 



  1. What the hell does he lead if hes the one out there doing street level dealls what a dumbass

    1. Don’t believe everything they tell you , police will said and set up things for you to get arrested and since there is already a “carpeta de investigación” it’s easier and nobody will doubt that’s your stuff however they can be the same reason the judge let them go .


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