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Friday, February 11, 2022

Heavily Armed Individuals Set Fire to A Car in Colima and Stole Four Vehicles

"Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

The situation in Colima is intensifying, since despite the reinforcement of security by state, municipal and federal authorities, violence continues to occur.

This Friday afternoon, on Constitución Avenue in the northern part of the capital of Colima, a group of criminals set fire to a car lot and stole four vehicles.

The individuals arrived heavily armed, threatening people from the business to burn the vehicles and flee.

Firefighters rushed to the scene to control the vehicle fire. Police elements went to the place to secure the business and carry out the pertinent investigations.

Source: El Occidental


  1. Chicago and Philly much more worse than most of the mexican cities! The Gs there cause mayhem much more than the cartels

  2. 85 will have that plaza back in order in no time..

    1. Right, just like the rest of CJNG plazas. The Michoachango cartel has done nothing but destabilize the entire nation. Look at any state where the Michoachangos have a presence and it resembles their shitty state. "Back in order" my ass, put the pookie pipe down mijo.

    2. 10:58 michoacanos live in your mind..
      If it was not a michoacano in that plaza it would be a sinaloa ot zeta.
      It just so happens that michoacanos are dominating most plazas.
      Is that what gers you upset?
      Why you mad bro? 🤣

      Tell me what state in Mexico is safe from cartel violence 🤔

    3. 159. Sorry mijo, Michoachangos live in YOUR mind. Here you are cheerleading for them, talking about, "85 will have that plaza back in order in no time..." like he is the next messiah. Get a life. Ponte hacer algo en ves de andar de porrista para estos carteles cagados you fucken lame.

    4. 9:14 your the troll that needs to get a life, help your mom with chores.

    5. 9:14 answer my question pendejo!
      What state in Mexico is free from cartel violence?

      Seems like you blame everything on michoacanos lol
      Is it michoacanos fault your a LAME A$$ B!+CH too!? 🤔 🤣

    6. 250 A better question is, what state under CJNG "control" is stable? Answer the question pendeja!

      Now hurry up and grab your pom poms and show us how you make up excuses for the babykiller cartel!

    7. 10:58 un michoacan te de estar comiendo y plachando a tu vieja por esos nos tienes tanto envía y coraje perro alos michoacanos vas seguir pelando 5 hectáreas de riata Cocho

  3. Not the same Ruso, that guy is another Ruso he is not the one that was fighting Nini

  4. In the USA the 3 Letter Cartel is known to loot ,vandalize ,commit arson and joyride robberies of private cars!

    Cars Lives Matter!

  5. Ain't no sinaloas ever taking that plaza.
    Chapo and mayo wanted it bad but could never take it.


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