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Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Aguililla, Michoacán: Authorities Take Back Control Of The City

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

This morning the Army, the National Guard and the Michoacán Police entered the municipal seat of Aguililla, which was under the control of a criminal group for months.

Video translation is as follows:

This morning the Army, the National Guard, and the Michoacán police entered the municipal seat of Aguililla. The Michoacan municipality had been under the control of a criminal group for several months. 

And from the outset they removed the barricade that had been placed at the gates of the Aguililla military barracks.

In the last 2 weeks, the Army, the National Guard, and the Michoacán police say they have recovered 43 communities that were under the control of criminal groups.

Denise Maerker


  1. Replies
    1. Better late then never. Maybe regular society can return and/or rebuild and the ones that farm can probably plant or save their harvest. Fu@#! being negative. Stay positive, fullsteam ahead. No point in dwelling or complaining for what should've or could've been. Yesterday is done and gone.

  2. It took 11 months.
    Also many Innocents killed.

  3. No mentioned of the criminal group(which we all know, but the news outlets is afraid to mention them). Can't believe how many months it took the Army to get back the community, law abiding citizens had thier homes taken, they became homeless, alot became target practice, with no backlash.

    1. That's because the old governor was too busy crying election fraud and political persecution instead of calling for federal assistance.

    2. It's not useless, you're just uninformed. This website focuses only on narco news and you're led to believe that that's all that goes on in mexico. It's not the case. There's more to mexico than just violence and drug trafficking.

    3. 12:58
      You're blind as a bat, MEXICO is going down hill, a president that cares a rats azz.
      The bribe money going to buy homes luxury on USA, Obrador even buying 70,000 Benz for his son, that's in $ UD dollars.

    4. 741 so you're telling me that there is absolutely no positive news happening in Mexico? The only real news we can find is what is published on this website, which is violence and drug trafficking. That's it, nothing else....

  4. The Mexican government is useless, this is just sad.

  5. Just a big show, nothing will change.
    If anything. It will get WORSE


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