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Friday, February 11, 2022

$145 Million In Cocaine Seized From Narco Submarine Off The Colombian Coast

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A submarine used in drug smuggling operations across Central America was caught on Sunday, Feb. 6, after it passed through Colombian waters, causing the country’s navy to board the vehicle and confiscate over 4 tons of drugs. 

The narco submarine, which had close to $150 million in drugs and which were believed to have been financing a local dissident group Alfonso Cano Western Bloc affiliated with the rebel army known as FARC, was intercepted by the Coast Guard and the Maritime Police, Naval News reported. 

Three Colombians and one Ecuadorean were found to be on board the submarine and charged with drug trafficking, among other charges. The Ecuadorean national reportedly has a U.S. warrant out for their arrest due to other drug trafficking charges, according to the New York Post.

Over 4,000 packages filled with cocaine were found inside the submarine, weighing 4 tons overall. It is believed that these drugs were earmarked for an unknown Mexican cartel, though authorities have yet to release details regarding this. 

Twitter reactions from the submarine being found ranged from amusement at the large number of drugs found, to the possible deaths that may occur due to the interception of the drugs, the Indian Express reported. 

The submarines, which are semi-submersible and run with diesel engines, are valued at half a million dollars each and can hide tons of drugs inside the unit, which is why it is used in drug trafficking campaigns related to the Mexican cartel. 

The United States once impounded a similar submarine in February 2019, which they called “Hijo del Diablo.” Believed to have been able to carry over five tons of drugs, the drug submarine was confiscated from the Colombian village of Timbiqu√≠ – Cauca.

This is not the first time a drug submarine has been caught by Colombian authorities: in September 2019, another submarine that was being driven by three individuals was found with eight tons of cocaine inside it. 

A drug submarine was found in Colombian waters, containing over 4 tons of cocaine that is believed to be earmarked for the Mexican cartel, with four individuals being arrested after the incident. This is a representational image. Darren Halstead/Unsplash.

L.A. Times


  1. Replies
    1. Excellent ūüĎć catch
      Make sure it gets burnt, not to be reused.

    2. I doubt anyone would burn 150 million and that's just the half they reported

  2. The photo is NOT a narco sub. Thats the USS BLUEBACK built in 1959. Why play around, might as well get a photo of SSN 21 Seawolf.


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