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Monday, January 31, 2022

Zacatecas: Several CDS Hitmen Immolate A CJNG Gunman

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Within the state of Zacatecas a fierce battle rages between the Jalisco New Generation Cartel and the Cartel de Sinaloa. It is only through the perpetual drip of video releases online that we are made aware of these low grade conflicts between the warring cartels. 

For this broadcast a dead CJNG assassin lies anchored to the ground. An armed criminal cell of Sinaloa gunmen has gathered for his send off into the next world. It is with the use of a flammable liquid that finalizes his departure. 

Warning: Graphic Video

Video translation is as follows: 

Sicario #1: No. Whistle at him. Otherwise, signal towards him with gunfire. 

Sicario #2: Let them fire a few shots. 

Sicario #3: Damn, look at that piece of shit now. 

Sicario #2: What an asshole piece of shit. 

Sicario #1: Take a look at this everyone. This is one of those Jalisco gunmen who likes to run away, steal, and give everyone a hard time by ransacking them. Here lies one of your bitch ass Jalisco gunmen. I thought they were supposed to be so tough? In the end they’re left to fucking fend for themselves. What a piece of shit. 

Sicarios screams out: We are the absolute Flechas mob. 

Sicario #1: We are the absolute Cartel de Sinaloa, the absolute Mayo Zambada mob. 

Sicario #2: We are the fucking absolute Operativo MZ. 

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  1. Seems like CJNG catch these guys slipping and MZ burning already dead bodies. MZ taking a beaten they have to truce with Chaputos to hold CJNG back.

  2. CJNG dose the same thing ...eats dead bodies.. pathetic...

  3. About time CDS does something to CJNG.
    CJNG eats them alive

    Thats pretty much how it goes, cjng was outnumbered so they ran but this guy was too slow.
    They still havent caught a head of sicarios but cjng has killed at least 2

    You know CDS is losing when they truce with the dirtiest cartel in mexico CDN

    1. LMAO! The dirtiest cartel de mexico is CJNG. Los mata ancianos. Baby killer cartel.

    2. 8:22 cds recruits babies, whats cjng suppose to do? Let them shoot at them? Lol
      Just like in afghanistan the taliban had kids women and granpas trying to kill soldiers. What did the soldiers do? Shoot them up
      You just mad cuz your favorite cartel is eating dirt right now lol

      So much for their corridos saying the sinaloas were the number one cartel in the world, the toughest and the bravest hahaha

    3. 9:17 There we go again locked with Afghanistan again, just like your buddy locked in hating Michoacan citizens.

    4. 6:38 don't get mad at CJNG for killing those kids.
      Get mad a CDS for using them kids as sicarios Tonto!

    5. 6:38 it's a war for drug control just like in Afghanistan..
      But what would I know right?

    6. Afghanistan this Afghanistan that, ohh my brother is in Afghanistan, oh I like men in camels, oh afgaistan ohh, hard on afgaistan.Get a life unkown.

    7. People don't call CJNG the baby killer cartel because they've killed kid sicarios. They call them that for videos they post literally killing kids. Like that video where they force the dad to see his 8 year old son get blown up with dynamite, amoungst others. Also they've ran up in houses, parties,etc, and purposefully killed kids (along with adults). I don't think that's happened in Zacatecas as far as I know. I actually think they're trying to clean up their image. I don't think they've done that kind of sh*@$ in awhile. Might be wrong though.

  4. Excellent ūüĎć time to receive karma CJNG.
    Do bars to others, it will hit you back.

  5. Most stupid ppl on Earth are these losers. God has special plans for them all.

  6. This guy should count himself fortunate for being killed before he was torched.

  7. Didn't BB used to have a list of it's videos?

  8. CJNG killed and eat their victim raw.
    Other cartel BBQ them first


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