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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Vetagrande, Zacatecas: The Cartel Del Noreste Announce Their Presence

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The Cartel del Noreste (CDN) have just released several videos announcing their presence in the town of Vetgrande, Zacatecas. Within these broadcasts the cell of hit men appear young in age, heavily armed with high powered rifles, and in dark clothing uniformity for nocturnal raids. 

Currently the Northeast Cartel is being led by Juan Gerardo Treviño Morales aka El Huevo Treviño. The DEA has identified him as being an active member who leads the Cartel del Noreste. According to the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR), the bastion of the CDN is the state of Tamaulipas.

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  1. Cdn is definitely expanding having Nuevo Laredo for soo many years under control has brought a lot of money el huevo has avoided capture for many years and I believe z40’s connections has helped them grow they are winning the war against cdg metros even with cjng funding and helping arm metros its cdn pushing into their territory and not the other way around having taken full control of mier and pushing into Miguel aleman and camagro cdg is non existent in Nuevo Laredo yes cdn suffered loses to the military in NL but I believe they have changed their strategy and have several bases around the city rather than fighting Sedona in the streets they have expanded a lot in the last year and still have connections in South America through 40 and 42 over the last year their presence has grown to Tabasco state of Mexico Morelos and cancun places they didn’t have presence before I think they will continue to grow bigger as also rumours of them having an alliance with chapitos and pushing large amounts of ice through nectar Lima


  2. Les sirvió alinearse con los de CDS ojalá Alrato no los usen y los tiren por enfrente. Ya sabiendo quien es quien. We seen this shit with their own people they have to put up work for the DEA

  3. CDS is a joke now in dats. They had to team up with CDN? WTF?!
    No pueden con CJNG y se alienaron con el cartel mas CORRIENTE que existe hoy en dia.
    Just sending more to te slaughterhouse to get kilked and eaten for breakfast by CJNG..
    This sensless war has many oendejos filling up the ranks just for the look and to post a picture in the web..
    These youngsters acting all tough until they get butchered alive..
    Estos vatos ya estan muertos nomas no les an avisado..
    pobre vatos, muriendose por una maruchan y bolsitas de crystal

    1. Didn't CJNG join up with Golfos in Zacatecas earlier on?

    2. One thing is for sure though
      Zacatecas is going to be a blood bath

  4. What happened to the CDG Matamoros? Who are they alligned with?

  5. Lol you can tell the lack of funding, not all have a weapon in their hand.

    1. Huevos probably has a billion dollars, but he ain't sharing it.

  6. Does it’s president watch its news on nightly basis and wonder how Mexico goes this low? People getting chop to pieces is normal for him? When is going to be enough for all mexicans

    1. Mexicans love that old man
      They are brain washed

    2. Simon cacheton, ALMO por vida!


  7. Couldn't even imagine in 2006 if Zetas/CDS alliance would ever happen


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