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Saturday, January 15, 2022

Uruapan, Michoacán: The United Cartels Interrogates A CJNG Operative

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Operatives from the the Carteles Unidos (CU) have abducted a Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) member in the city of Uruapan, Michoacán. Under interrogation he claims to work for "El Jaguar", a Guadalajara native. 

Together with "El Panther" they’ve both been tasked with fighting for the Uruapan plaza. Each man is engaged in that conflict with their own respective cells. The following broadcast has been deemed safe for all to see. 

Video translation is as follows:

Interrogator: How many individuals are involved with you guys there?

Captive: I don’t really know their names but I do know the individuals there. 

Interrogator: Can you describe them for me?

Captive: They’re older in age. 

Interrogator: They’re older? Is it 2 older individuals?

Captive: Yes. 

Interrogator: Are they around 50 years of age?

Captive: Yes, more or less. 

Interrogator #2: More or less then, huh?

Interrogator: Are these the only guys?

Captive: One of those guys was standing next to me. When they briefly separated from each other’s presence. I heard him being asked a question. And he said that they had attacked…

Interrogator: So, this guys with them?

Captive: Yes. He’s with "Jaguar". 

Interrogator: Ok. So, that guy is with "Jaguar" then. Where can this "Jaguar" individual be found?

Captive: He lives just ahead of La Loma (La Loma, Michoacán). 

Interrogator: Is "Jaguar" linked to "El Panther" from San Juan (San Juan, Michoacán)?

Captive: No, not necessarily. They both belong to the same enterprise but their cells are split up in Uruapan. 

Interrogator: What?

Interrogator #2: They belong to the same enterprise?

Captive: Yes. Each individual has their own group. "El Panther" is from San Juan. And "Jaguar" is from Guadalajara. 

Interrogator: Guadalajara?

Captive: Yes. 

Interrogator: So, who’s fighting for the Uruapan plaza?

Captive: They both are. But they split the city in half for each group. 

Interrogator: Which part pertains to "Panther" and what part did the other guy get?

Captive: "El Panther" received the La Quinta neighborhood. He was given that north western side of town. 

Interrogator: Uh huh. And which side of town did "Jaguar" receive?

Captive: "Jaguar" received the part of the city where…

Interrogator: How many individuals did you guys have with you there?

Captive: 15 persons. 

Interrogator: 15?

Captive: Yes. 

Interrogator: 15 guys including yourself?

Captive: Yes. 

Interrogator: What’s the name of the engineer who brought you aboard?

Captive: Aaron.

Interrogator: What?

Captive: Aaron.

Interrogator: I need you to speak louder. 

Captive: Aaron.

Interrogator: Aaron what?

Captive: I never did know his last name…

Interrogator: What type of vehicle does he have?

Captive: He drives a Nissan. 

Interrogator: A Nissan?

Captive: Yes. 

Interrogator: Do you own the vehicle that you were traveling in?

Captive: It belongs to Aaron.

Interrogator: The red vehicle?

Captive: Yes. 

Interrogator: What about the other vehicle that was also left here, is it his also?

Captive: Yes.

Interrogator: How many other vehicles do they have hidden?

Captive: They don’t have any hidden there. They’re all down south. 

Interrogator: In Uruapan?

Captive: The thing is that house where he lives…

Source: Código Rojo


  1. Good job 👍 CU about time you all catch more CJNG.

  2. Can someone maybe provide more info. Why do you think he's shivering? He was beaten?
    I'm in Canada I just can't help but read news in Mexico. I should be thankful.

    1. It’s not too hard to figure out why he’s shivering away like that. It appears he’s been beaten just before that interrogation. Add that gnawing anticipation that’s racing through his mind of knowing his end is near because of all that intel he’s giving up. And it’s easy to see why his shock kicks in. In a kidnapping fear, emptiness, and despair surge through your body if you know you’re not making it out alive.

    2. Wow. I can tell el Commandante Sol Prendido recieved interogation training , maybe from the CIA School of The Americas

    3. I couldn't have answered that better myself Mr Sol

    4. Would you be shaking if you knew you were about to be dismembered alive? he’s shaking because he knows what’s coming after the interview.

    5. The mind can't fool the body. Reportedly some prisoners slated for execution are unable to walk and must be supported to the execution chamber.

    6. There was a cold front over the weekend.

  3. he must know when you without a t shirt surrounded by enemies the sledgehammer is on its way.. Jesus

  4. This war for michoacan is nt going to end any time soon

  5. And hes dead, CU is not leaving any CJNG alive . No way.

    1. Of course not you horse.
      Cjng members need to be killed.

  6. When I was a teenager I was in a deli/liquor store playing Asteroids. There we're 3 other patrons and the clerk also in the store. Two guys in nice suits walked in,closed the front door and placed a rod through the handles to basically lock the doors. Out came two pistols and they asked for all the cash in the register. After grabbing the money they forced all of us to the back of the store and into the cooler. They had us all lay down on the floor. You cannot explain the terror we all felt to someone who hasn't been in such a terrible situation.In those brief moments we had no idea if we'd be executed or not. Thank goodness they told us to remain in the cooler for five minutes and not lift our heads to try and identify their vehicle. The whole experience was in slow motion and was terrifying. I am sure we were all shaking in fear not knowing if we would be executed. I struggled for many many months afterward with panic attacks and nightmares.This guy KNOWS he is going to be killed and most likely in some barbaric way. The fact he wasn't throwing up or passing out shows a certain level of courage imo.

    1. You were doing good until you forgot to Mention WHERE did it take place?

    2. I hate to read a story, where the author due to inexperience, forgets to put in part of it's crusial information.

    3. It's like saying Juan Rambo, went to .......and then encountered.......
      Ya dig. Do do a story if you can't proofread it.

    4. I apologize for leaving out that info. It was in Orange County-specifically, Newport Beach, which is in Southern California. I didn't think the location mattered much as we had been discussing the video subjects physical reaction to his impending demise.You can be scared to death virtually anywhere in this world. Hope the location helps those who were bothered by it's absence. Ty

    5. Ah ok 839
      Thanks I fulfilled understanding your storyline. Orange County was not that bad in that era.


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