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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Step by Step: The Discovery Of A Dead Baby In The San Miguel Prison That Angered Mexico

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Authorities find a baby in Puebla's jail

This Thursday, the Reinserta organization announced more details about the crime. The child had been abducted in Mexico City

Nobody heard anything. Not a little sigh, explain the inmates of the Social Reintegration Center (Ceresso) of San Miguel, in Puebla (southwest of Mexico City). In the garbage containers of this prison, last Monday, January 10, a dead baby was found.

The details, told in snippets by the State Police, indicate that the child was entered during a visiting day in prison. At this time it’s unknown whether dead or alive - how it happened and those who were involved.

The discovery happened in the area of ​​refuse, as is known to prisoners who help custodians empty waste. The newborn baby was a few days old- was wearing a hat and had blood. In addition, in the abdomen there was an appendix surgery, so it was suspected would have been used to introduce drugs.

The case was brought forth by the Reinserta Organization, whose founder Saskia Niño de Rivera, denounced this Thursday that the baby was snatched in the nations capital. "We already know that the baby found in the Puebla prison was abducted from CDMX. It is important that Ernestina Godoy report how a baby from a hospital or morgue could have been abducted and then end up in a Puebla dump, "she wrote on Twitter.

Similarly, on January 15, the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) requested the Attorney General's Office to collaborate with the investigation and requested strengthening surveillance controls.

According to the Government of Puebla, before the pandemic, minors needed an authorized pass to visit inmates in prison. This could be processed from a birth certificate (original and copy) and a school record, in case of having it. Likewise, a responsive one from a direct family member line was mandatory.

In Mexico, 822 children were killed during the pandemic, but the case of this little baby has been one of the most shocking in the country. The memory of what happened to Angela the girl, abandoned in a suitcase in 2015, made it seem that this was another brutality committed against a minor.

Among the questions of human rights organizations, that stand out:

-What records support the baby's entrance to the prison?

-If the baby was admitted to the prison in a visit, how couldn’t they have realized that the baby had entered the prison?

- Why isn’t there a record of this?

- In the case of not having a record of a baby entering, why weren’t the protocols and actions enforced in order to find that baby?

- Why was this baby allowed in if it’s currently prohibited due to the increase in COVID-19 cases in the entity?

- Why did the baby's body have an incision in the abdomen?

-How could the baby's body be transported from the entrance to the center to the prisons dumpster?

- In what parts of the prison do the boys and girls who visit the center for having a family member at the San Miguel's prison meet at?

- Do the penitentiary authorities of the center have no control of the garbage area?



  1. This shit would have the government up your ass in the U.S.... mexico needs to do better... FUKN bullshit

  2. Damn...this caught me off guard and shocked me. Am I correctly inferring from the article that the baby was already dead and taken from the hospital morgue then cut open, stuffed with "contraband", sewed up, then basically used as the package that the contraband was smuggled in in, then cut open and thrown away like wrapping paper?

  3. If any additional information comes to light, it would be highly appreciated if you kept us updated. If they used that baby as a mule, I hope and pray the individual/s behind it are brodcasted to the public and street justice is slowly, methodically and detailistically applied....over and over and over...

  4. Did I miss the step by step in this story because I didn't see it.

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