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Monday, January 31, 2022

Silao, Guanajuato; Armed Attack At A Dance Leaves 8 Dead

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

An armed criminal cell took advantage of the sound of the music of a dance that was held in the San José de Gracia community of this municipality to riddle eight people within an address.

Around 7:50 in the evening of this Saturday at a home address of San José de Gracia, the gunfire produced by weapons of high caliber could be heard. 

The event was informed by inhabitants of the area through the 911 Emergency Central, public safety elements arrived on the main street in front of the temple of the town where they located four adult men, two women and two minors with firearm injuries. 

Upon review, they all no longer had vital signs, who according to unofficial versions, armed subjects on board two cars and three motorcycles escaped after discharging their weapons against them.

The State Prosecutor's Office is processing the area in order to gather evidence that will determine the facts as well as the number of victims.

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  1. If only they had plainclothes security with guns, more people would be alive. And some criminals would have been shot.

  2. I thought the michoachango cartel was suppose to bring peace and prosperity after they displaced Marro And his group of pendejos.

    1. El RR is a fucking loon. Dude keeps murdering anyone associated with CSRL and Union. Dude promised peace like over a yesr ago now lol and although there is less topones, there is still a shit ton of fucking murders of less important players like halcones and Menudistas

    2. @sosa You mean a cartel leader lied?? Wow their evil knows no bounds!

  3. no es nada que nosotros como Raza nos matemos unos a otros. En Asia con más de 1 y la India con más de 1 billón de personas se acobardan para dar sus vidas. en cambio, desnudan lo que no es posible alimentar como los de Moscú. No voy a dejar que los míos se pierdan en su mierda. joderlos es lo que estoy haciendo.
    for a whiplash I gotta Stash.


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