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Thursday, January 20, 2022

SEDENA and GN Reinforce Surveillance in Michoacán

The following is the direct text of an article written by La Jornada

With the deployment of more than a thousand elements of the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) and the National Guard (GN), the federal government reinforced security in the Tierra Caliente and Sierra-Costa regions. The uniformed officers recovered the Tepalcatepec-Coalcomán highway stretch, seven months after alleged members of the New Generation Jalisco Cartel (Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación, CJNG) cut off the road with ditches, some deep enough to cover a heavy truck, military sources reported.

For more than two years, criminal groups from Jalisco have raided Michoacán in armored vehicles and terrorized entire towns; recently they have used drones to launch explosives, as happened in Chinicuila.

In a press release, the 21st Military Zone, with headquarters in Morelia, informed that it will continue to reinforce security tasks in the state and that in addition to the 1,000 elements deployed in Tepalcatepec and Coalcomán, 1,800 more elements of the Mexican Army will arrive as of Thursday.

The municipalities where there will be security operations are Zamora, Uruapan, Jacona, Zitácuaro and Morelia, he explained.

Yesterday's deployment was made by air and by land along more than 40 kilometers of the Tepalcatepec-Coalcomán highway, which connects with the coast through Chinicuila and Aquila. The criminals fled towards the mountains towards Aguililla and towards Colima along the road that crosses Villa Victoria.

In a press conference, Governor Alfredo Ramírez, of the Morena party, informed that he has met with his counterparts from Jalisco, Guanajuato and the state of México to coordinate security operations on the borders with Michoacan, since organized crime moves through neighboring states when fleeing from the public forces in the regions of the Ciénega de Chapala, Tepalcatepec and Buenavista, which connect with Jalisco. In Zitácuaro, in the east of the state, organized crime is making incursions into the state of México and there are also serious problems in the municipalities of La Piedad, Cuitzeo and Santa Ana Maya, which border Guanajuato.

In Tepalcatepec the economy has been reactivated and the harvest is already underway. The same has happened in Aguililla and Buenavista, where there is normal traffic to Apatzingán, said the state president. He added that through the Fortapaz program, more than 600 million additional pesos will be allocated to fight crime in the 113 municipalities, although there will be more resources for the 42 with the highest crime rates.

He emphasized that the state Public Security Secretariat and the various municipal police will be equipped and will receive more training.

Meanwhile, inhabitants of the Purepecha regions of the state blocked five highways yesterday morning to demand that the federal and state governments address the historical backwardness of the native peoples and to oppose the increase in public transportation fares.

Source: La Jornada


  1. A michoacanos worst enemy is another Michoacano. This article proves it.. They fuck up the roads, they turn off the power on the neighboring towns, they disrupt the communication services, they attack the military, de por si estan jodidos and they start taxing the aguacateros, the lemon growers, the strawberry farmers, local businesses, and to top it all off they come on BB and throw hissy fits when you point out the facts.

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