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Monday, January 10, 2022

Santiaguillo, Zacatecas: Two Women Are Burned Inside A Dumpster

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Motorists who passed through the area referred to hearing cries from the victims, but for fear of being assaulted they didn’t stop to help. 

Video translation is as follows:

Violent crimes are still occurring in Zacatecas. This weekend 2 women and a man were attacked by gunfire in the community of Santiaguillo located in Fresnillo.

Although the male managed to go to the hospital after the attack. In the case of the 2 women, they were doused with fuel and then burned. Their bodies were located in a community dumpster. 

After the incident, the State Security Secretary confirmed what happened. But has not released the identity of the victims.



  1. Commandante Sol Prendido you think this has to do with the Flechas Vs Jardinero's war?

    1. Claro que si mi comandante. That's CDS versus CJNG. Those politicians are selling the drug corridors to the highest bidders.

    2. Ya tienen las plazas en ebay esos pinche politicos.

    3. Exactamente camaradas!
      Los governadores son Puros pinches ratas
      Tienen el estado de zacatecas como un slaughter house

    4. Where is comandante Marcos at when Mexico needs him.

  2. Is it safe to say that Zacatecas today is worse off compared to Zac 2 years ago??

    1. You idiot it's worse everywhere is Mexico. Michoachangos kiss my ass.

    2. 8:51 yea, its worse and it will continue to get even WORSE because no government wants to stop the CARTEL PROBLEM mexico faces.
      AMLO is getting big money $$ from cahapitos, MAYO and posibly even Mencho.
      As long as there's narco governors and narco presidents like grandpa AMLO things will NOT change.

  3. Omg life is so precious and stuff happens in Mexico like normal


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