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Saturday, January 1, 2022

Puebla, PUE: "Los Whitehead", A Criminal Group Dedicated To Vehicle Theft

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

As a result of the implementation of the Puebla Shield Strategy, the Citizen Security Secretariat (SSC) of the municipality stopped Rodrigo "N.", 23, identified as alleged member of "Los Whitehead", a criminal group dedicated to vehicle theft with violence.

Municipal police officers made a focused patrol on Luis Donaldo Colosio street, near the San Juan neighborhood, when they apprehended the driver of a blue Volkswagen Bora, while conducting routine work on public roads. Due to a possible violation, the troops approached the male.

During the interview process, the municipal forces found within the unit more than a dozen possible heroin and crystal meth narcotics, controlled medication pills, as well as a knife. In view of these facts the male was arrested for his probable participation in crimes against health. 

Based on police intelligence work and discovery of criminal links, it is presumed that Rodrigo "N.", is a part of a criminal group identified as "Los Whitehead", allegedly dedicated to vehicle theft with violence in the San José Xilotzingo neighborhood. 

The perpetrator was made available to the Agent of the Public Prosecutor's Office, for the pertaining investigations. 

The SSC of Puebla, urges citizens to, in case of recognizing this person as responsible for other criminal behaviors, file their complaint with the State Attorney General's Office (FGE).

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  1. Good afternoon BB

    Here comes my stupid question lol.....

    Los WHITEHEAD? like a pimple?
    I'm trying to make sense of the name lol, and i can't.....

    1. Bro there’s a lot of weird gang names out there. Lol

    2. I see that. Thank you for that Sol. I'll take that into account.

    3. En NYC el cartel de las 3 letras BLM roba carros y asesinan
      Cuidate mucho Señor Rubio

    4. Juan Rambito
      Check out Rubio's red panties lol

    5. Lol ( about these panties ). I'm going to have to ask my ex wife if she's the one that got me on to them.

      Mr Rambo i appreciate you being cordial.

      Out of curiosity Rambo. And not looking to pry but to understand you better. What's your nationality, and why the dislike towards BLM? Look i won't deny that we have become a VERY sensitive society. It has gotten to the point that anytime someone gets offended they start a group. And now less and less things aren't allowed to be said. Being Hispanic i will say though. That Blacks have gotten it hard. But a huge percentage does use the " slavery " thing a little too much. It's the excuse for everything that they choose to not do and that's preventing then from advancing. Jews have also been through alot. But managed to stick together and make something because of this. Us Hispanics are stuck on shit because we only care about fucking each other over. So we are almost in the same boat as Black people.

    6. Oh and my apologies. I just realized you're Hispanic Senor Rambo.

    7. I agree that blacks play the victim role a bit too much..
      Latinos from the most part are hard working people but if they make it most wont lend out a hand and help the less fortunate. But then again, the less fortunate hate on the ones that make it so its hard for the ones that make it to even comunicate with the ones that are struggling on a 9 to 5.
      I know a few business owners and a mater of fact i was talking to my brother in law (wich is a succesful business man) the other day about this topic. He told me now that he makes money and owns nice trucks and has property, His own family dislike him and are not to happy about him being succesful. I believe its in most nationalities and not just Latinos that act like that. I have noticed arabians owning liquor stores and later his cousin owns one and their families keep getting more liquor stores. I think those arabians already come to america with money just like many chinese. If they have the money to pay for a coyote that costs around $20,000 they have money.
      As a mexican business man i started out looking for a way to make it. I looked for loans and grants. I found that there were so many grants for african american men and especially african american women. I was looking for one as a latino abd there were none at the time but MANY for blacks.
      Thats when i realized blacks are broke and in the hood because they choose to be. If your black and your looking at this comment, you need to look into it. Specially after the BLM movement a bunch of grants poped out for blacks.

    8. Señor Rubio greetings to you and respect.
      Any group that enriches itself by fabricating racism is evil .Any group that promotes hate so that it can use it as a barganing chip to extort private businesas and government is depicable. Any group that ignores the death of its own kids but makes victims and heroes out of criminals are a huge fraud.
      Any organization that commits hate crimes against other ethinic and racial groups and abuses the race card is wicked
      Those are my issues with the BLM cartel /terrorrist group

      By the way I dont know what is going on with the red panties but a big round latina booty in red thongs is heaven!!

    9. Rubio
      You ask a selfish question to Juan Rambo
      We all know he is Hispanic.
      Stop wearing your wife's Red panties.

    10. 8:16 actually, the chinese pay $40,000 to $60,000 to get to the US ilegaly

    11. 3:02 so what, what's the big fuken deal.

  2. Rubio-Can I get that pair of blue underwear back now? Not the red panties, you can keep those. Thx

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    6. Rubio the Puerto Rican, I don't think Miss H finds guys that wear Red panties, one bit sexy.

  3. Mexico is also one of the top countries with high robbery rate

  4. I stand with BLM. There are a few bad apples but that's the same way as in any organization. Black people are beyond criticism. Our ancestors did not ask to come here so I gave us a pass. Ram-ho would go to Southside Chicago and talk shit. But he's a punk, so he won't.
    Ram-ho claims to be Hispanic. But we all know he is a greasy WOP. With Out Papers.

    1. @5.04 James Doo Doo Brown stands with the BLM cartel
      Because he lacks accountability ,He likes the idea of commiting crimes and then using the race card to avoid the concequences.He loves that he can break the law and blame it on the wy man.
      Like his hero Floyd, he is also a drug user. I can guarantee you he also has a criminal record!
      James Doo Doo Brown is your typical low iq uneducated bafoon that gives power to the race pimps .
      By the way reading a little history would enlighten you about how the tribes in Africa hunted and sold other tribes and sold them off as slaves to the Europeans. Your own ancestors started the slave trade.

    2. @5:04. Sorry, I'm college educated. An affirmative action baby and damn proud of it. Your ass ought to be grateful for the civil rights that blacks fought and died for. Except for Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta, Mexicans largely sat out the civil rights movement and let blacks do all the heavy lifting. I ain't mad at Mexicans, but they ought to be more grateful for what blacks have done for minorities in general.
      Yup,I'm waiting for my reparations check. Pay your taxes,bRam-ho, so I can get a fat reparations check. You're also paying for my EBT card and my free Medicaid. Thanks for your largesse, Ram-ho. And keep subsidizing my lifestyle with your taxes! I had prime rib at Xmas, bought with my EBT. Thanks for your tax dollars, son.

    3. BLM members are resorting to smash and grab robberies, in Beverly hills and Los Angeles, they don't want to work they also prefer home invasion robberies.

    4. Mr. Brown can be a college graduate but he is still ignorant.
      I have seen many blacks that say BLM is a fraud and it sets the black comunity back.
      James brown, do you even know who funded and stated the BLM movement?
      I will give you a hint, he's white and he's a billionare..
      Whats funny is that there are many latinos and even whites that are brainwashed about the BLM movement.
      I think for the mos part people will follow anything, just look at hitler and his followers.
      Rittenhouse killed two white BLM protestors trying to beat him up.
      Those dummies died for nothing.
      Like the saying goes, believe in something or you will die for anything..

    5. @2:42 Yes James Doo Doo Brown graduated from the Wakanda college! Lol.

      The BLM cartel is not interested in saving lives. If BLM marched in Chicago to end the killing of black kids I would join the march.
      However that will never happen because the BLM cartel's only purpose is to enrich itself and its leaders by fabricating racism .

      @2.42 you Sir/Ma'am can see through the false narrative of the BLM cartel. You are truly awake! Happy 2022

    6. @1:37 PM yes 100% accurate .The BLM cartel organizes smash and grab robberies its another source of income for them besides government assitance fraud ,and exorting private business .

  5. @ James Doo Doo Brown .
    Sickel cell ,diabetis or murder by a "brotha" . Your fate .


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