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Friday, January 21, 2022

Mystery Arrest in Puerto Vallarta Update

"HEARST" and "SoCalj" for Borderland Beat

As SoCalj first reported yesterday, a major arrest of a cartel member was made yesterday in the city of Puerto Vallarta, in the state of Jalisco. A large number of Army (SEDENA) soldiers were seen within the luxury vacation home neighborhood of Marina Vallarta. The alleged location where the arrest occurred is address #131 Gaviotas Street, in Puerto Vallarta. 

El Quintana Roo alleged that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador will give details on who was arrested during his morning press conference on Friday January 21, 2022 but the press conference has concluded and it seems it was not covered. Until and unless something new is released, this post is no longer live.

Summary of What Each News Outlet Is Reporting

January 20, 2022

Noticias SPV

Helicopters from the Mexican Army flew over the area and one landed on the golf course. There is talk of someone being arrested on Gaviota Street, which was closed by authorities. 

El Universal 

Military search and mobilization reported in Marina de Puerto Vallarta area. There are artillery vehicles seen on the outskirts of the golf course.

Jalisco Rojo 

The large presence of soldiers has been observed since this morning. They detail that both the Army and the Navy are present for the operation.

They also write “Unofficially, it was said that an alleged high-ranking drug trafficker linked to the CJNG was arrested at a home on Gaviota Street, where a white BMW X5 sedan was also seized.”


Residents of the area “observed for several hours the coming and going of the military elements of the Navy and even the National Guard that traveled the avenues in armored cars from the airport to different points. After a few hours, the largest concentration of elements appeared in Gaviotas street, where the soldiers indicated that no image could be recorded, this was on the orders of their superiors, while, when questioned about the mobilization, they indicated that they were not authorized to report.”

Tribuna de la Bahia 

They write that it is unofficially known that it is a search for a “big fish.” They say a person was arrested and flown out to Mexico City.


Writes that one person was arrested and flown out to Mexico City, same as Tribuna de la Bahia. 


According to unofficial versions, the operation utilized military vehicles and helicopters and it successfully resulted in the arrest of someone.

They write that residents say the site is a "war zone" due to the heavy mobilization of the Army and say the operation began at 4am. They also quote an alleged neighbor who says they began hearing a helicopter at 3am. They also detail that 150 soldiers were involved in the operation.

El Quintana Roo

They write that “Unofficial versions say that the military was looking for the leader of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), but that either ‘he got away’ or he was never in the location to begin with, where by the way, there was an alleged detainee, apparently an important criminal, also head of the aforementioned criminal organization.”

They also write “it is said, it will be President Andrés Manuel López Obrador himself, who will give details of what has been done in his morning press conference tomorrow, Friday, January 21, 2022.” But no details were given in the later press conference.

Diario Cambio

Claims that “a mega operation was carried out in the luxurious Marina Vallarta sector in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, allegedly to capture the leader of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), Nemesio Rubén Oseguera Cervantes.” They go on to say the aim “was to capture the CJNG leader, however, they allegedly only captured hired killers.”

They claim a UH-60 Blackhawk and MI-8 helicopters were used, and say the media was kept out of the residential sector near the operation, preventing media from covering the event.

January 21 2022 


They allege the side view photo of the detainee was taken inside the home, at the initial time of arrest. He was therefore allegedly caught by members of the military while he was wearing only dark Bermuda shorts and flip flops. 

Reports there were two helicopters used in the operation yesterday. “However, Navy sources revealed to Infobae México that they [the helicopters] were not part of the operation carried out in Vallarta.”

However this denial of the helicopters being related to the operation may stem from a confusion about how a Bombardier DHC-202-Q Dash 8 plane, which is used exclusively to transport high-ranking military personnel, was seen in the Marias Islands area nearby, which is covered by Debate here

Miguel Angel Luna

They write that the detainee is “Presumably a subject known as El Fresa, who works as the operator of a criminal organization in the area.”

Vallarta Daily

They also write that the detainee is El Fresa. 


“Thursday morning, Marines and members of the Mexican Army arrived discreetly to an exclusive area in Puerto Vallarta, secured the perimeter and in the afternoon two helicopter gunships, one from the Navy and the second from the Navy, flew over at very low altitude and began the operation and entered the Marina Vallarta residential area. The objective was the capture of Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, top leader of the Jalisco Cartel - New Generation.” 

They also claim the arrest occurred on Pelícano Street, not Gaviota Street. Quadratin continues, saying “The members of the Armed Forces entered several homes in the area and inspected them thoroughly… a Blackjack and an M1 continued their overflights, with snipers looking for targets [...] It was reported that the arrested man was one of the regional leaders of the Jalisco Cartel, but the target was Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, El Mencho.”

Photos of the Detainee

Photos published by El Blog de Los Gauchos on Twitter.

Photos of the Operation

Videos of the Helicopter

The Arrest Location

The arrest is alleged to have occurred is address #131 Gaviotas Street, in Marina Vallarta.

Christopher on Twitter noted that in images of the property on Google Street View, there are signs which warn that surveillance cameras are being used. Of note, the same signs are seen at other homes on the same street.


  1. Good way to find out who's loyal tell them you will be in PV then don't show

    1. I doubt Mencho is that stupid to even attempt that. Whoever is saying the operation was for Mencho but he left or was never there is probably trying to sell a story. Allegedly this man is El Fresa, Jardineros right hand man and compadre. Protector of Nayarit on behalf of Jardinero
      He has that really famous song after him by Luis R Conriquez
      But yeah i doubt this operation was after Mencho
      Dude sittingg pretty up in the Cerro of Villa Purificacion in EL CERRO DE OMECA Jalisco. Pegado a La Villa. Look in those mountains and youl find the big fish

    2. El Quintana Roo was the new source that said the operation was trying to get Mencho.

      And that's why I am sticking to formatting information by the source it comes from primarily. This story seem like a lightning rod for exaggeration and it helps keep track of who is claiming what.

      Does anyone know El Fresa's real name?

    3. I understand Hearst not bashing u for it just giving an opinion on the matter. I like the way your formatted the information to keep it seerate from other sources

    4. Oh, I know, just clarifying.

      I guess we all must wait for the AMLO morning press conference to hopefully confirm who was arrested.

  2. Replies
    1. @ 6:25 AM

      I believe he means another Fresa, works under Jardinero.

      He takes care of Nayarit for Jardinero while he is off trying to expand CJNG area in other states like Zacatecas.

    2. 6:37 ok. He has to be a big fish for sure though

  3. "Seguimos laborando
    Ayalito, el estado
    Y andamos patrullando
    Los plebes bien equipados
    Que me cargo por un lado
    Por allá en Guayabito
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    Un hombre inteligente
    Pero también reservado
    Que el puesto se ha ganado
    A base de trabajo y sacrificio
    No ha sido fácil
    Pero se la ha rifado
    Un hombre respetado
    Como el Fresa lo apodaron
    La bandera de cuatro letras lo representamo'
    Y cuando no hay trabajo, apuesta
    Lo grande, Los Gallos
    Compadre 010
    Anda al tirante por un lado
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    Y para mi familia
    Mi tesoro más sagrado
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    1. You need to proof check your source for lyrics or if you took the time to manually annotate them, Yu have too much time on your hands, and need to listen more carefully or proof check

    2. Unkown papito
      You haves lots of free time, get a job.

    3. Unkown crybaby
      You sure have lots of time to downgrade people that do comments. Go wash the dishes Mijo.

  4. Ayilito el estado jaja no mms he says Nayarit el Estado guey

  5. Did the Elite Delta Rangers drop down from the helicopter to rescue fresita n la jefa yet? LoL

    1. CuernoCaca1208 . . Do you really want Grupo Elite and el Señor Double R reading your comment ? You are brave or stupid.

  6. Juan Rambo...more like Juanita Ramos

  7. Oh No... Grupo Elite is Gonna Fly over my residence...and parachute a couple of TWAKERS wearing chanclas to come get me .. lol... You'r pathetic bro.


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