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Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Morelos Governor Cuauhtemoc Blanco Shown with Cartel Figures in Photo from Captured "La Jefa's" Phone

 "Socalj" for Borderland Beat

Governor of Morelos Cuauhtemoc Blanco Poses with Known Traffickers from CJNG & Guererros Unidos

Update: The Governor has justified the images by assuring that he did not know the identity of the criminals, as he assured that "I am such good people and I take photos with everyone."

Blanco assured that the dissemination of the images is part of a smear campaign against him for electoral reasons, of which he had previously been a victim, “During the electoral process, they also took a photograph of me with El Chapo's son. I didn't even know who I was, but as I am such good people and I take photos with everyone, I am not going to deny the photo to anyone because I am a person who comes from below”, in a press conference offered during his visit to the 24th Military Zone, where he attended for the change of command ceremony.

According to the accusations against him, the photograph would have been taken inside his house, located in the Tabachines subdivision of Cuernavaca, which was denied by the governor, who questioned the journalists present: “Do you think I'm going to let three criminals of drug trafficking come into my house?"

The state leader of Morelos, Cuauhtémoc Blanco, elected to govern the entity in 2018, began his administration amid controversy. Now, he is approaching the middle of his six-year term being linked to different drug leaders.

An image published by the newspaper El Sol de México has put the governor and Mexican soccer idol on the ropes, appearing alongside criminal leaders Irving Eduardo Solano Vera, alias El Profe, a leader in the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG); Homero Figueroa Meza, nicknamed La Tripa, head of the Tlahuica Command and Raymundo Isidro Castro, the Ray, a CJNG lieutenant, all of them accused of facilitating drug dealing in Morelos.

La Jefa (right) was captured on November 6 in Morelos. She has been linked to several politicians

According to the newspaper, the image was taken in late January or early February 2019, four months after the Blanco Bravo was elected. The image was found on the cell phone of Rosario "N" and/or Esther Yadhira "N", alias La Jefa, captured last November in the state of Morelos as reported by Borderland Beat.

Since his administration in front of the mayor of Cuernavaca, Morelos (2015-2018) small details haunt Blanco in his political career. It turned out then, that Homero Figueroa Meza, who appears in the photo with Blanco, had financed the campaign for Governor of the former soccer player, which would explain the excessive growth of the criminal cell he leads.

To date, Figueroa Meza is the only criminal leader who is active in Morelos. In 2019, Ray was killed in an alleged fight at the Morelos Social Reintegration Center. Meanwhile, Irving Eduardo Solano Vera, the Prof was captured last year.

According to El Sol de México, the arrest and dejection of some leaders are related to the intention of the Tripa to seize the Plaza de Morelos.

Blanco - who has been accused of being a screen at the service of larger politicians - has not denied so far the photograph, which has earned him criticism on social networks and the misgivings of his detractors, who reminded him of one of his promises to the campaign that warned that no one would enjoy impunity.

Governor Cuauhtémoc Blanco

The latest attack against Cuauhtémoc Blanco came during the holidays. In an official letter published in the state newspaper, the politician notified that he would leave office for 17 days to vacation in Brazil.

"In the exercise of my duties, I let you know that during the period from the first minute of December 17 to January 2, 2022, I am separating from my duties, which I inform you to make up for my absence in constitutional and legal terms ”Read a report addressed to the Secretary of the Interior, Pablo Ojeda.

The governor has come out of all this well, so far, thanks to his good relationship with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

With a speech between political regeneration and charisma with the neighborhood, the former América striker became governor of Morelos on October 1, 2018. The photograph is retaken under the written authorization of El Sol de México published on the front page this Tuesday with information from the reporter Rivelino Rueda.

Source Infobae


  1. I do not find it awkward that AMLO will continue to back this superstar elected official.
    Truth is, majority of elected officials have & are backed by some criminal organization. Political funding is and will be a factor for anyone running for office nowadays. Past Political history of Mexico's proved this to be true. Those who were not affiliated are often met with their perils.

  2. CJNG and CDS are the most powerful criminal organizations in the world! No doubt about that!

    1. 3:58 no I dont think so. Until the Mexicans can unite under one cartel it not gonna happen. Globalism in the Organized Crime world is the way to go. Make friends not enemie

    2. Lmao this is not bloods and crips, the market is Mexico , and whoever controls the market is in charge, the border makes Mexico DTO’s the most powerful criminal organizations on earth .


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