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Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Mexico City: Gaby Castillo, The Internet Celebrity Narco Influencer

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Video translation is as follows:

Male Reporter: Gaby Castillo is an influencer and Mexican singer who was arrested for extortion and narco trafficking after the police revealed her dark nexus with the "La Union de Tepito” cartel and other criminal groups in 2022.

Gaby Castillo is the Mexican singer and former participant of the now defunct reality tv show "Enamorándonos” that was captured for supposedly being involved in a millionaire fraud. And for working with the “La Union de Tepito” cartel that sows terror in Mexico City.

According to the Secretary of Citizen Security of the Mexican capital, Gaby was in charge of dealing drugs in multiple bars and nightclubs in areas like Polanco. While she was as a model and pink-haired influencer with more than seven hundred fifty thousand followers on her currently deleted Instagram account 

El Universal: Gaby is identified as a member of "The Union Tepito". She is being investigated for various acts of extortion against her own clients, whom she took compromising photographs of, and then demand money so as not to make them public.

Male Reporter: Gaby also known by her artistic name of Briela Sanz fell along with her current sentimental partner José Haref in the framework of the Riño police operation that seeks to reduce crime in Mexico City.

Proceso: After doing a security review, she was found in possession of 169 plastic bags of cocaine and 70 bags with marijuana, police arrested and transferred her to the Agent of the Public Prosecutor's Office. Authorities also found links of fraud in the purchase of high-end vehicles, which were paid with counterfeit checks.

Male Reporter: Incredibly Haref is not the only criminal in the sentimental history of Gaby who had at least 3 spouses or partners within the narco world of "La Union de Tepito". Just as well as she was also romantically involved in the past with, the deceased in 2019, Mauricia Hidalgo aka "El Pollo" , the former leader and now prisoner Oscar Andrés aka "El Lunares". And Iván Cerratos aka "El Cheche", captured in 2021. 

Since her appearance in 2018 for the TV Azteca reality show "Enamorándonos", Gaby became an online celebrity that displayed her envious lifestyle on social networks posing with all kinds of clothes. Together with luxurious cars and people at mega nightclubs.

In 2021 the pink haired celebrity debuted as a Reggaeton singer. And with just two singles released she already had more than four hundred monthly listeners on platforms like Spotify. But now her bright future is overshadowed by the more than twenty years in prison that she could go face for the crimes of drug sales, fee collections, extortion, and criminal association.

However, Gaby is not the only online personality with a dual criminal life. To know the case of the Brazilian narco influencer "Gatinha de Cracolandia". Or the dark end of the Puerto Rican "Pinky Curvy" you just have to click here.

Carlos Jiménez

Impacto Mundo


  1. Sta buena la tonta. How much is bail? Asking for a friend

  2. What needs to be talked about here are the sicko hollywood celebrities who are involved in drug trafficking and sex trafficking of minor boys and girls. Mostly accomplished through their hollywood attorneys. You think Jeffrey Epstein was the only one doing this? I can name names

    1. Go for it name the names and give it to the LA times do it in the name of humanity.

    2. It's the lawyers who are involved orchestrating all of it. LA times will probably protect them. Look at recent shakeup at CNN with the child molester producers and lawyer commentators jacking off on live video calls

  3. She looks like she has a smelly cooch and diseases just the way “nacos and Corrientes” like them.

    1. Apoco no se te antoja chuparle la cicatriz de la cesárea ?

    2. 956 lol.. queso is trying convince himself he don't t want it

  4. Who the hell wears pink hair? Stupid retard then again all of today's generation.

  5. @1205: All the vile things this scumbag did and you're worried about pink hair?? BTW...I do agree that "this generation"is ruining the world we lived in.


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