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Friday, January 28, 2022

Mexico And The US Seek To Stop Ammunition And Firearms Trafficking Between The Two Countries

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

On Wednesday, the Binational Group against Arms Trafficking of the Bicentennial Understanding began formally, in which high-level officials from Mexico and the United States highlighted that the illicit flow of arms and ammunition from the United States to Mexico is an essential factor to the construction of peace and the fight against organized crime in both countries.

The group is made up of different security and law enforcement agencies from both countries, and the main objective is to increase the confiscation of weapons and ammunition on both sides of the border destined to be sold illegally in Mexican territory and to bring before justice those responsible.

During the meeting held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the delegations agreed to streamline the prosecution of cases, increase extraditions to both countries, strengthen mirror operations on the common border, work together to modernize border inspection technology and increase the exchange of ballistic and intelligence information.

As well as strengthen cooperation to increase the costs of arms traffickers.

"Those who traffic arms are going to pay in both countries," said the United States ambassador to Mexico, Ken Salazar, who led the delegation from the neighboring country.

While the Undersecretary of Public Security, Ricardo Mejía Berdeja said that the instruction of the Rosa Icela Rodríguez secretary is that they send a simple message: "Weapons traffickers will face higher costs for their illicit actions."

Roberto Velasco, head of unity for North America, emphasized that the strategic objective of binational cooperation obeys a clear objective: the number of arms confiscations, especially high caliber, has to increase significantly in the two countries, In the name of the Chancellor Marcelo Ebrard.

For its part, the United States Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Bruce Swartz, applauded bilateral cooperation with an intelligence-based approach, which results in more detentions of illicit arms traffickers, particularly those who traffic exclusive arms of the army by the cartel.



  1. Now finally it's been directed to the arms and ammo traffickers, of the fines and penalty.
    And here Obrador was going after the gun manufacturer lol.

  2. Arrest Barak Obama for operation "Fast and Furious" he armed the cartels with American Military weapons.

    1. Old news not relevant Obama no longer president.

    2. 9:38 typical American answer..
      Just like resently U.S left BILLIONS of dollars worth of AMMO to the taliban IN Afghanistan and you idiots brush it off like its no big deal lol

    3. Look it up, its public information pendejos like you dont care to know

      Just type in your search brouser "U.S leaves millions worth of millitary equipment in Afghanistan"

    4. 1204 these guys only read the title, skip the article and go straight to the comments.

    5. Unkown who the fuken cares about Afghanistan let it go, you acting the same as the troll that keeps posting shet about Michoacan.

  3. Replies
    1. Who you going to blame it now, pimple face?
      Michoachangos not good.

  4. After the U.S flooded mexico with guns NOW they want to stop the gun flow lol
    A little late for that granpa AMLO

    1. Mijo it's MEXICO that is crying, Obrador is blaming USA for the Homicides in Mexico, he is suing the gun manufacturer.
      He should have done customs checkpoints for cars coming in to Mexico.

    2. Please try to follow;
      In 2004, the Federal Assault Weapons Ban was lifted in the US. This, more than anything, was the aim of AMLO's lawsuit. He was bringing attention to it the only way he could because that's how politics work. Maximizing soft power isn't a straightforward procedure. Geopolitics is important here.
      After 2004, the number of assault weapons flooding into Mexico became an irreversible nightmare for Mexican authorities.
      Picture yourself in the service of a government entity that is not an unlimited source of funding like American institutions are. Picture yourself up against drug traffickers and gun runners with access to fully automatic military grade weaponry. Anyone with an opposable thumb can potential send you to Mictlan. This is largely why people often choose corruption over fighting back.
      Aiming a largely symbolic lawsuit towards the source of Cartel weaponry was a strategic decision and one slowly yielding results. If Americans are asinine enough to let their guns get stolen, or morally exploitable to the point of actually assisting in placing them in the wrong hands, then yes, the companies should be held accountable and scrutiny should start here.

  5. Sure why not?? They both have a decades long war against stopping the export/import of powerful narcotics which is a complete failure. Now they want to stop the export/import of weapons? Why would they think the results will be any different?? Smh

    1. It's easier to ship and conceal drugs than it is weapons, so it should be at least somewhat more successful...I don't understand all the negative comments to this news. Anything that brings down the flow of illegal weapons into Mexico is a good thing, especially assault rifles, 50. cals, grenades, etc. It's about time some sort of unilateral effort is put into play. Long over due but better late than never.

  6. NWO playing the long game...mexico being used as a proxy for many black operations...gun confiscation coming to usa via mex proxy drug war...

  7. Constitution . . right to bear arms . . not the right to sell arms to whomever at a profit, that's not constitutional. Get the reporting down in the border states and quit fitting the cartels with superior firepower just because of money. Fight the givers and the takers, because we, USA will lose in the long term


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