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Sunday, January 2, 2022

Los Salazares Threaten Police Working With La Línea in Juárez & Chihuahua City

"HEARST" and "Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Sinaloa Cartel’s Los Salazares are making specific threats to State Police officers who they allege are working with La Línea. Salazares placed a banner in Chihuahua city, and then the next day another banner in Juárez city. Then a third message from the group Nuevo Orden Callejero was spray painted in Chihuahua city the same day, but the District Attorney stated there is “no need to be alarmed by three narco-messages”. 

As previously covered by Sol yesterday, a narco banner was placed in Chihuahua city, in the state of Chihuahua which threatened State Police officers. Now images of the message unblurred have emerged online.

The sign was placed on the night of December 30, 2021, on the bridge where Homero Avenue crosses over Juventud freeway. 

Alleged photos of the message have been uploaded and shared on various social media networks. A few select news outlets,  such as El Diario de Chihuahua, also chose to release the photos of the signs unblurred. 

According to the photos alleged to be of the sign, the message reads, as translated by Sol Prendido: 

"State Policemen Ituarte Gamboa Jesus, and Bojórquez Barbez José,

We’re coming after you guys and your mob for supporting La Línea. You might as well start running like the pig that you are, in the same manner that you were doing so all those years ago in Juarez. 


Los Salazares"

The State Attorney General, Roberto Fierro Duarte said that his office is reviewing footage from video surveillance cameras in the area to try to identify the hitmen who placed the banners, as well as identify the vehicles they were using. 

Roberto Fierro Duarte

Local newspaper La Opción de Chihuahua reports that Fierro Duarte told them via text message "We will be attentive to combat any criminal act that occurs in the state [...] of course including the city of Chihuahua," he said. 

Image from Google Streetview demonstrating the location of the camera.

Later Codigo Tres reported that a camera was actually located only a few meters from the bridge where the blanket was hung, however “it turned out that this camera has not worked for months.” 

It was later reported that a second banner with a similar message was discovered in another part of Chihuahua city, on Avenida Tecnológico between Pascual Orozco and División del Norte the next day, on December 31, 2021. No photos of this banner have emerged online.

On December 31, 2021, a narcomanta was hung in Juárez city near the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) in the Valle Alto neighborhood. 

The blanket was allegedly found hung on the fence surrounding the CFE electricity facilities, near the intersection of Coatlicue street and Tlacaeletl street. 

Google Streetview of CFE building where the banner was allegedly hung on December 31, 2021.

Frustratingly, no photos of the banner nor the full nor message have been released by any news outlet or social media source as of the writing of this story. Newspapers have chosen to print only a selection of the banner’s message but the full message can be surmised to read, as translated by Sol Prendido:

This message goes out to all the State Policemen,  


You can all go fuck your mothers. We’re going to intimidate each one of you.  



Los Salazares" also chose to detail that “the message was addressed to state elements without specifying which corporation.” 

They also added “This criminal group[...] have a presence in the south and west of the state of Chihuahua and part of Sonora, but not in Ciudad Juarez where the banner appeared.”

Later that same day, back in Chihuahua city, a red graffiti narco message was discovered on García Márquez street. The message was spray-painted onto a cement wall of the Interceramic company property. 

An original piece of black graffiti read, as translated by Sol Prendido: 

We’re coming after the crystal meth heads. 


(Just a line, meaning La Línea)

In response, red graffiti put an X over the line that La Línea signed the message with, as well as pointing an arrow and writing: 

You can suck our dicks as they do not spare innocents and children.

Nuevo Orden Callejero are the saviors of the state. 

NOCO (Nueva Orden Callejero Organizado) = GN = PRM

The message is signed by Nuevo Orden Callejero, or “The New Street Order”. The "GN" likely refers to Gente Nueva, a subgroup of the Sinaloa Cartel associated with the Los Chapitos side.

Whether this narco message bears any relevance or acts as any kind of response to the Salazar messages is unclear. 

District Attorney Carlos Mario Jiménez Holguín spoke to the press regarding the three narco messages found in Chihuahua city specifically. El Diario de Chihuahua quotes the District Attorney as saying, there is “no need to be alarmed by three narco-messages.”  He said cannot give an investigative conclusion yet, however, he believes that Chihuahua city is calm and this is an isolated incident that should not be a cause for concern.

District Attorney Carlos Mario Jiménez Holguín

Newspaper gives his quote a little more context, writing that Jiménez Holguín said that although the appearance of narco-messages should not be underestimated, it should not be a reason to alarm the population, since the capital city has maintained low levels of violence and he ruled out the possibility of the city entering into a major period of violence like the one experienced in previous years.

He also said that the “truthfulness of message” would be analyzed, which may imply the narcomanta’s allegations against the two named police officers will be investigated. 

Regarding the graffiti from “Nuevo Orden Callejero“, he said he had never heard of the criminal group prior to the message. 

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  1. No chances against La Linea..the most low profile group in Mexico

    1. Its because NCDJ and La Linea are aware that attention is bad for bizz. I myself am highly intrigued about La Linea and More so NCDJ because although ACF son is in charge hes not out there like that and since hes quite release from prison hes not been talked abouy

    2. @1:09PM He has a great mentor!

    3. 1:09 ACF in charge?, not even close...

    4. 10:19 Thats correct, that the most discreet cartel in Mexico... They are not exposing their (real) bosses last names, just like any other cartels...


  3. Bet these state policemen are scared shittless after hearing of this. Probably packed up & left due to what's inevitable.

  4. Los Salazars son pinchi 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡's

    1. A que no te animas decirles a su cara. 😬🤭🤌🏽

  5. Salazares want the same power they have in Sonora in chihuahua bt La Linea is something else

    1. I'm failing to grasp what power they have in Sonora?

    2. The Navajoa region the central sierra region Hermosillo and they recently absorbed cazadores and pushing into Mexicali valley thru SLRC

  6. Salazares have no chance in sonora.
    GN and salazares have taken many loses in the past year.
    Looks like their new year resulution is to TRY and get chihuahua plaza lol

    1. 8:58 meant to say..
      They have no chance in chihuhahua..

    2. Chihuahua as a estate have to cartels operating there... be more specific.

  7. Salazar s and la lines killed LeBron ladies and children, yet the main players are still free committing crime, talk about Curupt government and imunity.


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