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Friday, January 14, 2022

Iguala, Guerrero: The La Sierra Cartel Threatens La Bandera And All Thieves

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Sicarios from the criminal group "La Sierra" send a message out for the citizens of Iguala, where they claim that they will continue to fulfill their word of watching over everything for the good of the people. A message also goes out to the criminal group "La Bandera" and thieves in Iguala. 

Video translation is as follows:

This message goes out to all the citizens of Iguala. We hereby recognize that we will continue keeping our word to watch over and take care of you. Don’t be intimidated by what you see on social networks. On account of those fucking worm infested homos from La Bandera and the drug addicts who want to intimidate and create psychosis in you. 

Chucho Brito stop lying to the citizens you son of a bitch. The same also goes for you Colin, and Luis Calderon aka "Cachetes". Come on out to confront us you pieces of shit. You’re offering your asses everywhere you go like a bunch of fags. Just as well you’re also asking people for help and making up bullshit. We are the ones who will continue to keep the peace and tranquility that this city has. 

Stop threatening the townspeople you sons of your piece of shit mother. Just the same for all those bitch ass hungry fuck thieves. Who are fucking up by stealing motorcycles, robbing commercial businesses, and committing other crimes. We will continue destroying your fucking asses. Because we’ve seen that you guys just don’t comprehend. 

You pieces of shit need to take your asses to work instead of fucking over the populace. Citizens of Iguala by all means go out to have fun and enjoy yourselves with everything that’s readily available within your beautiful city. Don’t be afraid of these dumb asses who only fight their conflicts on Facebook. They’ve spent 2 years talking all that shit. And to this day they’re still sucking our dicks. Chucho Brito, Beba, and Cachetes. We will descend upon your sanctuaries to fucking kill you. Sincerely, La Sierra. 

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  1. So, like when he said "You pieces of shit need to take your asses to work", I actually agreed on that. Why is that so hard to comprehend during the so called Great Resignation trend that’s currently plagued the world. Lmfao.

    1. A cartel wanting to kick out another. Oh brother.

    2. Lol. Plenty of jobs, time to get to work!
      Also, who filmed this?
      " OK guys, I have an idea!! Let's take 40 of our men and put them in a 10 foot wide single car garage. Then we will have them stand around a Bingo fold out card table!!" Perhaps their media man took part in the Great Resignation as well?

  2. They may be telling the truth regarding not victimizing the citizens, as this appears to be the worst financed group, looking at their weapons, outside of the outodefensas early on carrying single shot shotties. I see a few palmetto type AR’s with the fanciest having the weird green magpul furniture and the least liked member appears to have an AR pistol without any brace or stock, and is also missing the fore guard/furniture, looks as though the gas tube and barrel are right there for the grabbing soon as a couple shots gets them glowing hot.

    1. Hey man good eye on those Palmetto ARs. They sure went with the low to high price option and hit those lowered price ARs like the Shockwave pistol.

  3. Always surprised that Mexico never seemed to have the "committees of social cleaning" that had occurred from time to time in places like Colombia.

    1. They are doing it right now with cartels. Cartels kill each other in high numbers

  4. What a bunch of clowns...all cartels always showing off their weapons.... They can't fight, always losing 20 to 1 against mexican army

  5. Are these guys part of Los Tlacos?


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