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Thursday, January 13, 2022

Colombia: Authorities Successfully Dismantle The Narco Grandparents Gang

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Video translation is as follows:

Diana Rincón: Harmless. Thats exactly how these grandparents appeared. But according to the police they were actually tremendous criminals. One of them alias "Chuki" was a key piece for the gang The Narco Grandparents. An undercover agent secretly recorded him while he was selling marijuana and the drug known as Basuko. Alias ​​"Chuki" also delivered door to door doses of cocaine. But he was not the only senior citizen that organized crime used to throw off the authorities. The head of the gang recruited three other individuals. And he assigned them areas to sell drugs. None raised suspicion. At least that’s what they thought.

Colonel Livio Castillo: Alias ​​Chuki was a 77-year-old person. He was one of the leaders of this criminal structure. And he was dedicated to the commercialization of narcotic substances. Also it was only logical that he would attract other people of the same age in order to avoid or evade the authorities.

Diana Rincón: The Narco Grandparents according to the police not only sold drugs. But they also murdered their rivals to seize the business.

Colonel Livio Castillo: Thanks to the complaints and tips from citizens this investigation lasted 13 months where data and physical evidence was collected in which these criminal actors were identified.

Diana Rincón: This was how the authorities in their operation "Pandora" located and took by assault the gang’s hideout. 

Colonel Livio Castillo: They were charged for several crimes. And likewise, arrest warrants were issued. 

Diana Rincón: In the arrests the Narco Grandparents were stopped. And more than a thousand doses of drugs was confiscated. Which under the guise of their harmless appearance they were readily available to distribute.

Image by HEARST. 

Al Rojo Vivo


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