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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua: Mexican Law Enforcement Arrests Duo In Connection To Lesbian Couple’s Murder, Dismemberment

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

In a follow up to a story previously covered by HEARST on Borderland Beat, news has surfaced of two suspects who were detained by Mexican authorities for their suspected involvement in the double homicide. The following video covers the arrest.

Video Source: KTSM 9 NEWS

Additionally, the following is the direct text of an article written by journalist Erika Esquivel for KFOX14:

A man and woman were arrested in connection to the deaths of two women of El Paso who were dismembered in Ciudad Juarez. The bodies of Nohemi Medina Martinez and Tania Yulizsa Ramirez were found on the highway Juarez-Porvenir.

Mexican officials arrested 25-year-old Jaqueline Isela C.R. and David R.

Mexican officials said Medina Martinez and Ramirez were contacted and approached on Jan. 15 by Isela C.R. and David R.

Later they were taken inside a home located on Calle Del Ejido, intersection with Calle Alejandro Domínguez, in the town of San Isidro, in Ciudad Juárez.

Mexican officials said, the victims were murdered in the home and later, their remains were thrown on the Juárez-Porvenir highway, near the town of San Agustín, where they were located in the morning.

The residence was reviewed by means of a search warrant, finding sufficient evidence that the double crime was committed there and an arrest warrant was obtained against the couple.


  1. Great news so quick I am flabbergasted and out of breath.

  2. Excellent 👍 catch.
    But they still get thier faces covered. At least thier is closure to these Homicides. Hope they mention the motive later on after interrogation, I bet you this was quick to solve since FBI got involved.

    1. The motive is their sexuality. Did you miss this huge part of the story?

    2. Mijo you keep saying that, read El Paso news outlets, they are saying illegal activity got them killed. Not thier gender Wake up.

    3. Believe what you want. It was their sexuality that got them killed.

  3. Could just be two people that they chose to sacrifice to act like they were actually police. It's easy for them.

  4. I told UNKNOWN the reason they got killed, was for Ransom 💰 money. Not because they were lesbis.

  5. Mexician police is slow at solving crimes, must have been FBI intervention.

  6. Replies
    1. On this one Mijo,
      You have to go to websites of local newspapers and find the answer as to Why, if you do find it before me, let me know.

    2. According to an article from El Paso, ( sent to BB Gmail ), they only stated they were involved in illegal activity.

  7. No one interested in commenting on this article?


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