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Saturday, January 15, 2022

CDN Hitman Beheaded By CDG In Dr. Coss, Nuevo León

"HEARST" and "Itzli" for Borderland Beat  

A late night Gulf Cartel battle against hitmen from the Northeast cartel resulted in the capture and beheading of at least one hitman, in Dr. Coss, in the state of Nuevo León.

The Battle 

At approximately 11:00am on the morning of January 14, 2022, the Army (SEDENA) base in the city of Reynosa, Tamaulipas received a report of a decapitated body and a burned out vehicle which were discovered on the highway, across the state border in Nuevo León.

The discovery was made near Highway 33, near the town of Las Comitas which is located in the municipality of Dr. Coss. This municipality is right next to the northwestern panhandle of Tamaulipas, a region called “La Frontera Chica” or the little border (also known as La Ribereña), a lucrative drug corridor with many entry points, both official and unofficial, into the United States.

From the beginning of Los Zetas splitting from the Gulf Cartel (Cártel del Golfo, CDG) this area has been near-constantly contested and in the last few years  the Northeast cartel (Cártel del Noreste, CDN), which derives from Los Zetas, has waged offensives against the Los Metros La Ribereña faction of the Gulf cartel.

The SEDENA soldiers were sent out to check on the validity of the reported human remains and vehicle.

When soldiers arrived in the area they found a burnt, heavily damaged vehicle, which upon closer inspection, had custom fitted armor plating and was, presumably, designed for narco battles. A decapitated human body had been splayed across the hood of the vehicle. The head of the body was found to have been placed in the interior of the vehicle, on the passenger seat.  The area was cordoned off by the soldiers and the body was sent for medical autopsy.

Later, social media photos and videos taken by cartel hitmen involved in the battle began appearing online. In particular, a series of photos and a video taken by alleged CDG gunmen who captured a CDN hitman have circulated online.

Warning: Graphic content in video.

Video Source:  El Blog de Los Guachos

In the video seen above, which mysteriously has no sound, a CDN hitman, who is bleeding out and close to death, wriggles back and forth while appearing to speak as CDG gunmen stand over him. At one point, one of the CDG men needlessly gives the dying man a hard kick to the head.

The Cartel Landscape of the Area

La Frontera Chica and surrounding municipalities present an extreme value to any Mexican cartel group and therefore is heavily contested. With only two official ports of entry into the United States, this long stretch of border with numerous rural roads allows for the smuggling of drugs and immigrants into the United States, as well as the smuggling of weapons into Mexico. Additionally, a number of oil pipelines run through the area, allowing for supplemental income from fuel theft. 

La Frontera Chica has historically been under the control of the CDG, specifically Los Metros - La Riberena factions. Most reporting focuses on the CDN expansion campaign from their homebase city of Nuevo Laredo lies, in the north west however their attempted incursions into “La Frontera Chica” region also tends to come from the municipalities south of Frontera Chica, in Nuevo León.

The overall leader of Metros La Ribereña faction is believed to be César Morfín Morfín, alias “El Primito” while the overall leader of CDN is believed to be Juan Gerardo Treviño Chávez, alias “El Huevo”. But who are the leader’s lieutenants that are involved in these specific areas?

In 2019 one of CDN’s top lieutenants Héctor Raúl Luna Luna, alias “El Tory” sometimes spelled “El Tori”, was released from prison and he was tasked with leading an expansion campaign into Nuevo León by El Huevo, who he allegedly directly reports to. El Tory’s forces are believed to be based out of the city of General Treviño, Nuevo Leon. One of El Tory’s subordinates believed to be engaged in this campaign was Elder Heriberto Marroquín Lorenzana, alias “El Canelo”, until Canelo’s arrest in May 2021.

Ricardo Chapa, alias “El Ricky”, a CDN regional group leader, allegedly has led groups of hitmen on attempted incursions into Miguel Alemán and Camargo municipalities (with the towns of Comales and El Azúcar) in Tamaulipas. El Ricky is said to have been part of the cartel since the days of Los Zetas and has extensive firsthand knowledge of La Frontera Chica.

On November 24 2020, the Secretary of Public Security (SSP) Francisco Leónides Cruz for the municipality of Dr. Coss was abducted from his vehicle by force by a group of CDN hitmen. Both were later executed and their remains were dumped on a gap by the roadside. It was reported that a CDN regional group leader José Guillermo Leyva, alias “El Amarillo” was ultimately responsible for the killing of Leónides. El Amarillo was described in January as directing CDN offensives into Tamaulipas via Nuevo Leon. 

Following the Leónides killing, it is rumored that the CDN moved El Amarillo out of the Dr Coss area and instead named him head of plaza for the municipalities of Guerrero and Mier. He allegedly has connections to the mayor of Miera, Sonia Yadira de León Pardo via his romantic partner and fellow CDN compatriot Cristina Yadhira, alias "La Cochiloca", who is said to be a personal friend of mayor Yadira.

El Amarillo and El Ricky were said to have co-led CDN forces in a battle in March 2021 in Doctor Coss against the CDG, as previously covered by MX. The battle was said to have been so large that 5 monstruos, which translates as monsters, meaning monster trucks specially armored for narco battles, were discovered abandoned, having been left destroyed.

Speculation and Analysis

Los Metros faction of the CDG has traditionally controlled Highway 40, from Reynosa into the General Bravo/China area of Nuevo León. Borderland Beat’s Itzli speculates that while sources do not clearly state it, it appears that the killing of Leónides in November marked a turning point, after which CDN gained an upper hand in the Doctor Coss area.


The redeployment of El Amarillo to Guerrero can be seen as one of two possibilities:

The killing of Leónides led to El Amarillo being more publicly known and, therefore, his continued presence in the area increased the possibility of arrest. 

Or on the other hand, CDN may have seen this as a tipping point in the war for control of Doctor Coss and the “victory” of El Amarillo in it merited him a promotion to plaza head in Guerrero, where possibly a strong commander is needed in order to continue CDN’s push into the Frontera Chica. There is also the possibility that both of these were factors in his redeployment.


In analyzing maps of the Nuevo León and Tamaulipas border region, it appears that Doctor Cross is of major strategic importance to CDN as it connects to La Canela and Comales, two small towns in Tamaulipas along Highway 33 and Highway 63. These towns are reportedly under CDN control and can be used as launching points for eventual attacks on CDG forces in Camargo.  


With this in mind, one can take the video and social media posts as being important to the CDG as it demonstrates that the war for Doctor Coss is not over. By sharing them, they can rally morale for future counter attacks against CDN.

Warning: Graphic photos below this point. 

Updated 1/16/2022: Added Specualtion and Analysis section by Itzli. 


  1. Man imagine if cdg and cdn joined together they would be a serious force back when the split in 2010-2012 the war in tamps between the zetas and gulf was probably the craziest shit of the whole drug war This blog started to really take off back then


    1. If they joined together..they probably will be the most powerful organization in the world

    2. They should call a truce and join to protect their turf and not let outside groups in because the other groups already have California and Arizona.

    3. Stop kissing their rear ends they are criminals and cowards who are coked up everyday to commit their brutal crimes.

    4. 11:23 a.m. Some of what you say might hold some truth, but them becoming one would bring down the violence that happens in Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon. Sh#@$, if CDG on its own united to be what they're supposed to be, things wouldn't be as bad either. That might be under way. I haven't heard them getting into it with each other how they had been these last few years. Reynosa has been calmer from what it seems like, along with other areas (Rio Bravo,etc.). I haven't even heard as much going on in Miguel Aleman. Maybe I'm just out the loop. If anyone knows anything about this and can share some insight on this it would be highly appreciated and I thank you ahead of time (especially if they live in these areas or have family and/or friends there).

  2. Will cover the CDG regional leaders in the Frontera Chica region in the next story about this area.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I would like to know more about Old school zetas. Z10 aka el pitula. There isn't much info on him. Especially since his top guy got killed in prison ( el Rex )

    3. Hearst, you still have that article coming on the CDG regional leaders in the Ribereña/Frontera Chica? I've been here holding my breath waiting on it and I'm about to pass out. Don't know how much more I can take 😖😣🤢🤯🤯🤯 ...Another thing, I want to thank and commend you on your contributions to BB. Your work is first class and most definitely appreciated. Don't ever doubt that (I know there's plenty more out there that second that emotion). I hope you continue the excellent work long into the future.

    4. I promise, when the next battle in Frontera Chica happens, I'll write about the CDG Metros - Riberena regional commanders. I got you. :D

  3. You forgot to add cds in the map, they have a heavy presence know in Monterrey and region citrícola of NL. Allende, Montemorelos, Terán, Santiago. Some ex cdg flipped to cds.

    1. Interesting. Sorry, I should have clarified better that the map is just a work in progress version. Anything in Nuevo Leon, and especially the greater Monterrey area, I haven't really worked through and represented on the map yet.

      With metro Monterrey it seems like everyone is there, BLO, CDS, CJNG. A million independent groups. Everyone.

      But thanks for the information, Rafa, will look further into it.

    2. Monterey is like LA or NY there's a bunch of gangs jockeying for control over 15 million people live there the city is beautiful but expensive I went to visit family not to long ago the Barrio parties are awesome so long as you don't go where you're not supposed to be

    3. Checa infoabe Mexico Hearst they did an article from Breitbart about the cds connect in Monterrey and southern NL, I know the area and it’s getting hot.

    4. Rafa rolling up with a source for more information? You know the way to a girl's heart. You're the best. Thank you.

    5. Ya está mi Hearst anything to help. Another thing Samuelito is trying to recruit like crazy nuevos elementos para la Fuerza Civil NL state police. When Bronco was governor he put most of them out of service and shut down their base camps. They have one on Hwy 40 Reynosa- Monterrey real close to Dr. Coss once they get Fuerza Civil up and running again shit is going to get lit again in NL. Remember about 3 weeks ago Fuerza Civil and some GN got their ass kicked in that same area of Dr. Coss by CDN, made them run to the monte and burned their units, they were complaining that they only had 3 cargadores to fight but it looks like Samuelito is going to invest a lot on them to bring Fuerza Civil back. The thing is who is Samuelito going to back up. Like you said you got all the major cartels in the state know.

    6. Oh, interesting. I appreciate you taking into consideration all the politics behind everything. Many thanks!

    7. LA and NY is a joke compared to Monterrey or Tijuana

    8. Who wants to live or visit those cities anyway lawlessness and big cesspools people stuck there from southern Mexico or central America who can't jump the river to USA or were deported for being criminal aliens and not following the law and living like normal people.

  4. Vatos pendejos getting killed for a sensless war..
    i cant even feel pity for them but i do feel for their family that will suffer for their loss. They are most likely low income and will have to stuggle to get a casket.

    1. I feel the most sorry for the civilian inhabitants of frontiera chica. They've been abused for decades by the cartels

  5. Pues el único haciendo serious business es el primito I remember when Miguel Ángel Treviño was bringing home 200 millones de dólares al año sin contar su protección

  6. This is an awesome article...been posting all over about info on CDN and old school zetas. Anyone heard any info on El Pitula ( Zeta10 ) of the Old school Zetas since his narco mantra in 2019?

  7. This is kids compared to the real gangsters from South Africa



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