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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Amacuzac, Morelos: Cártel Sangre Brava Morelense Video Comunique

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

A new armed criminal cell has appeared within the Mexican underworld. This particular group has dubbed itself the "Cartel Sangre Brava Morolense". 

The best English translation for this organization would be the Morelos Brave Blood Cartel. 

It is this writer's belief that this specific mob made its initial debut at the tail end of December 2021 as reported by Borderland Beat.

Comando Felino aka The Armed Criminal Cell "Cat" is currently being lead by an individual who calls himself Comandante "Felino" or Commander "Cat".

Video translation is as follows:

The following is a communique for the municipality of Amacuzac. We are the Cartel Sangre Brava Morolense. We’ve come here to clean this municipality. For everyone who is caught helping, supporting, or collaborating with Erick Mazari aka "El Carretito". 

Along with that whole gang of hungry fucks like "La Galleta" or "El Chapito". And for Rene Miranda, son of the former municipality president and former delegate Gabriel Miranda. Who happens to be a an uncle to Santiago Mazari aka "El Carrete". 

He is also a father to him and Mazari aka "El Carretito". This is for an Amacuzac free of "Carretes", extortions, and kidnappings. We will cut into pieces all the thieves and turncoats that we capture. You will fall into formation with us. Otherwise, we will make you fall into formation with gunfire. Sincerely, Commander Felino. We are the absolute Sangre Brava.

Código Rojo


  1. Like we say in the Black community, "Get down or lay down."

  2. Juan Rambo, You just don't give that shit up do you? Was your great great grandaddy a slave owner and you wake up to greasy grits and bitterness every morning cos you're living in a trailer park? You're a narco-porn tourist with a chip om his shoulder, a slack jaw, and a tiny mind. Go back to the gore sites to get your kicks of brown people being tortured.

    1. Comandante Juan Rambito
      For president of Mexico
      Impeach lazy azz Obrador, no sirve para nada.

  3. Brava/bravo does not mean brave. It means more like ferocious or fierce.So this cartel's translation would be something like the "Morelense Fierce Blood Cartel"

  4. Bravo means spicey as in hot. So their name translates to the "spicey Morelian blood cartel"

    1. Brovo means mean or fierce not hot tonto! Lol

  5. Das Kommandant Hanz Rambo ist schlau! Es ist wahr!

  6. Familia michoacana is going to have a field day with these chumps


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