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Sunday, January 16, 2022

Actor Andrés García: “Héctor Beltrán Leyva, was my great friend, but we never did any business”

The following is a translation of the direct text of an article originally written by El Universal

The Mexican actor Andrés García made clear that although he does know several narcos, he has not made any money with them, so Anabel Hernández will have to prove her claims before a judge, since he is suing her.

Mexican soap opera actor Andres Garcia threatened to sue investigative journalist Anabel Hernandez, for writing in her book Emma and the Other Narco Ladies that the artist has links with Mexican cartels. 

"I know almost all of them [drug traffickers], and some are much more decent and much kinder than her. But to go from there, to say that I have made money with them? That she can prove it? She is going to have to prove it before a judge," said the actor in a video on his Youtube channel.

A still from the video where Andrés García refutes claims made by Anabel Hernández in her most recent book. Video can be watched, in full, here.

The actor explained that he knows many narcos because it is part of his job to be nice to people, no matter what they do for a living.

"She allowed herself the luxury of saying that I'm a partner of the narcos?! Narco her fucking mother and father! I do know almost all the narcos and some are very gentlemanly. Most are not like her.”

“Why? Well, because I am a public figure and they come up to me to meet me. It is my job to be nice and answer to the public, whoever they are. I'm not going to ask you what you do for a living to see if I can talk to you. Because otherwise this idiot is going to say that you are a murderer and that I have dealings with murderers?" he said in a 7-minute video he posted. 

"Héctor Beltrán [Leyva], was my great friend. But we never did any business. And did he visit me? Of course he did, and we had a great time and drank tequila together. I wish I had been his partner, I would be a multimillionaire now.”

He described Hernández as an exploitative person who seeks to gain fame by defaming people.

"She wants to achieve publicity so she doesn't starve to death, because she's a starving woman. She can't go around saying bullshit to become famous. She can't show me one peso that I have received. She bases all her bullshit on ‘a close friend’ who knows Andrés García, who was there and saw him. Let her say who that friend is, let her show a photo.”

"Learn to respect others. You are a cockroach and I wouldn’t step on you with the heel of my shoe because then it might get dirty."

In her book, Anabel Hernández claims that Andrés García had relationships with various drug traffickers, mainly with Arturo Beltran Leyva, leader of the now-defunct Beltran Leyva organization and who was killed in a confrontation with Marines in 2009. 

Penguin Random House, the publisher of Hernández's most recent work, criticized the actor's statements. 

Writer Anabel Hernández and her latest book Emma & the Other Narco Ladies

"Since the book's release, in several statements, actor Andrés García has accepted and corroborated its content regarding himself. In his most recent video he once again confirms what the author has investigated about his meetings with members of the Beltrán Leyva Cartel," the group said in a statement on Monday. 

Former Mexican congressman Sergio Mayer and his wife, as well as actresses Alicia Machado and Arleth Terán and host Galilea Montijo are a small part of the capos' celebrity connections, the journalist said on December 5. In addition to García, singer and actress Ninel Conde confirmed she has begun a lawsuit against the author as well.

Singer and actress Ninel Conde

Her book Emma and the Other Narco Ladies addresses the role women play in the corruption dynamics and logistics of criminal organizations. The book was written as part of a long investigation into drug cartels that Hernández has been conducting for more than a decade, she stated that many actresses, models and drivers in Mexico have been lured by drug traffickers. 

Source: El Universal


  1. He sounds like a straight shooter.

  2. Replies
    1. Laughing their ass off watchin Queen of south.

    2. Like who imitates who?

      Example Tony Montana is imitated by many gangsters but his character is based off miami gangsters of the 70'sand 80's

      Fiction imitating Non fiction or the other way around?

  3. Off topic but it would be cool if BB did a peice on CJNG CDG alliance if its true

    1. Thank you for taking the time to make this suggestion. Work is being done in the background on an article about notable cartel figures in Tamaulipas but this is a topic that may merit specific focus in the near future.

  4. I mean like who gonna say no to these cartel guys can't really fault the guy look at what ovidio did to that singer

  5. Replies
    1. Sorry, I didn't write the article, friend.

      El Universal chose to call him "el actor mexicano" so I just translated it.

    2. Actually Andres Garcia was born in Santo Domingo the Dominican Republic.

    3. Good evening BB and all it's contributors.

      Mr Juan Rambo good evening to you as well. You are absolutely right. He is from my country
      ( Dominican ). I did not know that until you posted this comment.

      Thx. Be easy.

    4. Yea, hrs Dominican. Televisa looks for blond hair lightskined actors from all over the world to fill their rolls. Most novela actors are not even Mexican.
      The brown skined mexicans only get used for maids, workers or villains just like in the U.S.A
      I bet the founder of Televisa is white lol

    5. I have a question that only a native Mexican can answer.

      Is there really a so called "Divide" in Mexico between what they say are the more "indigenous" Mexicans, vs the more "European" Mexicans?
      In DR we actually have something like that. Where you have the more light skin Dominicans, and the not so light Dominicans.

      I call it racism. Even though I'm light skin, i don't go around comparing my own people. But the Mexican one I've heard very often.

    6. @346. Thanks for that piece of info

      Be well.

    7. @ El Comandante Rambo.
      Hey bro i appreciate you hitting me back. I do check up on the things that are being said on this site ( as far as us the readers and what we write in the comments ).

      But thank you for fact checking. I know that you come across different to some people. But in life we have to learn to listen and respect other people's views.
      Actually i think the best thing someone can do instead of insulting you, is to have a better rebuttal. Or at least make their case. Not everything is solved with a "Fuck u". Or an insult , or belittling someone. But then again who am I to talk.

      I'll make sure to stay safe in the subways. I do bare knuckle fighting. So always kinda looking for an opportunity to do something outside the ring. Although hoping i don't get shot in the process. Lol.

    8. Hey Rubio, mexicans were taught to hate the brown skin by the spanish opressors. Thats the reason Mexicans compare their skin color and feel superior if they are light skined.
      I've been to many places in mexico and its tge same. I've heard really dark mexicans that looked straight indiginous call other people "Indios" and actually make fun of them. Im thinking to myself " has this guy been in front of a mirror"?
      Spaniards put that on our head and we cant get past that. I personally love my morenitas and I never deny i have Indiginous blood. I am over 6" and not dark or ligh but in between.
      I get that question of "are you native"? By many white peole or even mexicans but i end up schooling them how EVERY MEXICAN HAS INDIGINOUS BLOOD unless they are foreign to the Americas. White people know that fact but most mexicans are cluel3ss and feel insulted by that question.
      My uncles and my dad tild me bow growing up there were white mexicans and they always called them dirty Indians amongst other things. The spaniards knew what they were doing but now mexicans are brainwashed to that mentality. Even in my family i have head such Nonsense but i remind them we are indiginous and we should never be ashamed of it, we should be proud.

    9. @Rubio, the racism you're referring to does exist in Mexico. It's a result of the "spanish caste" system and it exist all over Latin America.

    10. @656 that is amazing insight. That really sucks because what you said about a person thats dark calling someone else indio is something that we do as well. And i don't get that at all. In Mexico I've always heard about how you have the "more refine" Mexicans. And also about the "less refine".....

      I dont get our people. We are so fucked up towards each other. If only we were like the Jews 🤔..


      @ 705 THANK YOU as well for your input. Really appreciate it.

      Hope you guys stay safe. And God bless.

    11. January 16, 2022 at 6:56 PM

      How come then i have zero native American blood and i was born in Mexico? I even have more Cuman/Hunnic trace than mesoamerican. Not every "Mexican" has native blood. Maybe the ones born in the southern states. Some forget we have Catalan and Mennonite backgrounds.

    12. 6:35 than your NOT NATVE then, I have 48% indiginous blood from mexico and the rest is European.
      Just like i said, All MExicans have indiginous blood UNLESS they are foreign to the Americas. Even cubans have native blood because there were trives there also. But cuba is a diferent story, its a melting pot and theres many blacks and whites there also.
      Mexico is a melting pot as well but not so much like cuba.
      I know many people from the north of Mexico claim they are not indiginous and are the most racist towards the native looking Mexicans, specially to people down south.
      I was in Sonora one time and this woman that looked straight up Yaki (there were Yakis in that area) was making fun of a guy that descrived herself if she was to look in the mirror.
      There are many Mexicans that are not naive but there are many mexicans that have native blood and are not proud of it because the spaniards taught us to hate the color of our skin.
      You mentioned nenonites?
      Menonites dont even mix with local mexicans. Lol
      Menonites stick to their old customs, their own people and have their own comunity. The only time they come out is to do business like sell cheese lol

    13. Menonites are originally from Canada but moved to Utah because they didnt want to fight in the war. Later many moved to mexico to practice poligamy.
      Its ovious they are full blooded European, Im not talking about them.
      Im aware that there are people with African roots in veracruz and guerrero but they do mix with other mexicans and many have indiginous blood. As an example, The president vicente Guerrero was half black and half indian.

    14. Yo soy de sangre vikinga noruego/danés.

  6. Something about Anabel Hernandez that rubs me the wrong way. I don't see her as someone genuine who's out to expose the truth for the good of society. When I see her I just see someone who's trying to get rich.

    1. Very true about this journalist..why doesn't she do reports on the biggest criminals in Mexico...the politicians an oligarchy...

    2. Casi toda su información es archivos desclasificados y todo lo que saco del Foro de La Vida Mafiosa

      Animo delincuencia

    3. @1:38 you mean just like mainstream media???

    4. When I see Anabel, I am reminded of the bigs boobs.

    5. 349 if she does that, she will not live to be a Gramma.

  7. Anabel Hernandez came out on a Narco documentary on Netflix regarding El Chapo, with her broken English she was discribing Chapo. She needs to take English courses, Salma Hayak is more understandable.


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