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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

A Young Child Smokes His Brains Out

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Adolescents as young as this child, sometimes even younger, are being brainwashed and employed in the world of narco traffickers. 

For these backward thinking drug dealers this is seen as something normal within the Mexican underworld. As they utilize and exploit under age children for their own criminalistic purposes. 

Video translation is as follows:

Male Adult: They call this gentleman "El Sin Mota" aka "The Don With No Weed". 

Male Adolescent: Take a look at this here buddy. 

Male Adult: Check him out, check him out. Hmm.

Male Adolescent: This here is my pit bull joint. 

Asesino de Zombies


  1. Say no to drugs kids!

    Here in the USA a young thug got high off (Arizona Watermelon Iced tea + Skittles +Cough Syrup = "Purple Lean") and was wearing a hoodie. It made him think he was "Super Thug " and that he could violently assault anyone but it did not go well for him .

    Neighborhood Watch Coordinator Lives Matter

    1. Comandante Juan Rambito

      It gives me great pleasure to announce that in South Los Angeles, CA with vin 24 hours,

      they caught the suspects,in the
      Carjacking gone bad of off duty police officer. It was 4 suspects from BLM. Furthermore one of the suspects dropped his weapon. In Mexico this type of crime goes unsolved. When I he great Al Sharpton was asked for comment...he was not open his door.

    2. TV died a warriors death. Tired of being stalked by a faggot, Trayvon Martin took the fight to bitch. A grown-ass man let a young boy beat his ass. He couldn't fight so he shot young man. I salute Trayvon. It's a pity that people allowed to stalk and threaten someone then claim self-defense.
      They're pussies who can't go from the shoulders so they bring guns against young Black men. Mexicans can throw hands so I'm not talking about them.

    3. Looks like more BLM homies are going to spend more time. Was it worth killing a cop? Everyday they wake up in a 8x12 cell they will remember why they are there.

    4. @6:45 This is great news that the 4 BLM sicarios were arrested .Now if we could get a death sentence for their crime that would be even better.

      Al Sharpton B Crump only appear when their is money or clout

    5. @7:12
      Just another episode of When living the "thug life "ends in expiration.

    6. Al Sharpton and Ben Crump Nigerian have thier police scanners on. To catch the next police officer shooting of a Black man.

    7. @9:43 Es la vida, eh? God has stamped each of us with an expiration date. At least Trayvon Martin went down swinging. You would go down sucking.

    8. @12:55
      sucking yo momma's EBT,government cheese fed nipples.

      U expiring with sickle cell,missing your diabetis infected legs while swallowing seamen yelling "I cant breathe" !

    9. Hey, James Brown,you are so lopw IQ you don't even know George Zimmerman was is from jewish and mexican parents. He isn't white!

    10. @6:45 It was 4 surenos from Florencia 13, jackass.

  2. Fuckin stupid fu@¿s. Garbage as brain dead idiots. How are they going to allow that little kid to be getting high. They're already exploiting him. They should make a law anyone doing , abetting or assisting in this kind of low life, scum of the earth sh@! to someone so young will and could be tortured atleast once a week.

  3. Thats the next sicario fir CDS if me manages to stay alive a little longer.
    Looks like he's a look out but what good will it do when he's high as a kite lol


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