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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

4 Mexican Administrations Have Paid Over $3 Million USD to Company Linked to Mayo Zambada's Family Despite it Being on Sanction List Since 2007

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Estancia Infantil Niño Feliz SC was named by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in 2007 as “illegal sources of income that feed drug trafficking, violence, and corruption” when it was included in the list by the Asset Control Office.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador joined his three predecessors in the last two decades paying contracts that amounted to at least 73 million pesos ($3,576,853 USD) to a company linked to the Sinaloa Cartel through the wife and daughters of Ismael Zambada Garcia, El Mayo.

The amounts began in 2001 with Vicente Fox through the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS). By then the company had been established in Culiacán for a few months, where it still operates. But the agreements continued with Felipe Calderón, Enrique Peña Nieto, and the 22.4 million pesos that the López Obrador government delivered since he began his six-year term.

With the government of Felipe Calderón, in January 2007, the IMSS, then headed by Juan Molinar Horcasitas, assigned a multi-year contract to said company valid from 2007 to 2009, for subrogation of childcare service. They were paid at least 5.6 million pesos each of those years. And from 2010 to 2012 they paid him at least 10.4 million according to the documents I have in my possession.

In May 2007, after the contract had been signed, the Treasury Department placed the Niño Feliz Children's Estancia as one of the companies directly linked to the Sinaloa Cartel, and notified Rosario Niebla Cardoza, María Teresa Zambada Niebla and other daughters of "El Mayo" Zambada, who were linked to that and other companies.

Even so, the Calderón government maintained the contracts with Estancia Infantil Niño Feliz and continued to provide benefits and aid to other companies and companies linked to the Sinaloa Cartel. At that time, the Secretary of Federal Public Security, Genaro García Luna, was in complicity with the Sinaloa Cartel. He received bribes in exchange for protecting the operations of the criminal organization and helping them in drug trafficking, as stated in the criminal accusation made against him by the United States Department of Justice for which he is currently incarcerated and under trial.

Enrique Peña Nieto, in 2013, his government gave the company a contract of 5.6 million pesos. In 2014, the IMSS awarded him a two-year contract for 13.5 million pesos, according to the information I also obtained through the Federal Transparency Law. And in December 2016 they gave him a multi-year contract valid from January 2017 to December 2021. According to said directly awarded contract, that is, without competition with other providers, the IMSS pays Estancia Infantil Niño Feliz with resources of the State Delegation of Sinaloa from the budget item "Direct Provision Nurseries."

According to investigations by the journalist Anabel Hernández, AMLO's administration is the one who has allocated the most money to the business that operates as a nursery for children but is identified by the US Treasury Department as one of the front businesses to launder money by the leader of the transnational drug trafficking group.

The contract with Estancia Infantil Niño Feliz was not canceled by the AMLO government and three “modifying agreements” were signed to increase payments. The first was signed in January 2019 under the concept "Single community neighborhood scheme", when the head of the IMSS was the former member of the PAN, Germán Martínez. The other two agreements signed in January 2020 and January 2021 were under the administration of the current head of IMSS, Zoé Robledo.

From December 1, 2018, to December 2019, 9.6 million pesos were paid to said company. From January 2020 to December 2020, 8.64 million pesos were paid. And from January 2021 to June 2021 - the date on which I made the request for information - 4.24 million pesos were delivered. The average annual amount paid in Q4 is higher than the average annual amount paid in other six-year terms.

Estancia Infantil Niño Feliz SC was named by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in 2007 as “illegal sources of income that feed drug trafficking, violence, and corruption” when it was included in the list by the Asset Control Office.

At that time, five more companies were named under the Kingpin Law, along with Mayo Zambada's first wife, Rosario Niebla Cardoza, and their four daughters: María Teresa, Midiam Patricia, Mónica del Rosario, and Modesta.

The company was created in Culiacán, Sinaloa, on August 2, 2001, with public deed 10131, before the notary José Antonio Núñez Bedoya, who has helped “El Mayo” Zambada to create most of the companies that according to the United States government are part of its criminal network.

According to the content of the deed that gives legal certainty of the company to the contract and agreements with the IMSS, the partners are María Teresa Zambada Niebla, daughter of the couple formed by the drug trafficker “El Mayo” Zambada and Rosario Niebla Cardoza.

It should be remembered that the US has prosecuted three sons of "El Mayo": Vicente Zambada Niebla, Serafín Zambada Ortiz and Ismael Zambada Imperial; and his brother Jesús Zambada García.

The children of María Teresa are also listed as partners in the deed: Mayte Diaz Zambada, Javier Ernesto Diaz Zambada and Rosa María Zazueta Zambada.

María Teresa Zambada Niebla is the eldest daughter of the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel and is a central figure in practically all the companies linked to the drug boss: Nueva Industria de Ganaderos de Culiacán, Establo Puerto Rico, Autotransportes JYM, and Jamaro Constructores, among others. .

The company was established to carry out 21 different activities (corporate purpose), "predominantly economic in nature", as stated in the document. One of the activities is: "Provision of professional care and teaching services to children who have not reached the age to access preschool education, as well as teaching and teaching children, young people, adults and the elderly in education. preschool, primary, secondary, university education, postgraduate and master's degrees (...) in order to strengthen the intellectual, moral and social training of students..."


  1. Animo Sicarios

    El Señor del Sombrero loves his community.

  2. I see nothing wrong here. Only if we got more stories of other cartels funding schools, hospitals and orphanages. How does the DEA point fingers when they themselves are corrupt? Mexico should continue to struggle off the DEA and deny their agents their visas. DEA should or the U.S should have no influence over another nation's internal affairs. Just as China does not allow the U.S interfere in their political affairs, the rest of Latin America should either.

    1. Bruh you freaking slow or what cant tell difference between treasure department and DEA. and wtf does "struggle off" even mean educate yourself before saying dumbshit.

    2. Exactly how many billion has America given MX? You s silly bean, MX would tank without t the US propping up the Narco politico economy.

    3. 6:20 you are really out of touch, you sound more like a Almo nuthugger.
      DEA should stay out MEXICO affairs lol. Mexician government can't control criminal activity. Mexician government let's the cartels transport drugs into Mexico.


      @843 Latin America wants to steer away from U.S dependence. They want to create their own union and currency to put latin american living standards up to par with the U.S and Canada. The U.S holds a lot of responsibility for what goes on in Latin America.

      Ask yourselves why criminals in mexico are committing the crimes they are doing. ultimately it comes down to money. The U.S prospers at the expense of cheap latin american labor.. How is it fair for a mexican garmet worker to sew 500 Levi's jeans in one week and not be able to afford 1 pair? Why is it more profitable to grow a pound of weed than it is to grow a pound of beans? The dollar and the Canadian currency are almost worth the same but when you look at Latin american currency its almost worthless. How is that fair? If Latin America successfully creates a union that will bring about wage equality amongst their people the U.S will suffer. It's in the works "silly bean" AMLO is moving in that direction but you won't hear about because the U.S media won't report it.

    5. @734
      "Estancia Infantil Niño Feliz SC was named by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in 2007 as “illegal sources of income that feed drug trafficking, violence, and corruption” when it was included in the list by the Asset Control Office."
      The caption under the first picture.

      As far as "struggle off" goes, I meant to say "shrug off" but my auto correct changed it. Anyway, whether it's the DEA or the treasure department it's all under the same umbrella, the U.S government. The U.S government is the equivalent of a "Karen" feeling entitled and like they need to be in charge of other people's business. So the mexican government is funding a school that Ultimately benefits a community. If it was a restaurant, a shipping company or a hotel chain then I would agree with the U.S, but it's a school.

    6. @10:31 the article is not about DEA! Read the title fool.
      Nagreta rules the world.
      Kiss my grits ya fool!

    7. a school that is being used to profit a cartel.....i mean literally his own family who are cartel are running it, who have intensive record. they want to be in charged by sanctioning a company???????? all they doing is blacklisting it from American companies to not do business with it since it would be easier to wash money faster. they not trying to control shit in Mexico when this only effect that place vs all of the business in the US.

    8. @1113. This article is claiming that the current and past governments have continued to fund a daycare owned by cartel family members even after the the U.S put it on a sanction list. My point is, the mexican government has every right to ignore the DEA's or the treasure departments demands because the U.S government doesn't and shouldn't make rules for mexicans to follow.. Mexico is a sovereign nation and the U.S should respect that..

      Now I get what you're saying but I just don't agree with you and you don't have to agree with me. No harm no foul. From what I'm getting, You feel like the U.S should be able to interfere in mexican politics. I feel like Mexico has every right to tell the U.S to kick rocks.

    9. I couldn't agree more, time to be realistic, the US Government should try to diminish the goofy dopers in this country before running around telling other countries how to run their citizens lives.

  3. At 6:20 dumbest comment of the week.
    Nutthugger if the flow of drugs did not come into USA, sure enough DEA would not be involved in Mexico affairs.
    Furthermore Mexico can't take care of itself from criminals, then again the enpt president is doing nada for it's citizens. You win the award for dumb comment 😂.

    1. @758 LOL, coming from you, I take it as a grain of salt.

    2. 10:20 glad to see you crawled out of the rock, Almo nuthugger Mongol, your not going to pick on chinblaster lol.

    3. The flow of guns goes into Mexico. Are you saying Mexico should have undercover agents and ops in the U.S. and it's affairs, cause I don't see the U.S. doing a damn thing about that.

    4. 7:58 a.m. And another thing, you might want to refrain from name calling/belittlement/insulting anyone, especially when your own comment doesn't take home the Einstein award. There's no need for trying to insult anyone. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion if it's a serious and atleast somewhat relevant comment (not to crazy about them trolls and most of the comedian impersonators).

    5. 9:45 that person he or she is expressing a comment, which I find relevant to what is being said, which is the truth. No one is being belittled, I myself find it to be truthful.

    6. My humble obeisances is full of it.

  4. Pinche AMLO i honestly think hes corrupt just like any other president but i think he doesnt steal from the poor. Like money goimg to the ppl and instead steals from projects that are govtvrelated by having his miltary build them when no other president has used military to build skyscrapers, airports and trains. Maybe as engeneers but not flat put labor like he is

    I also think he figures that he doesnt need to steal so damn much so blatantly from the govt and ppl that he just extorts or makes deals and takes payments from Narcos

    If i were president i wouldnt steal from the govt. Mexico already has enough poor
    Id make it priority to make sure all the money goes to the ppl as it shpuld and where it needs to go in general but i wouls for damn sure use my psotion to get any and all money from narcos in order to operate with minimal persecution but get out of line and youre done and j must follow rules

    Aml forsure takes money from narcos but idk if i belive he steals money like FC, EPN, Salinas etc

    1. All governments dance with the devil. It's a necessary evil. Just look at the U.S. The U.S has funded terrorist groups to disrupt and overthrow governments. The U.S funds cartels, just look at Chapo and Mayos, one of the longest working relationships with a cartel in drug trafficking history. They allocate funds for informants and conduct illegal operations like Allende, Fast and furious, the contras in Nicaragua and who knows what other operations we never found out about.

      I believe the thing with AMLO is he he's caught on to the gabachos and he's playing politics with the U.S on their own terms. He's applying the golden rule, "do unto others as you would like done to you." In other words, if you don't allow me into your house, then you gotta ask me for permission when you wanna come into mine. Hence, the visa denials for DEA agents.

      That's just my opinion though. 🤷 its a lot more complex, who knows what's really going on behind closed doors.

    2. This fuken agile is off track, topic ain't no DEA.

    3. Amlo used the virgin of guadalupe for politics,
      Dios lo castigo!

    4. @902 LOL. so did Miguel Hidalgo.


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