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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Loreto, Zacatecas: Due To The War Between The Cartels, 9 Municipalities Don’t Have Police.

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Video translation is as follows:

Denise Maerker: In other news in Zacatecas, local police from 9 municipalities have requested vacation leave or have even submitted their resignation due to constant threats from organized crime groups.

The police admit they feel helpless. Our colleagues Abraham Reza and Carlos Moreno were in Loreto, one of those municipalities and this is what they found.

Former Municipal Policeman: They arrived at our headquarters and at midnight they were taken away. And they were kidnapped for a week. Afterwards they appeared assassinated.

Abraham Reza: In the last 3 weeks at least 16 municipal policemen resigned from their position. And 5 more asked for vacations in Loreto, Zacatecas. According to statements from the security elements themselves, the fight for the territory between the Jalisco New Generation Cartel and the Sinaloa Cartel has normalized kidnappings, extortion, persecution, and murders throughout the Zacatecan state.

Former Municipal Policeman: These criminal groups have eyes everywhere. And well the municipal offices haven’t given the population a number to communicate anything. 

Abraham Reza: This security element narrates that he’s been on the force for 19 years. And that he resigned because the cartels always end up threatening and persecuting them.

Former Municipal Policeman: The police have power over investigations about drugs or whatever, right?

Abraham Reza: The death of 4 of his coworkers forced them to ask for help because they want to change their residence.

Former Municipal Policeman: Neighbors here do want a change, but it’s very difficult to make that change.

Abraham Reza: Loreto is not the only municipality in the state that has run out of police. During the last 3 months so has Villa Hidalgo, Villa García, Apulco, Monte Escobedo, Melchor Ocampo, Mazapil, Tepetongo, and Cuauhtémoc. The latter is where 10 people were found murdered on Thursday, November 18. They’re in the same situation.

Mayor Francisco Arco Ruiz: Administratively I have 3 elements of public security ...

Carlos Moreno: How many do you have active today?

Mayor Francisco Arco Ruiz: Active municipal public security? Today I don’t have any active policemen. 

Abraham Reza: According to data from Sedena in the entire state there are only 1,137 municipal uniforms. A figure that takes into account much of what is established in the parameters set by the ONU (United Nations) that indicates that there should be at least 4,866 policemen.

Major Francisco Arco Ruiz: Public safety is preventive. I believe that you will not find adequate municipal public security within the latitudes of the country to face an organized crime problem as such.

Abraham Reza: This context is not only faced by police forces. Locals have just as well had to program their schedules so as not to leave their homes. 

Former Municipal Policeman: At 7 in the evening everything starts to look deserted here. There aren't that many people in the shops anymore.

Abraham Reza: A week ago the federal government reinforced these municipalities with elements from the National Guard. However, the inhabitants have accused that this isn’t of much use.

Former Municipal Policeman: Those affected go directly to wherever they’re stationed while risking their lives…

Denise Maerker


  1. Zacatecas is lawless..
    Meanwhile that coward AMLO keeps saying there is no cartl problem and mexico is safe.

    1. You obviously don't watch the news. Keep in mind, if there is no police, that is a state government issue. Who is the governor in charge of zacatecas? QUICK! GOOGLE IT.

    2. 9:31
      You knockle head, don't watch the news yourself, it is true it's a lawless ... Zacatecas is going down, the governor is in cahoots with the cartel now you fkn GOOGLE it, hurry. What a fool.

    3. 10:05 I Googled Zacatecas crime. AMLO held a meeting 2 weeks ago with the the Governor on how to combat the violence in the state. I don't know what you read or watched but it goes against AMLO supposedly saying "there is no cartel problem, Mexico is safe" The Governor thanked AMLO for sending 2000 troops to the state. The latest news is that 6 cartel gunmen were killed after a confrontation with a government agency.i found nothing on the Governor being in Cahoots with the cartel and everything I found on Google is unfortunately coming from a NEWS outlet. Google didn't give me any li KS to the inside cartel info you seem to have access to.

    4. 10:05 and 11:14 I regret to inform that crime still persists in Zacatecas. Thier is so much hidden from the media. Even though some of you say Almo is doing something about the Cartels, along with the governor, in true facts minimal is being done, people get fed up, that when the military shows up weeks late people are filled with rage, that they did not come sooner that rocks are thrown at the military. Furthermore most governors are curupt or forced to work in conjunction with criminal groups or else they get Plata o plomo.

    5. Whats the point on AMLO sending and just moving troops around mexcan states if the NAVY captain or coronnel has a truce with cartels?
      AMLO is a narco president just taking money from cartels and beng a puppet for the USA..
      If that pendejo REALLY wanted to do something, he would send a new batallion and remove the crooked ones from EVERY lawless state like sinaloa, michoacan and zacatecas whre CARTELS tell ARMY & NAVY whar to do..

      Please dont make no excuses for THAT COWARD and crook grandpa AMLO because you will sound like a stupid A$$ every time!.

    6. @200 but you have no proof to back up your claims. Come through with some facts. Site some reliable sources. All you're doing is talking out of your ass. If you actually cite some of the sources where you get your information from then I could give you some credit. You provide none of that. Show us the proof. That's all I'm asking for. A news article, a video clip, an audio recording, some naked pictures of your mom. Something. You don't get it tho. If you have no reliable sources to cite your comment is worth a shit. I don't care what Sargy, shadow or sicario006,say in the comments or o. Their YouTube channels. give me reliable sources... that's all I'm asking for. Shut me up with facts, not your retarded ass point of view.

    7. 4:02 the proof is the situation mexico is in right now. Every president before AMLO is a crook and a narco president since carlo salinas de Gortari to calderon and peña nieto. There is PLENTY of proof of them being narco presidents.
      The proof that grandpa AMLO is a coward and a narco president is how he let Cienfuegos of the hook and didnt charge him for drug dealing and being in capo's pockets. There are DOZENS of testemonies and evidence against him but your GRANDPA AMLO decided to pardon him.. lol
      He has grandma chapo on speed dial too lol
      So shut the fuck up!!

    8. Give me FACTS. do you know what FACTS are. If you have no FACTS then you have nothing. Show me articles, videos, audio recordings, pictures, classified documents in a manilla folder with a big red stamp that says "top-o secret-o" on it.... what testimonies are you talking about? Cite your source. If you don't provide proof then we go back to your comment being worth a shit.. AMLO made the Cienfuegos documents the U.S provided public. If I remember correctly this website posted them in an article. It obviously wasn't enough to put him in jail if it was made PUBLIC.. Do you understand. Does that make sense. They were made public for anyone to see. This is suppose to be the proof the U.S provided but didn't stick. If you give me proof, I will give you credit, but you don't do any of that. Gimme an article headline so I can atleast do the research myself. Gimme something. Not your retarded ass opinion. That doesn't count. I want FACTS. Comprende?

    9. 5:00 your a straight up pendejo!
      You can beleve what you want to beli3ve but i know better.
      Just wait a couple of years when MAYO, MENCHO, or onother capo spills the beans on how much of a sell out that piece of shit is.. lol

    10. 5:00 the fact that mexico is in a worst shape cartel wise would shut you up if you had any COMMON SENSE!!

    11. If your grandpa actually cared about justice he would go after ALL the narco governors abd currupt pieces if shit like La chucky..
      Even go after chapitos for histages in culiacan when he git caught and ket go because he is in speed dial with mama chapo.. comprende pendejo!?

    12. @600 so if I call you out on your bullshit I'm a pendejo? Lol. No more opinions. Come through with FACTS.
      @602 you say he's done nothing, I can go back on this website and pull up 5 articles that shows the military in confrontations or taking some kind of action against the cartels.
      @606 Menchos wife was arrested and Menchos brother in law has been extradited. Need I say more?

    13. 6:30 yes eay more.. thts just scratching the surface...

    14. You think amlo would actually release the actual facts and testimonies.?
      Yea, your a pendejo 150%!..
      Ok, good night AMLO'S LAWYER..
      Good try to try to perwade me otherwise but your not as sharp!
      When your grandpa elimanates the cartels talk to me, otherwuse he's a sell out like the rest of them.
      And dont use the excuse how cartels were there before him and bla bla blabla. Hes the master in cheif but hes acting like the master and THIEF..
      Point blank!

    15. 1218 so there's "testimonies" that AMLO has a hold of but he hasn't released. If it's unreleased, how do you know about it smarty pants? Lmao, but somehow I'm 150% pendejo? Okay 🙄.Acuerdate tontito, provide proof to back up your baseless statements.

      So here's the "blah blah blah excuse" ...AMLO inherited mexicos current situation... Calderon went after Zetas and Beltranes, which started to destabilize Mexico. Peña Nieto handed over Chapo and as a result the cartels have split into many factions and are in a current power struggle. Remember Chapo's extradition was made right when Trump took office, AMLO was not president at the time. How is AMLO Responsible for that? You claim he does nothing but all of the information states otherwise... New roads are being built, schools and universities have been built, a new railroad system, hydro electric dams, new oil refineries, energy conservation programs, social programs that provide resources for the poor and elderly, milirization of all ports of entry and YES, even military barracks. So before you go on to say that the soldiers sit on there ass, smoke joints and watch novelas, you can check the borderland beat archives and see that on average, there is atleast one confrontation between the military and organized crime groups a day. I can also go down a list of criminals caught or extradited. I can gaurantee that list is longer than any of the past administrations.

      Now according to you, AMLO is suppose to neglect the rest of his responsibilities to mexican people and only focus on violent crimes. How does that make any sense? Take a look at everything else he is doing in terms of infrastructure before you go on to say he's inept, and claim he does nothing. If you need direct links to every single project he has initiated or concluded just ask. I'll be happy to share them, as long as it exposes your dumb ass statements... if you have proof he is "the master and theif" provide us with an article. I wanna read it. The fact is you can't. You know why, Because it only exist in your imagination, just like the testimonies that AMLO has but e doesn't share but somehow you know about. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    16. Lol Shes adorable ! I bet shes the life of the party where ever she goes just frothing at the mouth to people who dont even give a fuck. Lol

    17. Lol. Hey Chinblaster69, you're still logged on under your pornhub account.

  2. 12:04 "I regret to inform you" that you provide no substance to this discussion. You provided NO facts only your opinion. Tell us what's being hidden from the media. Please, it's BB, we want to know! If you have inside info, then share it. "Furthermore", next time you want to post a comment come through with a bases for your stance, otherwise it's not worthy of being taken serious.

    1. This is the Almo nuthugger, that argues with anyone that opposes his views. You finally crawled out of the rock.

    2. Unkown it's not worth going the extra mile with this ignorant. Let it go.

    3. 230 LOL. Crawled out of a rock? The irony.. It's called having a life pendejo. Now go on with your baseless comments. 231, you can't call some one ignorant when you yourself can't even form a proper sentence.

    4. I think thats AMLO's attorney trying to protect his sensless actions..
      Only a pendejo would believe amlo at this point lol
      He has 3 years in office and hasnt done anything about cartel curruption
      Abrazos no balazos is hus moto

    5. My comments are based on FACTS. Not opinions. Not what Sargy said or what shadow said, or what some anonymous person said in the comments. I can cite a source. Ask me where I got my information, or what lead me to believe xyz and I will gladly cite my source. You guys don't do any of that. All you have is retarded opinions based on comments you read on this website.

  3. Anyone that has been paying attention to the last years in Mexico knows what's up. No need for clarifications. The situation they are in speaks for itself. It's shameful.

  4. I love the fact that some mother fuckers (and pendejos) want written facts from media sources stating the obvious if you want or need facts just keep scrolling thru past articles on Borderlandbeat.
    No one here gives a fuck whether you believe something or not , the fact is we are all here for the same reason you are here . Because this is the only place where you might find any thing that resembles the truth . If your getting all your information from Google and the Mainstream media then there is no hope for someone like you and your bloated self important ignorance . Maybe you should go play on google or go back to Reddit and try to pass your self off as a beacon of inteligence over there, cause you sound like a fuckin idiot over here . And thats a fuckin FACT and I bet you wont find that on google but it is certainly the truth . And while your spouting about how intelligent u are might I suggest you eat a bag of dicks ? If your not doing that already ...

    1. Can't take a person who talks about bags of Dicks and calls himself "chinblaster666" serious.

    2. Chinblaster and Unknown as I mentioned yesterday, this guy is not worth replying to. He even harrasses the BB staff. He thinks he is above all the smartest in here, just like D. Trump.
      Watch and get ready to see, how he will try to attack me.

    3. @7:02
      I hear ya it's just funny how someone of its intelligence thinks that there are documents from google or the media to back up the fact that these political parasites are not on the level and is willing to keep arguing about shit no one really gives a fuck about which is its comments that clearly express how naive it is and never adds to the conversation . Not that I do either but Im not a fn know it all nor do I think any of this shit matters .

    4. @10:46
      Cant take a fn know it all who hides behind the user name anonymous and thinks he is informed because mainstream media says so . Your adorable though and I bet your a lot of fun to hang out with . Bless your heart !

    5. LOL 702. I harass the BB staff? That's a new one. I hardly even make comments. If anything I have thanked them for what they do. But ok, keep saying that. Whatever makes you feel good about yourself.

    6. Lol. Again Chinblaster6969, I can't ever take you serious when you comment under your pornhub account. I chuckle like an Asian school girl everything your name appears. ✌🏽🤭

  5. 10:59
    Hey your mother gave me that name and it has nothing to do with porn dipshit . Well it did with your mom but thats neither here nor now .

    1. Lol. Can't take you serious if you respond with mom jokes.

    2. Whose Joking ? Like your someone whose opinion matters mr I get my info from google and that makes you someone special ? Your not going to get the last word you anonymous little bitch .And that a fact .Check it out !

    3. Lol. Riiiight, you're soo admirable. It takes soo much more courage to hide behind the corny Chinblaster666 account than it does to go anonymous.🤣🤣🤣. fuckin comedians.

  6. Ur one to talk with your little bitchy crying tone you are so smart and sharp you must be a professor .
    Whose hiding ?
    Im not and my pornhub nick is actually anonfucker357 .Chinblaster is the name given to me by ur mom I already told you that mr smartypants your comments are a joke when you start frothing at the mouth its fn comedy you want facts and written evidence from the media whose tortured by the cartels just shows how unintelligent you really are go back to reddit you naive little brat . ha ha ha eat a bag of dicks no one takes anything you say as a relevant addition to the conversation . And thats a fact not an opinion ! Now fuck off !


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