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Thursday, December 16, 2021

Will The Sons Of Chapo Be Arrested?

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Video translation is as follows:

Female Reporter: I’d like to ask about this reward offered by the United States government for anyone who can give information about the children of El Chapo Guzmán.

Among them Ovidio, who in 2019 was released after the failed operation known as the Culiacanazo. My question is if the Joe Biden administration has petitioned your government about the children of Chapo Guzmán. I don't know if there’s currently an extradition request. Can you tell us about it please.

AMLO: Well, that's what we already reported on yesterday. That they were going to make this resolution for the United States government known. Considering these individuals are criminals for the United States government.

And they’re setting up rewards. There’s a list of alleged criminals for the sale of drug trafficking. In this case, it has to do with a synthetic drug, fentanyl. There is a concern by the United States government because many Americans have lost their lives.

More than 100 thousand have perished due to the consumption of these drugs that are very dangerous. And that's why they made this decision. Thus far there’s nothing more on this matter. If these criminals are on national territory, who’s responsible for stopping them? It’s our authorities. We don’t allow any foreign force to act on this matter, nowhere in our territory. We are the ones who have to do our job. This will also be done according to the investigations carried out in Mexico.

Female Reporter: Following the Culiacanazo operation, is the arrest of Ovidio Guzmán a priority for your government?

AMLO: Yes, for everyone. There is no impunity for anyone.

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  1. Will chapitos be arrested?
    Well, one was already detained but grandpa AMLO called culiacan for his realese.
    Grandma chapo and grandpa AMLO are close and comunicate regularly.
    It was known when AMLO went to badiraguato and his 3xcuse was he wanted to see the construction the government was going to do..
    Only thing in badiraguato is drugs and cds..
    He was having carne asada with guano and mama chapo..
    Sell out piece of crap!

    1. I agree with you that enpt president, no servi para nada.
      All the while lots of Innocents are murdered everyday. Many have died on his watch.

    2. IAG also had gotten locked up in 05 was let go by a judge in 08. el guano wasn't even there moron haha

    3. 10:09 there was an article i read that said he was there. Badiraguato is guango's plaza. Why wouldnt he be there pendejo?!

    4. 5:00 they were mistaking guano for some dude that was there to hit amlo. The guy that was there comes out on one of chino piloto's video youtube video. it use to belong to guano i think chapitos took it away from him

    5. 6:19 you think? Lol
      Your a joke. Badiraguato is guango's plaza. Aint no chapito goint to call shotz over his uncle in his plaza!

  2. All smoke & mirrors. AMLO is financially responsible for many of these drug lords roaming free.
    No (president) one would ever admit to past or present truths. Corruption at its finest.

  3. In 3,2,1 Cabezita de mierda nuthuggers defending their papi amlo

  4. Its crazy. Everyone blames Mexico or other poor countries for what America is goin threw. No one is putting a gun the Americans heads. America has corruption to a science. Its simple. The silver spoons people. To keep their power and squeezing poor and middle class families of their hard earn money they are brainwashing the world. Quit raising the prices so people can live. So they wont need drugs

    1. @4:50
      "No one is putting a gun to the Americans heads". That's because all the guns are in Mexico pointed at your heads.

    2. 10:43 Tàs más Güey valiii!
      There are more weapons in US citizen's hands than US citizens have ever lived, and 70% of americans do not give a rat's ass about owning guns or weapons of any kind or the NRA or their #2 ammendment, so appropriately numbered...

  5. Wonder why this guy even bothers having press conferences? They don't do a damn thing Criminally or Civil whether it's prosecution or Confiscating money and propertys.All he has to do is unleash the dogs on the dogs He doesn't do it he should take advice from Calderon.

    1. 1:27 HE does because HE CAN.
      President AMLO needs to put FECAL, alias "Comandante Borolas" in front of a firing squad, and some americans need to end up like their idol Benito Mussolini for treason, dead, hanging naked from their feet.

    2. Unkown have you detected AMLO nutthugger in the room?


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