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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

US Changes Photo Used Of Joaquín, Son OF El Chapo, On Rewards Poster

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat

The photo used on the United States profile for Sinaloa Cartel’s Joaquín Guzmán López has been changed to a new photo. 

The Change

On December 15, 2021, a press release from US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, announced that a brand new reward of $5 million USD was being offered for information that lead to the arrest of Iván, Jesús, Ovidio, and Joaquín, four of the the sons of Joaquín Guzmán Loera “El Chapo”. 

The reward was being offered through the State Department’s Narcotics Reward Program (NRP) and the next day the official profiles detailing the new targets were uploaded to under the “Narcotics Reward Program - Mexican Targets” section.

PDFs of the official wanted posters, offered in both English and Spanish, were linked on the profile pages as well. 

Many major news outlets, both in the US and in Mexico, covered the new rewards being offered. Of all the information released in the new profiles on Los Chapitos (which is the common shorthand used to refer to the sons of El Chapo who are allegedly involved in drug trafficking) the photo of Joaquín Guzmán Loera stood out. 

Prior to the December 16, 2021 State Department release, there were very few photos alleged to depict Joaquín and even fewer news sources verifying these photos. 

Now, on December 21, 2021, the official photo being used for Joaquín on his NRP profile as well as his official wanted poster has been changed. 

The photo that was uploaded on December 16 is alleged to actually depict César Guzmán Salazar, a different son of El Chapo, who is reportedly not involved in drug trafficking.

Previous Use of César's Photo

It should be noted that César Guzmán Salazar has been discussed as a son of El Chapo in various news articles. Multiple news websites had previously identified César using the same photo that was used for Joaquin on December 16. 

October 2019 AM newspaper article.

As just one example, AM newspaper specifically used the same photo in an October 2019 article profiling César and one of his sisters.

February 2020 El Cierre Digital article.

In February 2020, he became even more recognized because he was allegedly seen in leaked family photos from the wedding of Grisel Guzmán López, his half sister. Websites such as El Cierre Digital profiled him shortly after the wedding, releasing articles covering César in March 2020 while using the same photo.


Special thanks to Borderland Beat commenter Elver for the tip about the photo change. 

Sources: December 15 Press Release, NRP Mexican Targets, Joaquin’s Profile, El Grafico, AM newspaper, El Cierre Digital, 23 Viral


  1. Animo Sicarios !!!

    Chapitos Lives Matter

    1. Yeah, chapo will be free someday, in a coffin to be sure, but free.

    2. Everyone will. Including your mother

    3. 7:09 Chapp Guzman is the property of the United State! god bless America!!!

    4. 7:09 Chapp Guzman is the property of the United State! god bless America!!!

  2. Soon they will occupy a cell near their father. AMLO is working on it.

    1. Amlo could care a rats azz, bribes coming from Cartels is his priority.

  3. The woman in the wedding photo is Grisel Guzmán Lopez, Chapo's daughter with Griselda Lopez.

    1. La Silla Rota wrote in a December 2020 article "That Saturday, one of El Chapo's daughters - some say Alejandrina Gisselle Guzmán Salazar, others Grisel Guzmán López - married Edgar Cázares."

      I didn't realize the identity of the daughter was undetermined and debated.

      Did some kind of proof ever emerge which identified which daughter it was?

    2. There are lots of pictures on insta of Grisel, she looks exactly like the woman in the wedding photo. I can send them to you if you want?

    3. Yes, can you email them to me?

      I believe you, I'd just like to have them as reference now. Will update the story.

    4. I also love the smell of your hair, smells like strawberry.
      Did you get them sent them yesterday.Merry Christmas.

  4. He looks more like his father in the right picture lowkey looked like a lil oaxaco in the left and i always found it interesting how dark he was and hoe little he looks like JGL alias el Sapo i mean Chapo.
    The picture on the right, the guy has the same exact big ass ears as chapo lol

    I have always wondered how many photos does the govt on both sides publish on reward signs are actually not even the capos. Look at that false pix used by almost everyone that isnt even Nazario but some Mid level CDS operative, look at how Primito CDG/Metros was first accuaed of being somebody names Bartolo and aome dark skinned bald guy later turned out false.
    Whati find really weird is how Mencho always post his pic on his flyers almost as if he looks nothing like that but wants ppl to think he does to benfit him. His personal Band "Banda Puro Grullo" actually sings many songs where they say those pics aint him or no one knows what he looks like becsuse its been so damn long.

  5. She must really love her new husband cuz the diamond ring is tiny.

    Canadian girl💋

  6. Everyone should be Extradited to Florence Colorado before Wimpy obrador leaves office if they don't pay the piper.


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