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Sunday, December 19, 2021

Tijuana, Baja California: Young Male Has Fingers Removed For Refusing To Sell Narcotics

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

This is the story of a 16-year-old young man who claims that his fingers were cut off for refusing to sell drugs in Acapulco. His father took his entire family out of the port as best he could to save their lives.

Video translation is as follows:

Ciro Gómez Leyva: The current violence doesn’t just affect Central American immigrants. It also happens with Mexicans, those who want to leave the country because of the violence. Our reporter Humberto Padgett is in Tijuana and he found this young boy.

Humberto Padgett: This is the sentence in Mexico in the year 2021 for a 16-year-old boy who resisted the recruitment of a criminal organization in Acapulco.

So, then they wanted you to sell drugs?

Young male: Yes. I told my dad and we moved. I was at my cousins sweet 15 party and was already heading home in a taxi. When another taxi approached and that was where I was abducted. They placed a gun on me because I didn't want to get in the car. And they took me to Avenida Gran Vía Coloso to assault me. They lowered me from the vehicle to cut off my fingers. It was a cut with a machete. They put a board and a machete on me.

Humberto Padgett: Let me see. Show me how.

Young male: They hit my fingers. Let’s say that this was the finger and they put the machete on it. And they beat the board against the top of the machete so that they could cut them off.

Humberto Padgett: Were you conscious?

Young male: Yes. They hit me with a board on my back. Later they put me in the car and that was when they left me on the bridge.

Humberto Padgett: The young man was admitted to a public hospital in the Acapulco port. From where doctors came up with the idea of ​​looking for the dismembered fingers to reattach them. But they found nothing. So the doctors resigned themselves to building the best stumps possible. His father, a bricklayer, gathered some money to pay for the medicines used and took his son out of the hospital. From that moment on the young man became a person with disabilities.

How much did the treatment cost you?

Victims father: Well, nothing. I just had to pay for the medicine.

Humberto Padgett: How much was it?

Victims father: I paid just for the medicine and the doctors put in the labor.

Humberto Padgett: How much did the medicine cost you?

Victims father: Well, the truth is I have no idea. I’d say about ten thousand.

Humberto Padgett: Ten thousand?

Victims father: Yes. About.

Humberto Padgett: Threatened by the fact that the next punishment wouldn’t be a mutilation, but a beheading or the execution of the entire family. They gathered a few things and fled as fast as they could until they came to a halt at the border wall between Mexico and the United States in Tijuana. Like the thousands and thousands of Michoacanos, Guerrenenses, Chapanecos, Zacatecanos, Hondurans, Guatemalans, Salvadorans, and Haitians fleeing violence. They took refuge in a shelter. They were lucky. Because currently in the 24 government shelters and social organizations, they’re all bursting at the seams. But the persecuted haven’t stopped arriving. There is currently no country or Mexican state that produces displaced people who supports these immigrants with food. 

Pastor Luis Benito Juárez: We’re totally overwhelmed here. Because there are no resources. There is no way to feed them. The sanitary services, the water, the bathroom, there’s none here. This is the worst moment of a crisis that we are experiencing here in Baja California. The “Hugs Not Bullets” approach isn’t functioning here. And the president of the Republic has to take a different stance because this situation is abnormal. 

Ciro Gómez Leyva: Those who arrive and arrive like this, those who reach the northern border of Mexico just a few steps from the United States ...

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  1. You would think that the Roman catholic church would step in and help out but Im sure the donations and all the tythings they help themselves to every week are going towards more important and urgent issues such as paying off lawyers and who ever else they employ to cover up the worst crimes against humanity (children) in the history of the world . Shuffling sex predators around the world to exotic and far away places doesnt come cheap but are far more urgent then helping out a bunch of poor people trying to find a safe place to live . I think the pope should come help out along the border himself if he isnt willing to open up the pockets of the church he should at least put in a little sweat equity if he truly is a soldier of Christ . But history has shown that the church isnt quite what it would have you believe . And thats a fact ! (For the google facts/amlo nuthugger lady that runs around here that demands facts , thats a fact for you princess and as always eat a dick)

    1. Lol. Speaking of which, sounds like you need Jesus or a mental health evaluation. What the fuck are you ranting about? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. Chinblaster is Kool, he is stating the church and that Almo nuthugger Mongol.

    3. 10:38 LoL. You're another fucken idiot.

    4. 4:21
      Some one in here said you may be getting an award. Glad to see you crawled out of the rock. I am sorry you hate Chinblaster, but he does have good ideas in his head. Please get along.

    5. Those who give money to the church need to really read the Bible

  2. Good morning BB
    WOW that was heart breaking to watch.

    I have hustled so many years. Have done some bad things. Not anywhere near what some of these people do
    Also Not playing devil's advocate. But it's crazy to see stories like this. I know there are people who will say that maybe there can be something else behind the cutting. some unpaid debt, etc.

    But we will never know. And so we have to go with what is being observed.

    So it's fucked up.
    Yo hope you're feeling better Sol.

    1. Hey Rubio the Puerto Rican!
      Stay safe practice safe sex, wear a condom.

    2. 9:48
      Da nurse Rubio
      Wears a White dress
      With Red panties.

    3. Looool
      I'm sure the ladies would seeing me like that!!!!!!!!!

    4. Nurse Robio get me some pain killers por favor, nevermind Sol, he is healthy. I need Vodka too.

    5. @5:36 Mmm vodka. Damn you. Why must you tempt me. 🍸😋

    6. Robio is a man.
      Why does he wear a nurses uniform
      with Red panties?
      Uless he is a cross dresser.

      The other day this person was walking with a dress old and a black old purse, men would turn to look, turned out to be a homeless male in his early 30s.

  3. This is such a lie. First of all the kid was already caught lying, and someone put him on blast for it. He was selling drugs for one cartel nothing major just small sacks. Another cartel was making a push for the area but he refuse to sell their dope thinking he was protected. Eventually he ended up telling and stealing from one side and it went all bad for him

    Not saying BB is lying i know BB is translating which is still alot of work but just so you know this kid was caught lying

    1. Not to say it has never happened, but something def seemed askew with this story

    2. Today, we have in Juarez, a gang member caught for selling drugs in an area that someone else felt was theirs. They dismemberd him and stuck him under a Christmas tree in bags, (4) people have been apprehended

    3. Da Parro
      You live in Juarez?
      People getting killed for little stuff. I once heard a Gramma needed money and resorted to selling drugs from her home, the local thugs ended up killing her.

  4. So with this story mexican disorganized crime sinks to a new low.


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