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Thursday, December 30, 2021

Tijuana, Baja California: Corpse Found With Threatening Message For Municipal Police

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

On December 28, the body of a man wrapped in a blanket was located, accompanied by a cardboard containing a written threat, against the head of the Municipal Police of the Cerro Colorado borough in Tijuana along with some of his collaborators.

Narco message reads as follows:

“Roberto Carlos Crespo aka 015 Gral from the Cerro Colorado borough. I need for you to return the 20 kilos of cocaine that you’ve stolen. Just as well I also need the $20,000 that you kept. 

The same goes for your dogs Marco Antonio Vidal Garcia and Hector Dioney Leon Alvarado. You have 2 days to return everything. Otherwise, I’m going to fucking destroy them along with you. 

It does you no good to have them transferred out of this area. We already have each one of you located. Your snitch is lying here dead. This will be the fate of you fucking faggots ass thieves wherever you decide to do dumb shit like extort or steal vehicles”. 

From the Baja California Peace and Security Coordination table, they reported that they are investigating. So far they haven’t found formal or intelligence reports of drug seizures or theft in that area. However, the aforementioned agents have already been denounced by the community for their reckless behavior, the accusations haven’t increased beyond anything serious. 

According to the official report, at 7:15 p.m. on Tuesday they received and attended to the report of an abandoned "suspicious" vehicle on Fourth Street and San Pedro M√°rtir Street in the Loma Bonita neighborhood, which is located within the Cerro Colorado borough.

Municipal Police officers arrived three minutes later, they confirmed the location of a green 1996 Ford Explorer, with license plate # BFR-65-38 from the state of Baja California, parked on the traffic lane.

As the officers approached, they noticed that the engine was still on, as were the lights. When they looked inside the vehicle they found a cardboard on the floorboard and an inert person in the back seat who was covered with a brown and yellow blanket. 

Officers requested the presence of the Attorney General's Office (FGE). When the blanket was removed confirmation was made that there was a deceased male with traces of violence. 

The murdered victim hasn’t been officially identified. And it’s unknown at this time if he has any links with the Municipal Police.

Two days before the end of 2021, the homicide tally in Tijuana stands at 1,914 victims.

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  1. Tijuana is fuckin crazy! Makes Chicago looks like Disneyland

  2. The organized crime in BC vicious asf

  3. I know mexico has currupt cops but Tijuana cops bring curruption to a whole new level. They steal loads and sell them to a diferent cartel and vice versa..

    1. So that's all they do? They don't do kidnapping, extortion or bondage?

    2. 11:16 they do all that and more. they make other cops in mexico look good..

    3. This is not unheard of for American cops. Even the city I grew up in upstate NY there was a scandal about this same thing. Cops stealing from one's gang load in a bust to sell to a different gang. Not entirely unheard of and I'm sure happens more than what we know. The smart ones are the ones that don't get caught.
      Also, this isn't a slam comment against ALL cops as there are many good ones. Sadly we just hear about the shitty ones.

  4. I need to go to a dentist in Tijuana, they say the prices are excellent ūüĎć.
    I haven't been to the in 10 years. I'm in San Diego.
    Apparently it's not safe at night, but is it safe in the day????

    1. As long as you don't go where you aren't supposed to go. Stick to the Centro and zona Rio area. If you're going to "party" stick to cohuila. Anything other than that strip in the zona norte is also a no-go

    2. If you want good dental work go to algodones.

    3. What about revolution street? Is it safe for tacos and beer like the old days when US. sailors would party at Molino.Rojo.?

    4. 9:32 I haven't been there, ask someone that has or lives there.

    5. Just don't be stupid, you will be fine.

    6. Revolution is definitely safe


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