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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Motorcycle Hitmen Pull Up Next To Vehicle and Assassinate A Driver In The Middle Of Traffic, Mexico City

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat

In broad daylight in downtown Mexico City, multiple hitmen on a motorcycle(s) assassinated the driver of a car who was driving on San Antonio Abad Street, in the Centro neighborhood.

The Moto Sicario Execution

At approximately 1:20 pm on the afternoon of December 13, 2021, a recent model white Honda Accord was driving on San Antonio Abad Street in the direction of 20 de Noviembre Avenue when multiple hitmen on motorcycle(s) pulled up to the left of the vehicle.

The number of hitmen and motorcycles involved is reported differently with each news publication but most reports allege one motorcycle with two riders was involved in the incident however newspaper Excelsior writes there were “four people traveling on motorcycles” and Milenio newspaper writes that “two motorcycles” were involved. 

The motorcycle(s), which had been pursuing them, caught up with the driver at one of the main exits to El Zócalo in the Historic Center.

Context view of the shooting location from Google Street View.

As soon as the hitmen reached their target’s vehicle, they began opening fire at the left driver’s side window. Reporte Indigo writes that according to eyewitnesses, the hitmen shot at least seven times. 

The shooting caused the vehicle to lose control and crash into the taxi driving in front of it. The motorcycle(s) then sped off from the scene of the shooting, fleeing before authorities arrived. 

Video Source: Carlos Jiménez

Warning: Graphic content. Part of deceased victim's body are partially visible in footage and shown in photos below this point. Video Source: Itzel Cruz Alanis

The driver received five gunshot wounds from the attack. Mexico City Police officers and emergency services were dispatched to the scene and found that the victim no longer had vital signs by the time they arrived. The victim was described as a 53-year old male. 

The taxi that the white vehicle crashed into was carrying an elderly woman who received support from the emergency services, as she reportedly had a nervous breakdown. A third victim was said to have been injured during the attack. It is unclear how the third victim was related to the attack but it is possible that it was the taxi cab driver whose cab was crashed into. 

Forensic experts from the Attorney General's Office were sent to the crime scene site to collect evidence and to transfer the deceased victim's body to the morgue for autopsy. 

Still taken from footage.

Still taken from footage.

Still taken from footage.

Still taken from footage.

Mexico City police released a statement saying they had begun investigating the incident and surveillance camera footage would be reviewed in relation to the shooting. In their coverage of the event, Televisa.News showed a photo which featured what appears to be a still of two men riding a motorcycle taken from surveillance footage.

The Arrest

On the same day of the attack, later in the afternoon, residents of the Tránsito neighborhood reported the sound of gunfire to police who responded to the incident. When they arrived at the reported location on Topacio Street, officers noticed a man who, upon spotting them, tried to flee the area and enter a building.

The detainee arrested later that same day on Topacio Street.

Officers chased him down and then searched him, finding a handgun and 23 small bags of marijuana so he was arrested. 

The detainee was identified as Jaír Sebastián “'N”, a 22 year old man who had previously been admitted to the Mexico City Penitentiary System in 2020 for the crime of aggravated robbery. He had served six months in prison for the attack and was currently out on probation. 

Milenio writes that “The inquiries by the Secretariat for Citizen Security indicate that Jaír Sebastián “'N' could be linked to the murder” of the white Accord earlier that day. The evidence of Jaír’s alleged involvement in the shooting is unclarified at this time.


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