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Sunday, December 5, 2021

Military Arrests 8 Alleged CJNG Hitmen Involved In Abducting SEMAR Soldiers In Jalisco

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat

Eight CJNG members who were allegedly involved in the abduction of the two SEMAR soldiers were arrested in the greater metropolitan area of the city of Guadalajara, in the state of Jalisco. 

On the afternoon December 1, 2021, agents from the Federal Attorney General's Office (FGR) and soldiers from the Navy (SEMAR) were seen conducting a search in Zapopan, which is the western metropolitan area of Guadalajara city. 

The FGR agents and soldiers arrested Manuel "N", an alleged CJNG member, while he was aboard a vehicle driving on Playa Blanca Poniente street, between Severo Díaz and Moctezuma Avenue in the Moctezuma neighborhood.

The newspaper El Universal writes that Manuel “has been identified as one of the material authors of the kidnapping of two sailors last November, on the orders of Laisha Oseguera Gonzalez, daughter of Nemesio Oseguera González ‘El Mencho’.”

The arrest of Manuel, and presumably the subsequent interrogations with him, led to more searches later being conducted in the general area of the La Calma neighborhood in Zapopan.

In this second set of searches, a residence associated with a CJNG member was raided. Two kidnappers were arrested and one kidnapping victim was freed. A second residence associated with a CJNG member was raided but it resulted in no arrests and no property seizures. 

The next day, on December 2, 2021, the neighborhood of Jardines Alcalde, which falls within Guadalajara city limits, not Zapopan, was searched by authorities.

Video Source for Three Videos: El Blog de Los Guachos, no graphic content

On social media, locals uploaded videos of large groups of soldiers as well as helicopter gunships flying overhead. 

Soldiers cordoned off certain streets from pedestrian and vehicular traffic while they conducted raids. The military reportedly asked the residents of Jardines Alcalde to avoid leaving their homes if they lived within the cordoned off area, according to

These raids as well as military surveillance patrols reportedly lasted into the night time. 

Newspaper Informador reports that the raids within Jardines Alcalde resulted in five arrests of alleged CJNG members. All five arrests allegedly occurred at a residence located on Félix Palavicini street.

SEMAR personnel who continue to guard the residence on Félix Palavicini street where the five arrests occurred. 

It is interesting to note that in the last 3 years, FGR agents have conducted 15 seizures that were classified as “high-impact” within the greater Guadalajara metropolitan area. Of those 15 seizures, 10 of them occurred in Zapopan, which only encompasses the western greater metro area. 

This may suggest that Zapopan is more of a crime hot bed than any other region of the Guadalajara metro area, or it may simply suggest it is an easier location for federal authorities to plan/execute raids. 

Who is this Manuel “N”? So far almost nothing has been released in regards to the identity of Manuel “N”. No photos of the detainee have been released. 

On November 15, 2021, the FGR and the Army arrested Rosalinda González Valencia, who is the wife of Nemesio Rubén Oseguera Cervantes, alias “El Mencho”, the leader of the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG). 

A few hours after the arrest operation concluded but before the arrest was publicly announced, two SEMAR soldiers who were assigned as staff (one as a driver, another as a secretary) to a naval captain from the Eighth Naval Zone were abducted. Both were sitting aboard a white Jeep Wrangler that was parked in a Walmart parking lot, located on Aviación street in the city of Zapopan, Jalisco.  

While the pair were waiting for the Navy captain who was shopping inside the store, they were approached by armed subjects who arrived in multiple vehicles and kidnapped. The abduction of the soldiers was immediately suspected to be an act of retaliation against federal personnel in response to Rosalinda’s arrest. 

The mobile service provider of the Marines' cell phones was able to tell investigators that both cell phones belonging to the soldiers were turned off at 10:49 pm at night, local time.

Photo of the abandoned Jeep Wrangler. 

Later, the white 2017 Jeep Wrangler belonging to the missing Marines was located on the corner of Santa Anita and Agua Escondida streets in the El Campanario neighborhood in Zapopan. 

November 17, 2021 searches of Zapopan.

On the morning of November 17, 2021, several residences within the Virreyes and El Campanario neighborhood of Zapopan were raided by federal authorities. El Occidental later revealed that most of the residences that were raided had a registered owner with the last name “González Valencia”, implying family members of Rosalinda and Mencho owned the properties. So, is there evidence that Laisha or her boyfriend Christian Gutiérrez Ochoa were actually involved? 

In regards to Laisha Michelle Oseguera González, who is one of the daughters of Mencho and Rosalinda, there is no evidence that she was involved in the kidnapping that has been made publicly available, as of the writing of this story. 

There has been no military press release that names Laisha as someone with suspected involvement in the abduction. 

That being said, many reputable news publications have written that they personally spoke to military sources who state Laisha was involved.

Link to El País article

Link to Milenio article

Link to El Universal article

Laisha’s boyfriend is Christian Fernando Gutiérrez Ochoa, the son of CJNG cartel boss José Luis Gutiérrez Valencia, alias “Don Chelo”. In recent years Don Chelo is most well known for images of him partying in luxury within Puente Grande prison, which stood as a stark reminder that jail time for cartel capos can be far from a punishment. 

The military sources who have spoken to news publications have made stronger claims about the involvement of Christian in the abduction, implying they have solid evidence that he was in the area of the Walmart during the window of time in which the soldiers were abducted.

Link to El Occidental article

Link to Milenio article

Link to UnoTV article

The certainty with which the military personnel tell these publications that Christian was in the area suggests they may have either surveillance video or cell phone geolocation evidence which places him in the area during the abduction time.


  1. Sounds like the Mexican navy is using stringrays its not coincidence that they geolocated christian. Best to keep your phone settings on 5g only if you can.

    1. Exactly what i was thinking, the stingray is used often but they hardly ever admit it. Its like an ace up their sleeve

    2. 5g has a smaller attack surface when a stingray is used

    3. Hey guys, this is just a friendly reminder that the evidence they have on Christian may not be cell phone geolocation data. It could be surveillance video which recorded Christian's face and the license plate of a vehicle registered under his name in the parking lot.

      My personal assumption with this type of evidence is that a burner phone or a vehicle registered under a family member's name would not be strong enough evidence to warrant the certainty with which the military describes it.

      Maybe one of the questions it comes down to is: which is more likely, that Christian carries a cellphone registered under his name or Christian drives a vehicle registered under his name?

      I personally think both are equally likely possibilities but if anybody has any thoughts on this, please comment.

    4. Your probably right hearst like the other poster said as soon as they said geo locate I immediately thought stingray probably over thinking. That been said theres alot of gimmicks that are sold to people like christian making them think they are untrackable but its all bullshit.

    5. It’s very interesting, though, no? When it comes to non-top-level cartel guys, how much do they cover their tracks? I’m sure it varies from person to person, of course.

      We know mid-level cartel operators pay off and regularly interact with state and federal law enforcement, which makes it likely that they are aware of the technology that allows federal agencies (like the FGR) to track them. So how much do they cover their tracks vs just rest easy assuming their bribe money will protect them?

  2. I am surprised, pics I could find of laisha, she looks fairly attractive and has not yet taken to the narco addiction to plastic surgery, bolt on parts, and gaudy makeup, etc… She looks pretty normal, if one can ignore the pesky claims like material author of kidnapping and likely other violent acts. Would it be pointless if you were a massive drug lords kid to even try and have a straight or normal life, as you are always a target, which guarantees a certain amount of access to and use of the accoutrements of that life.

  3. Replies
    1. wrote there were "helicópteros artillados" flying, which I translated as helicopter gunships. Let me know if my translation is incorrect.

    2. @9:04 Your translation was 100 percent accurate. Gunships are usually bristling with rockets, machine guns etc. Perhaps they were on the scene but the article chose to use a stock photo of another helicopter. Keep up the good work!

  4. I have to think SEDNA could decimate any cartel in any battle. Obviously they can locate who they want when they want. The problem is Mencho pays many. As I said before, Mencho has whatever attributes in order to be the most dominant drug trafficker in history. His security apparatuses are second to none. His daughter, regardless of what she did, is untouchable in Mexico. As a father to two daughters there isn’t a line I wouldn’t cross in order to protect them regardless if they are wrong. If anybody goes after his daughter, which I’m sure they won’t, many will die, and the full terroristic power of Mencho will be on full display! Just imagine if they would’ve kidnapped the naval captain who was being guarded. And just to think, Mencho was a nickel bag heroin peddler back in the day. Her boyfriend is a fucking idiot, roaming around in the area with a phone tied to him. His days are numbered I’m assuming by how careless he is.

    1. You're so much more coherent when you're on your meds. Keep it up whitey, one day you'll be fine and maybe, just maybe the U.S government will legally allow you tow own firearms.

    2. Hey whitey makes the best tacos in town.

    3. Da whitey buys guns from the Dark Web, ghost guns.

    4. Blah blah blah. Whitey just remember that many of his associates have been arrested ok. Including his son and one of his daughters later on in the USA. The man is not untouchable and just to be clear his associates his son and his wife got arrested in Mexico.

  5. Unfortunately after a bribe, the crooked judge will stamp Caso Cerrado, no evidence.

    1. Stupid vato... these Fooos are done... It's funny Mayo gas 20 mil. On his head. Yet they ain't looking for him. They want Mencho. That's called POWER

    2. 7:12 hes a known government SNITCH
      Its not power. MAYO is the governmet favorite for giving up his men and close ones to him and in return he gets a free pass.
      His son el vicentillo snitched on chapo and pointed him out in court.
      He got arrested but is out now. He got a slap on the wrist and a 1.5 BILLION fine.. that should be enough to buy government protection..
      Cartel De Snitches are favired fir being snitches and it has been proven

    3. 1.5 billlion that will never be paid. To think hes got 1.5 is laughable. your gullible as fuck

    4. 6:09 dont get mad because i talked bad bout your fave cartel. Lol
      Im just stating facts. Will he pay the fine? We both dont know that.
      The government gave that fine for a reason, he snitched on himself to get a light sentance. Those guys are big time, they could actually make billions of dollars, specially from help from the government.

    5. 8:44 i can tell you are clueless when it court to court situations.
      Your a clown!

    6. Dude All these Narcos talk to the Government...once you get to a certain point. They either come looking for you..or you them .. if you're paying off the Government... Then your Also a Finger.. no way around it

  6. Both Valencias, son parientes. Kissing cousins. A la prima se le arrima relationship. Lol, they're children are connected come out wonky eyed.

  7. Great article Hearst, really well put together, with a nice flow of information. 5 Gold stars for you⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐!
    Side note; obviously Manual 'N' was pretty well roughed up and divulged quite a few names and locations when the beating became too much. He revealed a surprising amount of Intel to warrant this amount of raids, and verified suspicions on Mangos daughter and beau. Manuel's days are definitely numbered with that breach of trust/info. Farewell Manny

    1. Shelly
      You only pop in once in a Blue moon. Thanks for showing interest.

    2. Coomon da Shelly
      Don't be a once a month commentader.
      Come more often.

    3. Yes Shelly Anderson you need to come by more often, just don't go to TJ, you can get kidnapped easily, even in broad daylight.

  8. Still pansies for the bosses. Canon fodder, ect.

  9. Mencho ratted on them so they stop looking for his daughter guaranteed


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