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Friday, December 24, 2021

Mexico City: Héctor Rodolfo Rodríguez Morales aka La Gorda Assassinated

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Video translation is as follows:

Héctor Rodolfo Rodríguez Morales aka "El Gordo" Or "La Gorda" Or "La Señora", leader of the criminal group “Los Rodolfos” was executed the afternoon of this Thursday on the streets of the Tlalpan neighborhood.

According to journalist Antonio Nieto, security expert in safety and author of the book "El Cartel Chilango". A subject nicknamed "El Cumbayo" also died, he was the principal collaborator of "El Gordo". Both were shot aboard a white Ford Mustang.

According to journalist Carlos Jiménez in the vehicle also traveled the ex-wife of "El Rodolfo", identified as Jessica Mendoza and another woman named Lourdes, both were unharmed. They had gone to a shopping center to buy Christmas gifts after eating at a restaurant.

The events occurred on the Eje Vial 2 Oriente, Canal de Miramontes in the Villa Coapa neighborhood. Presumably two subjects aboard a motorcycle approached the car when it was in motion. And fired against them at least eleven times.

Another car could also have been involved in crime. Forensic experts came to the crime scene to perform the corresponding proceedings and raise the corpses.

Journalist Carlos Jiménez reported that an ex convict identified as Marco Castillegos had argued with the police who were protecting the corpse of “El Rodolfo”. He threw a rock at an officer and injured him. 

He claimed he had previously been imprisoned for homicide. And today he was arrested once again. "El Rodolfo" left prison about two weeks ago after spending a year imprisoned. This due to being apprehended by capital authorities in possession of drugs and weapons.

He was currently being investigated for his alleged participation in ten homicides. He had paid fifty eight thousand pesos and was released. "Los Rodolfos" is one of the most violent criminal organizations in the south of Mexico City.

It emerged in Xochimilco but thus expanded to Tlalpan, Coyoacán, Milpa Alta, and Iztapalapa. Where they engage in narco trafficking, extortion, homicides, and kidnappings. Currently, its members are in dispute for territories with the organization La Union Tepito.

Carlos Jiménez

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