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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Leader of Los Billys, El Billy Executed In Nuevo León

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat

Saúl Salinas González, alias “El Billy”, was found executed in Santa Catarina, Nuevo León. He was the alleged leader of “Los Billys”, a regional organized crime group.

In the early morning hours of December 27, 2021, El Billy was driving his white a 2019 or newer Volkswagen Jetta GLI sedan on 16 Oriente Street in the Adolfo López Mateos neighborhood of Santa Catarina, which is a city, in the state of Nuevo León. Santa Catarina is part of the greater Monterrey metropolitan area, located to the south of central Monterrey. 

When El Billy’s vehicle reached the intersection of Paseo Arbolado Oriente, at approximately 12:30 am, armed men in another vehicle opened fire on him. 

According to police officers that spoke to El Norte newspaper, the gunmen in the other car followed El Billy’s vehicle for several blocks, still firing, as he tried to drive away from his attackers. Billy’s vehicle eventually came to a stop and the armed men’s vehicle sped off in an unknown direction. 

El Billy was left with serious gunshot wounds, one of which was in his thorax region. A person tried to help El Billy, loading him into their black Honda CR-V SUV and driving him to receive emergency medical aid before police officers arrived on scene, according to an article by El Porvenir

He was driven to the IMSS Clinic 7 in nearby San Pedro Garza García, which is another section of the greater metropolitan Monterrey area. Upon his arrival to the clinic, however, El Billy was found to no longer be displaying vital signs. The body was found to have at least one gunshot wound to the thorax.

Whether the person who drove El Billy to the clinic was known (such as a fellow cartel member) or unknown to him is unreported. Later, investigators from the state Attorney General’s Office examined his remains, identified him as Saúl Salinas González, and seized his abandoned vehicle. 

El Billy’s vehicle was said to have Nuevo Leon state license plates and no vehicle theft reports associated with it. The vehicle of the deceased had gunshot damage on the front side, at the height of the windshield, as well as gunshot damage on the driver's side door, along with bloodstains on the interior.

According to El Norte, an informant said that the deceased allegedly led a criminal group, which is known as "Los Billys", “Los Billis” or "Cártel Independiente de Billi", that operates in parts of San Pedro Garza García, Santa Catarina and Garcia, which are all different sections of the greater Monterrey area. 

They are believed to be involved in crimes like extortion of local businesses (called de piso, or “floor fee” collection) as well as the sale of stolen vehicles and vehicle parts. Los Billys is considered by authorities to be an independent group, and they are just one of eleven other independent groups thought recognized by law enforcement as operating in the Monterrey region.

During an interview with El Norte earlier this year, an informant  said "Of all the independent groups the one that has been mentioned the most is 'Los Billys,' which started out in the Colonia Burócratas Municipales.”

The informant added that Los Billy spread to Canteras (a part of San Pedro) then into Santa Catarina and they recently expanded into Garcia, leaving a string of cartel executions in their wake.  

The group became large and influential enough to be recognized in news sources in the last few months of 2019.

According to Valor Tamaulipeco, the Northeast Cartel (Cártel del Noreste, CDN) began a campaign in the Monterrey area in 2019, telling all the local criminal groups to ally with them and pay a percentage of their profits to CDN, or be eliminated. Many small groups did not take CDN up on their offer “due to the ruthless nature of the cartel and predatory practices that left little or no profit for those who worked with them.”

However, CDN’s threat was not an empty one and a violent wave of executions against small groups began, which led many of them to form alliances amongst themselves. Los Billys, for example, allied with a local criminal group who followed El Totoy, giving themselves more of a fighting chance against the forces of CDN. 

Saúl Salinas González, aliases “El Billy”, “El Tumbado” and “El Chaparro”, was 31 years old at the time of his death and originally from the state of Tamaulipas.

El Billy had previously been arrested, back in February 2020, alongside his alleged girlfriend, Ana Luisa Garcia Duque, while he was driving in the eastern part of Santa Catarina. At first, the two were said to have tried to resist arrest but they were eventually subdued. 

At the time of the arrest, the couple was driving a white BMW sedan with Morelos state license plates. Reporting on the arrest is unclear as to whether authorities were intending to capture El Billy or if he was unintentionally arrested and his identity only learned after the fact. Security at key points within Santa Catarina was reinforced for fear that cartel roadblocks and attempts to break out El Billy from custody would occur.

Authorities released both El Billy and Ana shortly after the raid, as they were unable to gather enough evidence at the time to charge them, according to Valor Tamaulipeco.

Update 12/30/2021: Revised El Billy's car model from a "2017 Dodge Vision" to a "2019 or newer Volkswagen Jetta GLI sedan", Special thanks to commenter Elver for the revision.

Sources: El Norte, Posta, Telediario, Zocalo, El Porvenir, Noventa Grados   


  1. Looks like nuevo leon is heating up!

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    2. Mr. Unkown
      Rubio the red panties guy wants to see you.

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  4. y el Babo que dice? Santa o no puto? arregla mi pedo guey.

  5. Thats crazy, didnt the Sinaloa MZ cats just give yjis guy a "shotout" while standing in front of a jeep dressed in SEMAR uniforms

    1. The organization that got a shoutout from the MZ hitmen was actually a different group, “Cartel Independiente de Nuevo León” and specifically "Rodo from Juarez".

      Strangely, years ago, there was a rift within Los Billys, and a prominent member named Rodolfo Hinojosa “El Rodo”, who was also a rapper from Low Barrio 1613, broke off and formed his own group.

      I am unsure if the rapper-El-Rodo is the same as the "Rodo from Juarez" that got a shout-out because the thing is rapper-El Rodo was allegedly killed in 2020. And that MZ shoutout video where they show support for “Rodo” was released in 2021.

      If anyone can help make sense of this for me, please comment.

    2. Soy de santa el rodó"Hinojosa" nunca trabajo para los billis el era z y despues formó su organización que le apodo "el cartel de la línea" y "rodó de Juárez está en el penal y cobra couta desde adentro.

  6. Hearst, interesting about the rumor that CDN leaves no profit for the group's forced to align with them.
    Would be great to look at all of the group's financials. Yes, I would read all 400 of them

    1. I heard a rumor Rambito wants to run for President of Mexico, he wants enpt Obrador empeached.

    2. Well I heard a rumour that cjng is losing many of it's members.

  7. Every time a sicario dies, a devil earns his pitchfork.

  8. Hearst the vehicle shown in the pictures is actually a 2019+ Volkswagen Jetta GLI. Not sure why they say its a 2017 Dodge Vision.

    1. Thanks for the tip.

      The 2017 Dodge Vision came from

      But it looks a Jetta. Will update. Thanks again.

    2. They should of googled an image of a 2017 dodge vision lol. At 1st i thought it was a jetta r-line but then i saw the rims, they are GLI rims that come on the 2019+ Jetta GLI package. And no problem Hearst.

    3. I'm curious as to why MX stories always seem to include make and model of vehicles, even when it has no relevance? I've noticed this before, any ideas?

    4. Elver please read the 2 paragraph, from top to bottom.
      Don't know what your on, but it does state Volkswagen Jetta newer.
      Hearst code 4 disregard.

    5. Right above the sources section I wrote about how I revised the story and which part I switched. :)

      Next time I'll put update info at the top to avoid this confusion.


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