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Friday, December 31, 2021

La Pila, San Luis Potosí: Armed Criminal Cell La Plaza Threatens Gulf And Alemanes Cartel

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

A new armed criminal cell has surfaced within the Mexican underworld. This unit of gunmen goes by the name of La Plaza. At this time it’s unknown who is leading this crew of enforcers. 

The bodies of two individuals, male and female, were found on Francisco I. Madero street.  Each corpse was bound hand and feet. 

Just as well several narco messages were left at the crime scene with threats of violence against the Gulf Cartel (CDG) and the Alemanes Cartel. 

Narco message reads as follows: 
This was my fate because I was selling drugs for “El Coco” and Luis Aleman. This will also be the fate of everyone who continues alongside them. The plaza already has an owner.

Narco message reads as follows:

This was my fate for selling drugs for “El Coco” We’re coming into the new year with everything we’ve got  Everything that smells in La Pila and it’s surroundings like the Golfos or the Alemanes cartel will be killed the fuck off like these two dumb asses that lie here dead. Sincerely, La Plaza


Policiaca San Luis


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