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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Juan R. Escudero, Guerrero: Pueblos Unidos Leaves A Narco Message For The Mayor

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

A group called "United Citizens", leaves a narco message for the mayor of John R. Escudero in Tierra Colorada, Guerrero.

It’s unknown at this time who leads this group and if it forms a part of the United Michoacános Cartel.

Narco message reads as follows:

This communiqué goes out to mayor Diana Carolina Costilla Villanueva of the municipality of Juan R. Escudero in Tierra Colorada. We’re giving you a three-day period so that Tierra Colorado doesn’t become a living hell. Mayor, don’t forget your position. Nor should you become the architecture for ccrime.

You need to remove the worthless scumbags who have put at risk the lives and peace of our citizens. A good example of this is our commander and fellow policeman Chori.

Let me now point out the names of the soon to be deceased: Cesar Santiago aka “El Primito” or “Chipiles”, Hugo César Santiago Mérales aka “El Hugo”, Daniel de Dios aka “XR”, and Alejandro Mauricio García aka “El Pierdita”. 

You assholes need to fall into formation. Don’t bring your children along with you, we don’t want innocent individuals dying here. 

Mayor, the peace of our citizens is in your hands. To everyone who has communication with Salvador Alanís, it’s in your best interest to avoid problems. Especially you Dulce González López who has an ongoing communication with Chava.

I hope that at the very least you’d show up with a thousand wretched dumb asses. But try leading that charge from the front the way real leaders lead. You’re only alive because you are a vile cowardly faggot who only sends out cannon fodder.  We all know you very well you little homo.

Therefore, don’t bother lying to yourself, much less the townspeople. You and the mayor know very well what you’ve done here. We have been delivered into the darkness and challenged. Sincerely, Pueblos Unidos



  1. Sol, we read about Pueblos Unidos in Michoacan,
    in the hundreds gathering to fight CJNG in Michoacan. Next day, CJNG and Pueblos Unidos went at it Tancitaro & Nuevo Parangaricutiro, Michoacan. So on and on, but you wonder if the threat in Tierra Colorado, off the Federal Toll Road from Aucapulco and Chilpancingo is spreading. This is Guerrero


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