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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Irapuato, Guanajuato: 5 Men Linked For Events That Happened At El Cantador Safe House

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Four men and a teenager were linked to criminal proceedings for their alleged participation in various crimes of events that occurred last Saturday in the El Cantador neighborhood.

As reported by the newspaper El Sol de Irapuato, everything originated after municipal elements had attended to a man who said he had been kidnapped in a home, the State Attorney General released more details of what happened which are the following.

A police deployment in search of a 42-year-old kidnapped man, and a subsequent investigation led Criminal Investigation agents to intervene in a home in the El Cantador neighborhood, in the city of Irapuato, where four men and one minor were captured in possession of war materials and drugs.

Among the detainees there is a teenager, weapons, drugs, motorcycles, tactical equipment, among other items, were seized

The detainees had in their possession 11 assault weapons, three motorcycles, magazines, tactical equipment, rounds, drugs, caltrops, incendiary grenades and communication equipment, among other items. 

The agents found in the war material, 22 pyrotechnic artifacts, plastic bags filled with different mixtures of gunpowder and chemicals, which they would hurl with mortar, they used them to signal or warn of police presence, it gave them the opportunity to flee when they carried out their criminal acts at night.


Under charges of kidnapping a 42-year-old man, who was rescued, the detainees were placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry. 30 year old Secundino Luis “N”, known as “El Diz”; Axel Eduardo "N"; alias “El Cacario”, 21 years old; Gabriel “N”, 25 years old and Luis Gustavo “N”, 18 years old, the latter from the state of Jalisco.

An adolescent who also participated in the events was placed at the disposal of the Agent of the Public Ministry of the Adolescent Unit.

In relation to the events, Criminal Investigation agents learned from SPM of the location of a handcuffed male, with tape over his mouth, who was kidnapped at a home on CTM street in the El Cantador neighborhood.

Upon his intervention, the victim told the agents that he lived in the Los Príncipes neighborhood and that on November 25 of this year, he arrived at a bar called "Pequeño Juan", in the downtown area, where he had met with a friend at 9:00 am.

At that site, a silver or gray vehicle arrived, from which armed men got out and went to him and forced him into the car, where they covered his face and took him for a time to a home where they beat him. And they told him that they belonged to a cartel, and that he had to work for them.

Subsequently, the hitmen moved the victim, always kept his face covered, until Saturday the 27th in the morning when he was released due to police intervention. He was transferred to receive medical attention.

The State Attorney General's Office was able to establish through evidence and traces located in the place that, in the same address where this man was held captive, another person could have been kidnapped.

The medical report carried out on the victim determined that he had first degree burns on his private parts, abrasions on his hands and ankles, contusions on his face and other injuries caused by torture.


In the warehouse of a farm, the hitmen hid numerous firearms and narcotics, among the seizure were the following items:

Three motorcycles, 11 .223 caliber long firearms, 24 magazines, 280 rounds, tactical boots and vests, ballistic helmets, 25 camouflage green shirts with a cap, gloves, balaclavas, belts, labels with different insignias on velcro with the name of criminal group, 35 caltrops, bags with green and dried grass apparently marijuana, 22 black incendiary grenades with wick. With the approximate diameter of six centimeters, cleaning instruments, pallet wrap rolls and gray tape.

In a detention control hearing, a Judge of Guarantees qualified as legal the detention and retention of the detainees Secundino Luis “N”, Axel Eduardo “N”, Gabriel “N” and Luís “N”. And in a subsequent hearing they were charged by the Public Ministry for the crimes of disappearance committed by individuals, provided for and sanctioned by article 34 of the General Law on Forced Disappearance of Persons, Disappearance Committed by Individuals and the National System for the Search of Persons, in relation to articles 9 and 13 Section III, of the Federal Criminal Code.

For the crime of injuries, established and sanctioned in the Criminal Code for the State of Guanajuato and Against Health in the modality of Simple Possession of Narcotics; collection and carrying of firearms, established in the Federal Penal Code.

The State Attorney General's Office confirmed the alleged responsibility of the accused and the Judge authorized the opening of a formalized investigation for a period of three months and imposed preventive detention as a precautionary measure for the entire duration of the process

El Sol de Irapuato


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