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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Fresnillo, Zacatecas: Authorities Discover And Destroy A Crime Camp

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The Metropol discovered and destroyed a surveillance point in the Estación San Jose.

The Secretariat of Public Safety (SSP), through the Metropolitan Police (Metropol), located and destroyed a camp used by a crime group in the municipality of Fresnillo.

This is given in compliance with the commitment from Members of the State Peace Construction and Safety Bureau to work in giving tranquility and peace to Zacatecan households.

The police elements made a surveillance and containment of the crime on a dirt road, located near state road 60, in the Estación San José, when they detected a site that, due to its characteristics and findings, corresponds to a camp that served as a surveillance point, used by a criminal group.

This site was deserted, at the arrival of the police elements, the subjects who inhabited it, had fled.

In the place, food, kitchen utensils, clothing and various items of personal use were located, they were destroyed to avoid reuse.

With actions like this, members of the State Peacebuilding and Safety Bureau endorsed their commitment to continue coordinated actions with federal forces, in conjunction with the National Security Strategy to recover the tranquility of Zacatecan families.

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  1. Wow, so they took some dirty blankets..... How are the criminals going to roll up the bodies without blankets.

    1. venice beach,Rose avenue.big deal a look out point move 100 yardz east.mexico becoming irrelevant as i sit here with NO D.ALL FENTANYL.ONE WEEK TO CLEAN SELF.OHHH THE PAIN THATS COMING.IM CAUSING SHIT IN MEXICO.THE JOY IS GONE

  2. State police cleaning up the State for CJNG. Theyare accused of selling the plaza to cjng

  3. Coyotes - bring immigrants to the border, those are criminal camps, maybe this one of those, by the tarps, etc. Hear $20,000 from Guatemala to US is going rate. A lot of these people are just dropped over the line and no one is there sometimes. Cartels + Greed = $, anything for that

    1. Where could they ever get $20,000 (usd I assume) in the first place? It like 10 years of wages, if that, in Honduras or other Central American countries. And that is per person?

  4. No ammo, no guns, no dead bodies, no bullet shells on ground. Not a traing camp, temporary stay over for migrants.

  5. Agree, 30 people x $20K = $600K - $100K expenses? 1/2 million net profit, no taxes taken out. In the states, that is price gouging

  6. Yeah but with that 20000 usd you also get a free t-shirt a button and a certificate stating you symbolically adopted a polar bear . That alone is worth the 20k in my book .

  7. Looks like the parks in downtown Seattle or San Francisco.


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