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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Fent/Meth Production out of Control/Mexico

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Mexico sees seizures of meth, fentanyl soar since 2019
By FABIOLA SÁNCHEZ December 20, 2021

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexican drug cartels are turning to bigger, more productive labs to churn out increasing quantities of synthetic drugs like meth and fentanyl, according to seizure figures issued Monday by the country’s Defense Department.

The defense secretary, Gen. Luis Cresencio Sandoval, acknowledged there has been a huge shift by Mexican cartels away from naturally grown drugs like opium and marijuana, where seizures and crop eradication has fallen.

But he said seizures of the synthetic opioid fentanyl soared 525% in the first three years of the current administration, which took office Dec. 1, 2018, compared to the previous three years. Law enforcement seized 1,232 pounds (559 kilograms) of fentanyl in 2016-2018 and 7,710 pounds (3,497 kilograms) in 2019-2021.

Part of that increase was due to increased overall use of fentanyl, which Mexican cartels import from China and then press into pills or mix into other drugs.

“There was a change in consumption, there was a change in drug markets due to the ease of producing synthetic drugs,” Sandoval said. For example, cartels no longer have to pay farmers to grow opium poppies and painstakingly collect the opium past that oozes from the bulbs.

The change was reflected in a drop of more than 50% in the amount of opium poppy fields destroyed in the last three years. And with legalization of pot in many U.S. states, eradication of marijuana fields in Mexico also dropped by about half.

Seizures of methamphetamines, meanwhile, more than doubled. Meth seizures rose from 120,100 pounds (54,521 kilograms) in 2016-2018 to almost 275,000 pounds (124,735 kilograms) in the last three years, an increase of 128%.

Mexican cartels are increasingly turning to huge, industrial-scale labs to churn out synthetic drugs.

Sandoval said the number of drug labs raided fell from 287 in 2016-2018 to 203 over the last three years. But those that were detected were bigger, he added.

“The laboratories that have been discovered or seized in this administration have had larger capacities, which has allowed us to seize a larger quantity of methamphetamine products,” Sandoval said.

Mexico’s synthetic drug boom was illustrated last week when a trucker from Mexico was arrested after trying to smuggle record-breaking amounts of meth and fentanyl into the U.S.

More than 17,500 pounds (7,930 kilograms) of meth and 389 pounds (176 kilograms) of fentanyl were discovered Thursday hidden inside a tractor-trailer at the Otay Mesa border crossing in San Diego, according to a statement from the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

The seizures were the largest of either drug in the U.S. for both 2020 and 2021, the statement said.

Sandoval touted the increased seizures in Mexico as a sign of the government’s success.

But Mexican security analyst Alejandro Hope noted that “an increase in seizures can be a very bad sign.”

“It could be because of a greater effort, or it could be because there is a greater volume” of illegal drugs being produced, he said.

Hope said that external indicators — like the record bust last week at Otay Mesa — suggest Mexican authorities “haven’t affected the flow in the least.”

Mexican cartels press fentanyl into counterfeit oxycodone and other pills, which often contain lethal amounts of the synthetic opioid. That has caused about 64,000 overdose deaths in the United States over the last year.

Anne Milgram, the head of the Drug Enforcement Administration, told CBS’s “Face the Nation” that “the cartels are mass producing these pills in Mexico, mostly, and they’re making them look like they’re real oxycodone, like they’re real hydrocodone, Percocet, Adderall, and then they’re bringing them flooding into the United States and falsely advertise them, marketing them as though they were real pharmaceuticals.”



  1. Luis Crensencio Sandoval, Secretario de La Defensa Nacional aka Leader of SEDENA. The current Capo de Capos or Jefe de Jefes in Mexico. Just like the infamous Calderoni commandante de la PJF, used his position in the govt forces to make and unmake Capos of all levels. You did not operate without his consent. Yhe mexican military has done nothing but grown in power especially when Felipe Calderon Honojosa declared "war" on the mexican cartels. Turned out he declared war on CDS enemies in reality but during this time the mexican military began its growth in power.
    In my humble opinion i really believe the mexican military is the powerhouse behind the cartels ability to grow like wilfire specifcally CJNG. Its not longer the Money men like the Rohn family, de Gatori Family or other families at the top of tje food chain
    I read a few articled awhile back explaining this transition of power and it was honestly a wonderful read. Went real in depth on the topic, didnt hold back specific names/people both military, politicians and moneymen . Basically was saying the military began to control the drug trade in majority because they felt they were being robbed of the riches they deserved, the control they should have, the power to govern what goes on in the country and the underworld. Just look at Cienfuegos and hoe rhe fuck was he able to get AMLO to pull the juice card to have him not only handed over but fucking RELEASED from custody in full🤔

    1. Yes it's also a strategic way to damage the united states' from the inside. Mexico has Chinese influence so I would not doubt if they are in cahoots with china.

    2. You might be right. Judging by AMLO's character, I believe Cienfuegos was let go for several reasons. 1, there was not enough solid evidence to prosecute the General. AMLO made those records public to show the U.S that they fucked up. 2. AMLO is anti USA and the Cienfuegos "blunder" was just another reason to get the DEA out of Mexico. 3. I believe it may have been a show of force for "fast and the furious". A type of "you owe us one". If Eric Holder could be let go for introducing illegal equipment (firearms) into Mexico then Cienfuegos should be granted the same leniency for introducing illegal substances into the U.S. just my opinion.

    3. 9:10 DEA had lots of evidence on him, otherwise they would have never arrested him at the US airport. Mexician government got pissed they were not pre informed, that he was going to be arrested. (Of course they wanted to tip him off, had US pre informed. Nevertheless under pressure from the government of Mexico, he was released to face trail, but after a week in Mexico he was released, talk about Curupt Mexico. It takes more than a week to check out loads of evidence. It was noticable that Obrador was being a puppet.

    4. Matter of fact DEA had circumstancial evidence on him. There is a huge difference between real evidence like hearsay, which does not and cannot fly in court and actual testimony that can be used in court. Trust me i learned that first hand during my trial. Its what saved me from getting 150+ years to life and allowed me to get 23 years so i can come home one day.
      If you pay attention to the evidence thereare no phone calls or messages where Cienfuegos actually speaks. They make it seem like it's him because his Clave is being used. The capos spoke between themselves reffering to a "Godfather" aka Cienfuegos and close circle of his also mentioned it but he himself was not on any phone calls and or text messages i believe. And even if so How can they prove he was in fact the one who sent that message if the phone was a burner phone? Technically the defense could argur the phone was not linked to anyone and was a throw away phone in criminal terminology. They could argue someone posed as him in order to reap the benefits. They could argue tjey have no phone calls from that number to prove it is in fact him
      Again i could be wromg but frm what i read all of the "evidence" seems circumstantial and you have a lot to learn if you brlieve the USA woulf noy arrest someone with no evidence. They do it time and time again. They do it to disrupt people. To scare peopl into giving the final piece by flipping people, they fsbricate stuff all the time. The USA plays super foul.
      They literally fabricated police reports and statements for ppl who did not rven exist on my case because the idiots i Shot and their friends were sll hogh and admitted to being high therefore incredible. They attempted to scare me into giving more DNA, they attemtped to scare me. They even called my GF and asked where i kept my guns and my drugs and what houses i used as stash houses and when she refused to cooperate they told her that she should know that during my arrest i was leaving my other GF house to whom i proposed to and had pregnant and considered my main GF which was literally 100% lies but they just wanted to piss her off so she would change her mind and be like you knoe what nvm fuck that guy heres what i know. Lu kily she was smart enough not to fall for it

      Noe just imagine what kind of grimey shit they do with big fish, drug lords and mexican 4 star highest ranking in all mex army fucking general.. yeah theyll arrest anyone for anything esepecialy if it helps or messes with their dirty war

    5. Sosa, if you happen to recall read can you send to Sol? He can send on to me, or just post it. Thx

    6. @SOSAP7G just to add to your comment on how shady the U.S is, a few months back AMLO told one of the reporters at his daily briefings that his government had proof that the U.S government was funding that reporters news company to write negative articles against him. AMLO went on to say that he had brought this up with the Biden administration and that he had yet to receive a response from them. He continued to say that how would his administration be perceived if they were involved in paying the Washington post or the Wall Street journal to write negative articles against President Biden... anyway, I've been trying for the last couple of days to find that video of the mañanera but it's almost impossible to look through 2-3 months of AMLO's 2hour long videos. It was brief, maybe 5 minutes of that 2 hour long speech. Its out there though, and if in fact what AMLO is saying is true, then we can only imagine what alterior motives the U.S has with this supposed war on drugs.

  2. SOSAP7G : hear you, please give me your read. Regarding Cienfuegos, trying to post something today, but have requested help, bear with me.

  3. It just sickens me just to watch the face of that DORK AMLO..
    Peace of shit sell out!

    1. Unknown would you believe the enpt president, had said he will retire in 2024 and will be writing a book. I was laughing like there was no tommorow.
      What accomplishments has he done NADA. He is for the Marcos, while many of it's innocent citizens get killed, homes taken away. The title of the book should be..."How lazy I was when in office".

    2. Lol. 2:03, 2:11 and 2:43 are all the same person. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    3. You it wrong Menso 203 don't match up with the other two.
      What a fool, you think you can outsmart the fox.😐

    4. 811 what they have common is that they can see, how useless the Mexician president, is towards criminals, he is letting Cjng, take over many states with no resistance whatsoever

    5. @645 uh dur dur dur. Duh dur dur dur. How about you learn how to write mongolito.

    6. @8:11 @1:38
      Nuthugger Alert .
      Top of the day to
      You Ma'am .
      EABofD !!!

    7. 1141 Oh hey, good to see you back Blamewhitey.

  4. PARRO
    look at these articles . A few good ones . Later when i come in from dayroom il try to find you the other ones ok.
    Chrck those out for now

    Also just as a clear example. Luis cresencio Sandoval leader of SEDENA and mexicos defense is politicking/engaging in a clear political agenda which is 100% mexicos constitution. Look it up. No level of mexican military is allowed to engage or push a political agenda and doing so he is breaking the law and his oath as a soldier. Its aginst their military code as well . A solider is to follow orders and focus on the defense of the country from first internal and then external threats, defense of civilians and loyalty to la patria and his military family. Politicking is not something that is taught in militaryschol because it does not pertain to them. Some Mexican politician mentionedcthatcon twitter not to long ago after i asked him how that worked anf he gave clear examples of Cresencio sandoval politicking and enagining in mexican state affairs when he shouldnt be it was kinda interesting a a real eye opener because its very clear in the MX constitution that they cannot do that.
    Notice how more and morr you see the armed forces involved as matter of fact, if you notice, Cresencio sandoval, Rafael ojeda duran (SEMAR) are literally ALWAYS with the Mexican President and maybe 90% of the time they are giving military updates or the military is invloved and in charge in thdaily news releases the president gives. When they travel to other states its almostalways to talk about ilitary involvement and hoe they are going to add more cuarteles and send morr troops, more money is being spent on military every year, they keep recieving more and more power

    1. SOSAP7G - great read from the Post. Cienfuegos being arrested, returned to Mexico, and released almost immediately, due to the uproar of the military generals . . . you get where their paychecks and Christmas bonuses come from, thanks for the read

  5. Mexican exports: Drugs, illegal alien leaches, Beer and tequila.

    1. Queso where have you been hiding?
      Rubio the Puerto Rican, says wear a condom practice safe sex.

    2. Sounds like everything Americans love. Drugs, Cheep Labor, Coronas and Cabo Wabo tequila.

    3. @2:06

      Been busy with the “legal” hustle, Christmas parties and more.

  6. Cienfuegos will mess up again he'll be in USA custody sooner or later Lopez will not be president forever look at Garcia in new York ? Calderon s pal

  7. Cienfuegos reminds me of El negro Durazzo he must be related to the other Durazzo in Lopez obrador s cabinet.

    1. You know Durazno of Almo cabinet in a clown.vwhen he used to make speeches, they were more to protect the Cartels,than it citizens.

  8. les tenemos que reventar este pedo por puro show paque veya Jesus el Dios la sima que tri mas poderosa a Su lado. esa bolla de bueyes no los miraron pero el que cuenta trier en la mirada los da el poder hoy. que esto y esto y que mas pedo decin. trigan hoy la palabra que hoyen como veneno. unas arrimadas de puro business sige. bring the most for'em and savage.

  9. les tenemos que reventar este pedo por puro show paque veya Jesus el Dios la sima que tri mas poderosa a Su lado. esa bolla de bueyes no los miraron pero el que cuenta trier en la mirada los da el poder hoy. que esto y esto y que mas pedo decin. trigan hoy la palabra que hoyen como veneno. unas arrimadas de puro business sige. bring the most for'em and savage.


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