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Saturday, December 18, 2021

Cuerámaro, Guanajuato: Armed Attack Leaves Four Dead And Two Wounded

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The victims were living together in a home

Four people killed and two more injured was the result of an armed attack that occurred in the El Tigre neighborhood, during the first hours of this Saturday.

According to the State Attorney General's Office, the events took place around 2:20, between 20 de Noviembre and José Camacho streets.

The victims were gathered together in a home with music and food, they never imagined what would happen moments later.

Suddenly, at least four armed men on two motorcycles arrived at the scene, entered the site and shouted at everyone present.

Some managed to run out of the building, several were hit by the gunfire and were lying on the ground, neighbors began to make calls asking for the ambulance to arrive quickly.

When the paramedics arrived, two men were still alive, they were stabilized and transferred to different clinics in the municipality, they were reported in poor health.

Four people were declared dead at the scene, their identities have not been released so far.

Several clues were collected at the crime scene, among them dozens of shell casings. 


The mayor of Cuerámaro, Mauricio Arce Canchola published a message on his social networks sending condolences to the families of the victims. And calling on the authorities at other levels to speed up the investigation in order to bring those responsible for the incident to justice. He himself said the following.

“I deeply regret the acts of violence that occurred in our municipality, I send my condolences to the families who lost a loved one in this unfortunate event.

"The State Prosecutor's Office already knows the event, and the investigation is already working to clarify these unfortunate events. I call on the federal and state governments to jointly attend and generate actions for the peace and tranquility of Cuerámaro ”.

El Sol del Bajío


  1. Weren't los Mata Ancianos suppose to bring peace and tranquility once they got rid of Marro? That's why nobody likes Michoachangos. Pinche gente cagada y corriente. Go back Michoacan and fix your shitty state.

  2. 9:16 The Mayor of Cueramaro could flood his city with checkpoints, matter of fack every city in mehico known for high levels of crime should have that, but then the politicos and their polizetas and the milicos would not be getting any money from their sponsored criminals.
    Fact is the people need to take police work on their own hands and do it as community service like Mao's Red Guards, those made China one powerful rich country that owns about 30 or 40 trillion dollars worth of US debt and has no crime (or mexicans thanks to their Chinese Wall, according to Michele Bachmann, former Republican US congresswoman and presidential candidate)

    1. Stfu and get your commie ass to china then

    2. Pinches commies, probably would be one of the millions of innocent people emperor mao killed to get in power. Pobre pendejos, they only talk about what they hear but don’t read the history.

    3. SIR, Mexico's political reform is a slow process. We both know 40+ years of corruption isn't going away in one year, 3 years, 6 years or 6 administrative terms. Vamos pa largo y puro para delante. As long as there is a solid foundation Mexico should be on the right path. 🤞🏼🖖🏽

    4. Sir you're a moron comparing China to Mexico.

    5. Once again the ambassador of Smarm sashays in and spews fourth a wonderful fountain of diarreaha from its pathetic little mind and mouth all over the comment section . I wouldnt have expected anything else from this effeminate little conspiracy monkey with know it all sensibilities and charming personality . This pos would pare nicely with the amlo nut hugger lady .There should be a BB comment awards ceremony every year where readers can cast ballots and declare winners for various achievements and recieve a trophy and a coupon for a buy one get one meal at one of Whiteys rape taco shops around the south land .

    6. 10:26 I non nominate that ALMO nuthugger to get the award. He will belittle anyone that disagrees with his chorizo loving man.

    7. Poor Sol and Hearst would have to rent out a Holiday Inn convention room for the Borderland Beat commenters awards show. Could all of our egos and alter egos fit in one room?

    8. I choose Whitey E Coyote
      He makes the best raping tacos in town. But if he does attend, please check him for weapons, he is forbidden to have any. He has a screw off his head.

    9. Good thing we don’t have those awards.
      I would give my “favorite commenter of the year” award to Sicario006, after a little introduction about the power of satire and his ability to act as a kind of litmus test which “outs” every cartel cheerleader who tries to argue against his parody claims about CDS.

      And I think a lot of people would be mad at me for my choice. But I offer no apologies, he’s my favorite.

      He embodies the dark, bizarre, kooky and yet lovable spirit of this site, to me.

    10. There was a time...
      would compete at getting out the most articles.
      At the ceremony who will win the top dog award?
      Will Sol be going in a Tuxedo?

    11. We never competed like that. You know why? Because Sol is a machine, he'd sweep the floor with us.

      He consistently churns out more articles than anybody else and this site could not run without him.

    12. 4:07 Great
      Dr. Sol sounds like he will be getting the Top Dog award,
      Getting many articles out for us to read. Without BB, we would not know much about, what goes in Mexico.

  3. I will nominate Carlos, after saying and outlandish remark. He had said that the Borders were open, because the Border Patrol is busy changing diapers of migrants.

  4. Hope Edgar Alvarado goes so he can play mirachi music.


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