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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Colombia - 145.3 Tons Of Cocaine Seized By Global Coalition

The following is the direct text of a Reuters articleReporting by Luis Jaime Acosta; writing by Oliver Griffin; editing by Dan Grebler.

BOGOTA, Nov 29 (Reuters) - Military and police authorities from more than 40 countries across Europe and the Americas confiscated 145.3 tons of cocaine in the eighth phase of Operation Orion, a multinational naval operation against drug trafficking, Colombia's navy said on Monday.

The figure represents the highest amount of cocaine seized during the operation so far.

Some 575 people of different nationalities were captured during the campaign, which ran between October and November, Colombia's navy said, adding that 49 vessels were immobilized, as well as six submarines and three planes. The operation also confiscated 66 tons of marijuana.

Cocaine packages are seen after the seizure of a semi submersible sea vessel loaded with cocaine hydrochloride in Tumaco, Colombia November 4, 2021. Image courtesy of Colombian Navy.

Since Operation Orion was launched in 2018, the combined effort has seized more than 545 tons of cocaine and 224 tons of marijuana, according to Colombia's navy.

Despite decades of fighting drug trafficking, Colombia remains a top global producer of cocaine and faces constant pressure from the United States to reduce coca crops, the drug's main ingredient, as well as production of cocaine.

Last year, Colombia's cocaine production capacity rose 7.9% to 1,010 tons, according to the U.S. White House Office of National Drug Control Policy.

Aside from the ELN, ex-members of the demobilized FARC guerrillas who reject a 2016 peace deal are involved in drug trafficking, as well as criminal gangs, according to security sources.

Argentina, Belize, France and Suriname, among others, took part in the eighth phase of Operation Orion.

Source: Reuters


  1. Excellent 👍 catch. It will be great to see fresh faces in prison.
    The whole world offers addicts drugs.

  2. Que son cien quarenta y algo de toneladas!? Es como una mosque que picka de rascada y es scab. Una yerba que nomas aque pisar. Onde no se crese mas solamente aqui. En tres paises. Bolivia, Peru, y Colombia. Facil la cosecha que quere todo el mundo. Es distrito British Columbia compa. Y nada mas plebe. Y nada mas. En una loqera a Savage took the whole world. Columbia can be communist and all that, but know freedom in democratic capitalism brought it to its throne. La corona asete le puso su piso. Pero el Rey de los Judios le dio todo. Nomas ah uno. Y no va ver otro. Ja se eso. Un peso perdido es lo minimo. En las Americas todo esta ganado. You didn't expect to find what you found but it's here and a savage had to find it for you what you so longed for. FREEDOM

    1. Today once the sun comes out, I plan to paint, the front of the house, light Blue. First the tarping goes up to avoid spills on floor.

  3. You mean to tell me that all 140+ tons of narcotics is gonna get destroyed?

    1. Yes because it's illegal contraband, and some of it is deathly.

  4. Cleaning the competitionfrom for the big fish..

    I doubt that cocaine will be destroyed, government from all over the world have thier distributers in place..
    War on drugs is just a big show
    The sad part is everyone believes it lol

  5. When are they gonna go against the Chinese triads sending all the meth and fentanyl chemicals

    1. Never, they will never admit its china. They are better off blaming mexicans.
      There is a guy from china that got caught recently in canada that they call the bill gates of drug trafficking but its n9t mainstream

    2. The precursor chemicals go to Mexico, not USA.

    3. India is now getting in on the fent pre-curser action as well. I've heard it's not unheard of to receive smaller amounts from German labs as well.

    4. Hey Unknown, I am interested. You are talking about Tse Chi Lop, right? The guy covered by MX in this story:

      Is there any recent news about Tse Chi Lop that you would like us to cover? Any good articles you can recommend?

    5. its not any recent news but its a good article I feel you will enjoy the read.


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