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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

CJNG Deal Failed With CAF in Baja California

"Shelly Marsh" for Borderland Beat 

This is an article that was written by Luis Chapparo a couple of weeks back. Some may find it interesting, albeit a bit late to post.

I will be writing original work soon, but research and credit about my topics will take some time. Please let me know if there are any topics of particular interest. Thank you. 

Recently CJNG [Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación] has been putting up threats and attacks against Baja California authorities and Cartel de Sinaloa for allegedly breaking a deal to work against CJNG.

Local media has reported these allegations are working in benefit of new officials amidst state elections, which is highly unlikely, but it could point out to a loose of power by CJNG.

After a deal failed between CJNG and Arellano Felix’s organization (Cartel Tijuana Nueva Generacion), ‘El Mencho’s’ organization weakened and new smaller groups allied to Cartel de Sinaloa are starting to take advantage.

This will endanger: Tijuana, Playas de Rosarito and Tecate.

Main violence generators on this conflict:

Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación

Los Zambada (CDS)

Los Arzate

Los Rusos

Los Guzmán (CDS)

Los Ninis

Cártel de los Arellano Félix

Cártel de Ensenada

Source: Luis Chaparro for Substack

Image by HEARST


  1. Tijuana is nothing but chapulines

    1. All CJNG are chapulines , or ya don’t know their history ?

    2. You act like you never switched jobs 8:44

  2. Its weird how ppl think cjng beef it with CAF. Its alot deeper than that
    The family is still with CJNG. If you aint knowing go to tijuana and stick your nose about some places
    the most powerful of the Cabos (they dont to by that name) are are still with cjng, edinas nephew is still with cjng. What happened was after the ctng alliance alot of lower level players flipped. Now its back to 2 orginazations working together isntead of 1 orginazation
    The family STILL rules in baja, and always will. That family is deeply rooted in Tijuana and that corridor will alway belong to them
    Now the confusing part about CAF is there is multiple ppl qho claim Caf but the real CAF is Edina and her nephew a nephew not well known whos been ruling from the shadows for years

  3. And for those who think Gallero is dead its Bs, Gallero wasnt killed or disappeared. Dude faked his kidnapping and hes still around living in Jalisco.
    Dude was to dog directly connected to Menchito and had a personally relationship with Mencho. Mencho is his kids godfather

    1. Sosa,

      If you've got any details/proof on Gallero being alive, please inbox me.

    2. Its because im a liar bro, complete liar

    3. I do wish. Hence me asking.

      I'm simple like that. Lol

  4. Anything AFO is always intriguing.

  5. Let all the scumbags kill each other! Adios cockroaches 💩


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