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Thursday, December 30, 2021

Cerritos, San Luis Potosí: State Police Dismantles A Local Crime Group

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Video translation is as follows:

A Special Forces group from the San Luis Potosí State Police dismantled this Thursday afternoon an organized crime gang situated in the municipality of Cerritos.

It was considered by the authorities as a priority objective for being generators of violence in the region. Witnesses stated that the special forces group closed in on a home at the Progreso community.

Its inhabitants opened fire against the police. Which initiated a shootout that led to a chase against armed civilians. Once the culprits realized that they were heavily outnumbered they surrendered to the public safety agents.

After the confrontation, vehicles, weapons, tactical equipment, and drugs were seized. At this moment the actual number of confiscated objects has not been revealed by the Secretariat of Public Safety.

Neither has the official number been released of members apprehended from the criminal gang. This is the second operation performed during this month by the Special Forces group. 

This following the armed confrontation that took place on December the 8th which left a balance of 5 deceased individuals. Among them a special agent from the Sate Police.

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  1. If this is the actual video from that operation. Then the Punisher Velcro patch at 9 seconds into this broadcast should give us a good idea of who was taken down. Looks like Cartel del Noreste.

    1. CDS, CJNG, even CDG members use thos stupid punisher patches not all but some. Many videos on instagram of these dumb sicarios showing those off. i lean more towards CJNG if anything due to Cerritos is cjng territory, Also that confrontation(dec 8) was CJNG vs Police. Theres a picture of a wooden paddle engraved with CJNG on it they found in the back of the suv that was involved in that confrontation and news sources also stating it was cjng.

  2. Mencho and MZ just made a pact of non violence thru the 7th.

    1. Big Jahosafit

      For reals man,. I too just made a Pact with Topac Suguar, that I will lose weight in 2022.

    2. I just made a pact with my girlfriend no hookers until jan 02


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