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Thursday, December 2, 2021

$5 Million US Reward Announced for Stepson of El Mencho, Juan Carlos Valencia González

"Socalj" for Borderland Beat

Juan Carlos Valencia González is accused by the State Department of conspiring to distribute illegal substances in the United States and of using firearms during a narcotics transaction. It is alleged that he could be the future successor of Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes "El Mencho" leader of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG).

Through a statement presented by the State Department, the United States government announced that they will grant up to $5 million to anyone who provides information that leads to the capture or conviction of Valencia González.

The legitimate children of Nemesio Oseguera who are in the records of the Mexican authorities are Jessica Johanna and Rubén Oseguera "El Menchito", who was supposed to be his father's successor, until his capture in 2014 and his subsequent extradition to the United States.

According to sources close to the CJNG, Juan Carlos Valencia González, alias "El JP" or "El 3" would be the favorite of "El Mencho" to take his place in command of the criminal organization he runs.

The unrecognized children according to the Mexican government are Laisha Oseguera González, who is being investigated by the authorities, and presumably Juan Carlos Valencia González, whose mother Rosalinda González Valencia is married to Nemesio Oseguera.

According to other sources, "El JP" would actually be the son of Armando Valencia Cornelio, alias "El Juanito" or "El Maradona, who had a relationship with Rosalinda González, so the criminal would be the stepson of "El Mencho," a version which is supported by the US government.

"El JP" is identified by Mexican authorities as the alleged perpetrator of the kidnapping of Jesús Alfredo and Iván Archivaldo, sons of Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán, an event that occurred on August 15, 2016 in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.

Likewise, he is suspected in the attack against the former Jalisco prosecutor Luis Carlos Nájera in 2018, as well as the session of the agents of the Special Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime Investigation (Seido), Alfonso Hernández Villavicencio, and Octavio Martínez Quiroz.

The criminal wanted in Mexico and the United States began his operations in the CJNG more than a decade ago when the organization was a dependent group of the Sinaloa Cartel known as "Los Matazetas" who defended the territory against rival criminal associations.

NAME: Juan Carlos Valencia González 
ALIASES: Pelon, El R-3, El JP, Tricky Tres, O3 
DOB: September 12, 1984 
POB: Sana Ana, California (United States) 
CITIZENSHIP: Mexican, United States 
HEIGHT: 5’9” 
WEIGHT: 170 lbs 


The defense and control of the Plaza de Michoacán against La Familia Michoacana would have been a key event for “El JP” since it created the elite groups: El RR and Grupo Delta, who also fought against the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel and Los Viagras: which caused him to gain the trust of "El Mencho", who allegedly would have named him his successor in the event of his death or capture.

On July 20, 2020, during a press conference hosted by Mexican President Lopez-Obrador, Secretary of Defense Luis Cresencio Sandoval Gonzalez provided an analysis of social media videos depicting the armed wing of the JCJNG, Grupo Elite. Sandoval described one of the leaders of Grupo Elite as Juan Carlos Gonzalez, alias “El R-3.”

According to the statement, this series of rewards "is part of the strategy that the US government has implemented to combat drug trafficking and transnational organized crime at a global level and specifically against the CJNG in Mexico, " the statement read.

The bounty program, in coordination with US intelligence agencies, has managed to capture 75 criminals and traffickers in the world since its creation in 1986 and has awarded 155 million dollars in remuneration for informants.

Sources: DOJInfobae


  1. This dude was born into this life
    He's el maradona's son i believe, if not at least a big capo from michoacan

    1. This guys days are numbered now. He officially has a big target in his head. Let's show up in the US. Plenty of people getting kidnapped here as well. Scoop his ass up

  2. " Mira bien, hijo de tu puta madre- Soy “Mencho”, wey. Relaja a tu puta gente a la verga, soy Mencho, rey. Relaja a toda tu partida, si no, te voy a partir tu madre a ti y a toda tu bola de perros. Te tengo identificados 20 weyes. Hasta a tus putos perros te voy a matar si no te relajas, wey. ¿Cómo ves?- "

    This is the guy that comes looking for you after the phone call.
    El JP ia a highly trained by an ex SAS coronel. With this specialized training he was able to create 2 special forces teams of Tier 1 operators for RR Grupo Delta and Grupo Elite

    He has been trained in urban warfare use of c2 explosives,HALO Jumps and has access to highly encrypted 7G networks his tactical military experience has allowed him to take a lot of plazas..

    1. I belive it. Cartels have their main people trained in other countries by professinal millitary people

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    3. 7:06 BLM are clown not worth discusing

    4. 8:08 i see you took time from your BUSY schedule to comment on something not worth discussing. Not very bright and you missed a s smart guy.

    5. Missed an s, not missed a s, smart guy.

    6. Comandante rambo 006 ready to fight against blm from his computer on a blog site with maybe 10 black people reading. fight the power

  3. Making a name for himself now. Too late to turn back time. It's all glorious now. Many forget of the costly consequences afterwards.

  4. This guy has been a heavy hitter and he’s been known for a while this is actually weird that now there’s a price for his head when his step pops just dropped down the list of most wanted kinda weird..Is the rooster man dead 🤔

    1. Mencho not his step dad! Mencho raised him and calls him dad!

    2. Es un hijo de varias leches el perru , arriba Michoacán y sus verdes cerruss

    3. Porque to llamen El mero Pedo?

    4. Cause when I deliver that milk to your mama le suelto un pedo en su cara

    5. Tambien le dicen el salsa brava porque está hecho de varios chiles .

  5. Does el 03 JP have more power than El Jardinero? Or even Menchito?

    1. Yeah El 03 has been in tje shadows since forever. Literally until Cholo from CNP made that famous video calling everyone out and if you pay attention the entire video was basically calling out El 03 on being a spoiled power hungry sob. Having killed important ppl for making the simple wrror of not calling him PATRON 3 or SENOR 3 and simple El 03.. thats just what Cholo said so who knows but where there is smoke theres fire so i believe this kid os just a crazy mofo

      Also for all the morons that swore el 03 was born while MENCHO was in prison and Rosalinda couldnt keep her legs closed lmao. I tried totel you. El 03 is 37 Jessica Johana is 34, Menchito is 31 ... ao relll me how does a 37 year old have a 31 older bro and how was he born after a 34 year old sister lol

      When rosalinda Mencho his 2 brothers and the 3 older cuinis (which the 3 cuinis were only little kids) moved to SF Rosalinda ALREADY had El 03 as a baby, she got with Mencho, they had Jessica Johana then Menchito then he went to prison, while in prison Cuini became of Age and ran operations. Mencho was deported and Cuini stayed in SD until HE then was busted, bailed out and went on the run and the rest is history

      So again tell me how does Mencho MARRY into power? Cuini was a lil boy when Mencho started his criminal career, Mencho was in TJ moving big weight when Cuini was in SD running it for him. Cuini wss nobody as was Mencho until they both grew in power. Then later through connections they maintained with Maradona, Lobo, Tigre and their half brother El 85 they all grew but the Valncias (not the cuinis) had the connects until Mencho and the other valencias the Cuinis slowly began taking over.YEAH Mencho married Rodalinda in Mexico but only about 12+ years later with 2 kids already almost in their teens.
      I said it before Mencho and Los Cuinis grew into power together. They are family. The only reason El 03 is considered El 03 and not El 02 is because hes Not Menchos blood son and even though hes his dad in everyway in an empire the FIRST born FULL blood is first in line to the throne. Nothing personal All biz andthings worked out cause now El 03 is the one in charge when Mencho is gone and he seems to be doing a good job of getting ppl used to El 03
      El 03 i beleve will have a semi smooth transition to power as he pretty much acts as Menchos Mouth and Ears. He does everything for him, you dont talk to Mencho you talk to El 03 except maybe a few ppl but even then seems liek El 03 handles everything for his dad Mencho

    2. I would say he does have more power he’s 03 for a reason maybe 3rd in line after menchito.Menchito has no power he’s in max prison waiting for trial he has no power right now until he gets out and decides if he wants back in.Jardinero is a regional boss has a lot of say but he was moving huge weight before CJNG days,That alliance just helped him gain a lot of muscle and in return mencho gets all his chemicals they the port of Colima,but jardinero has been a heavyweight for a while just in the shadows

    3. Hey Sosa,

      Since you mention the passing of power is defined primarily by being a full blood son, what do you think would happen if Menchito is still in prison when the "abdication of the throne" happens (regardless of whether that's Mencho dying, getting sick or retiring)?

      I imagine being in a US prison means Menchito would be disqualified, so what do you think would happen then? It seems like your current assumption is that El 03 will be the one to take over.

      What happens if Menchito returns after many years of being away? Has El 03 eclipsed Menchito's "right to the throne" already?

    4. Sosa u are right and wrong on some things! The only people that worked with Armando was the cuinis since that was his brother in law! Mencho hated Armando,mencho was back and forth to Michoacan and Guadalajara! Cuini wasn’t in San Diego working for mencho,cuini got caught up making meth in fresno and Central Valley! Was in fresno county jail till he bailed out and took off to playas tijuana where they were making meth with mencho until lalo cuinis brother got picked up by arellanos like a week after he left a halfway home in California and headed to playas and with his luck they picked him up instead of peca which is cuinis brother!

    5. Menchito and Pelon are brothers,they call themselves brothers! Even if it’s armandos son,mencho raised him when he was months! And calls him son and calls him dad,no it’s or butts!

    6. I think if menchito gets out and his dad is dead or captured (doubt it) and el 03 is in charge of cjng there would defenetly be a split cartel.
      Thats a situation ready for disaster

    7. 10:13 i dont see CJNG splintering its a well designed organization secured through blood lines and marriage. CJNG and CDS are very similar organizations

  6. El Jardinero AKA el Bravo 2 also has $5 million DEA bounty.

  7. $5 mil?? Bullets are so much cheaper.

  8. Saludos cabron que bonitos recuerdos allá en Orange County por la Tustin high santa Ans California Townsend street después la Bahia San Francisco allí estaba el Celso y pues los demás valencia incluso allí en Palo Alto nació mi sobrino que es Valencia saludos al 02

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Ojala y los agarren a todos y los refundan en el bote junto con tu sobrino cagado.😉😗

  9. Entonces ese es hijo de el exfutbolista argentino que interpuso una demanda a esta página.

  10. Chema, cuini was arreested in SD in 1996, just as Mencho was getting released from prison i believe. Its prett simple math.
    Rosalinda i allegedly about 58
    Mencho is allegedly about 52
    Jessica johana is 34 almost 35
    Mencho was about 19 years old when she got rosalinda pregnant

    At that time cuini was only about 13 years old and by somw account about 9 years old
    So tell me, how is cuini working with Armando before Mencho. They all went to Sacramento SF area menchos brothers and several of the cuinis including rosalinda. They had known eachother since they weree literally kids in Michoacan and its well documented that Mencho was some kind of security for their dads minor marijuana crops but it was nothing significant. What cuinis dad excelled in and later Cuini and co became large in were the production of avocados
    Mencho worked with Lobo and Tigre and is buddy buddy with El 85 which are ALL Maradons bros and half bro. While in prison Maradona was brought on board with CJNG and the Valencias (lobo marzdona and tigre and 85) are still all cjng high ranking allies
    Mencho never had problems with any of them

    Molca pilo and all them wantes to keep Milenio for themselves, molca sidnt say lobo and tigre said to fight Mencho, they just assumed that because Pilo was the best man fit because he knew how Tigre moved but in reality they orobbaly feared the Mencho/Cuini powergrab which meant they would be disposed of
    MYbe im erong on all that but your numbers dont add up and i broke it down for you
    And check all u want on cuini, he was arrested in SD for manufacturing and sale of Meth look it up

    Jardinero was a jefe de escoltas for Mencho but at the time he was already welll known by the tamaulipas border
    He wasnt some major player but he alwasy stuck to business and when he was able to get control of nayarit he solidified his position within cjng.

    And colima isnt jardineros, colima is and has always been El 85. That plaza is his and even Cholo said so
    So idk where u get that jardinero runs colima

    1. Sosa,all that u wrote u read from internet! If u know so much when cuini got in trouble,name the 3 people he got arrested with…I’ll wait! I know these cats personally….believe it or not!

    2. Where did I say jardinero runs colima? Dude u don’t even know half of these cats,u just re write what u see in internet! Tell me who and who went hunting with these cats in 2011 in mexicali and where they slept? I’ll wait! If u know these cats u would know these details! U don’t! Guys this guys don’t anything about cjng

    3. Sosa ur writing is nice but u don’t know half of them or half of what supposedly u write about! I can ask u questions that I know that u wouldn’t know how to answer or answer wrong! Guaranteed!!


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