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Monday, November 8, 2021

Zacatecas: Organized Crime Struck Today, 7 Found Killed

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

After an armed confrontation, the victims are burned in a vehicle; in Jerez they left human remains in an oil drum

The bodies of two people were burned along with the vehicle in which they were traveling between the municipalities of Pánfilo Natera and Ojocaliente.

The Police arrived when a vehicle burned and it is believed that it happened after a confrontation between antagonistic groups of organized crime.

Details of this crime developed this afternoon when the evidence, that is, the motor vehicle and the remains of the burned people, were transferred to the Zacatecan Institute of Forensic Sciences.


Allegedly, a man from Monte Escobedo was killed and his remains placed inside an oil drum that carried a sign where the responsible criminal cell pointed him out as a "spy", as those who give information to adversaries are known.

The container was left on the Suave Patria road, in the municipal capital of Jerez, from where it was reported by people who passed through the place.

The Municipal Police went to the crime scene and later forensic services personnel confirmed that there were human remains in the oil drum, although the identity of the victim is still unknown.


Another body with an organized crime message was found this morning with signs of violence and several gunshot wounds.

It was on Topógrafos Street in Colonia 21 de Julio, in the Zacatecan capital, from where it was reported by neighbors to the emergency personnel.


In the Rio Florido neighborhood of Fresnillo, was the scene of an armed aggression, where one person died and another was left seriously injured.

It was in the early hours of this Sunday that gunshots were repeatedly heard, neighbors reported the gunfire for the police to come.

Police went to Niños Héroes Street, to a house where at least one dead person was located.

Initially it was said that the injured person was a minor, but apparently he was a young man, who was treated in a hospital in Fresnillo.


Two other semi-naked bodies were found this Sunday on state highway 23 Fresnillo-Jerez near the entrance to the community of La Luz, also belonging to Fresnillo.

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  1. I would think they leave mantas next to the bodies. Seems like zacatecas dont release those to the pubic

    1. Of course not you horse.
      Cjng is number 1 in the world.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Mexica1
      Your CDs suck.
      Cjng rule the world, you nerdite.

    4. It never ceases to amaze me people glorifying and kissing their butts to these cowards if they were in the USA or In a Texas or California prison they wouldn't be tough they'll be in protective custody.23 hours a day paying the TS or EME protection.

    5. 11:54 why do people think mexican capos pay protection fees in american prisons?..
      But even if they do pay protection fees, they pay protection fees to government and to their sicarios in the streets. They have money and can afford a couple of thousand a year..
      I never been to prison but i been in county jail in phoenix for about a year. The people that came with drug charges and charged with RICO and running drug rings were looked at with respect. Everyone was on their nuts and nobody disrespected them.
      In prison i immagine it would be similar but i wouldnt know because i havent been there.
      Hey SOSA, how bout you tell us how it works in the prison system. How do capos get treated in there by other inmates?
      BTW, I dont idolize any cartel or drug dealer because i know first hand how they end up. Its n3ver good..
      I had plenty of chances to make that easy money but im glad i didnt. Most my friends at that time, chose that route and they are all in bad situations..
      Im a regular in this site but not because i idolize mayo, chapo, mencho or any other capo or cartel. Its what is going in mexico and as a mexican i feel the need to know whats going on.

    6. Well look im in state prison, federal priaon is a whole different ball game but its also similar.
      In state prisons they run with us, there is no more paisa car, pasias were inherited 100% into our structure because 3 pasias were made into mexican mafia members aka big homies, pilis, señores etc. Chino from DF was also a mexican capo and since arriving in state prison was treated with respect. Bat marquez also another MM qas the AF bros jefe de sicarios nad a capo himself, he essentially took over Popeye barons position but he became more powerful. So to answer your question, they do not get taxed and on the yard here rhe big homie, my boy does bizz with some big shots who move alot of dopw still from in here and they all do very well. Millionaires from in here.
      In the feds its similar according to the bros ive met and that i know personally. They are treated with respect and hey run with us being as they are pasias, well were. Its hard to explain but yeah man no one taxing them, no one hurting them. If they are its for good cause. Any big fish operating in cali pay their issue on the streets either in dope or money to be left alone by sourh siders. Onece in prison they are fine. Even if they didnt, unless they did sowm off the wall shit against one of the bros and he held a grudge or stole or owed money but thats usually dealt with immediately when they fiest hit the joint

    7. And no, no gay shit happens on General population yards. All that shit happens on the PC yards thats where u see he shes where u hear of rape on prison where the chomos rapist booty bandits go. On GP yards its not allowed in the slightest, here n there the blacks be doing gay shit but they get removed aka beat up on the yard 3 on 1 or stabbed. Juat fyi for all u homos that think prison is pike the movies

    8. There been many comments in this site how mexican capos pay Mexican Mafia protection fees in prison.
      Thanks SOSA for getting back to me

    9. At @ sosa you talk like thats something to proud off. Why don't you go overseas and fight against terrorism. Or make a difference in this world. Ever thought of that?

    10. 7:01 El Pichonie
      I regret to inform you that due to unforeseen events, that occurred in Sodas life, he will not be able to travel overseas.
      He will be available in approximately 12: years.

    11. Fight terrorism lol another facade. Id much rather do something where i and my personal life benefit from
      And yeah i can go oversees, when i get out of prison im gone. No parole, parolw can kiss my asssss
      Im going to Jalisco to my ranchito. Nearly 40k on edd and 68k on PPP. Im sitting pretty;)
      Oh and not to mention the money i invested with the help pf diamond hand investment:)

    12. This comment has been removed by the author.

    13. El Pichonie

      Are you happy now?
      Now you know why he is unable to travel, I did not mentioned his private issues, but he choose to.

    14. Well 9:16 Sosa
      Well the closest I done time was, back in the 1980s, when I was 25.It was in Pasadena California, I had drank beer and had to drive to an ATM. I got busted DUI. Back then the fines and penalties were slim compare to what they are today. I had to serve weekends in the local jail, in a Orange jumpsuit, we were called trustees, we had to mop the place, wash police cars and motorcycles. Two things stuck on my head, as they had me feed some felony men locked up, 1 had penetrated a foreign object to a 14 year old girl, when I gave him the TV dinner, his eyes showed terror. Then this Security Guard was brought in by the police to get booked, for stealing money from the market he worked at.
      DUI was the only crime I committed, and clean after that, no major crimes like you went through. I jail had a tank underground at the fallout shelter. I haven't returned to Pasadena, I don't think the jail esists, possible new state of the art, But hey thanks for opening up dude.
      Lastly I had to pay a fine and do 6 months of AA meetings.

    15. You shouldve punched that piece of shit child rapist in the mouth if u had the chance. They deserve hell for what they do to minors. Any rapist deserves to have their genitals eaten by a pitbull like that video released a few months back, well vid i saw a few months back.
      Glad you didnt go down that path. Its not the easiest life man, part of me wishes i was a square and try to do well but a big part of me hates slaving it for 9 to 5 and living like my parents do and most ppl. Not beinh able to live how u want having to suffer when major financial situations happen and not being able to travel anytime u want. I like being my own boss and i love busienss. I actually started a cleaning service thati manage from in here via 3rd party
      I invested in a 2010 honda accord and a 2012 dodge promaster and some equipments and supplies and although it staryed off slow, its fradually picking up as time goes. Ive yet to turn a profit as i "pay myself back" the profits for the cost of inital investment fo get that money back sooner than later as my cost of living in here is maybe like 300 bucks a month, 200 on store a month and (100 set aside each month for my $300 quarterly package)
      My girl,my cousins wife do the actual work and my good friend from my neighborhood handles the carpet cleaning,steaming, powerwashing of certain things and the window cleaning amongst other minor stuff we offer while the woman do the kitchens, restrooms, dusting, sweeping and mopping, and the more common tasks
      My goal is to have a full fleet of vehicles with multiple crews.
      Im in the process of landing a contract with a fraternity house cleaning their apartment complex/property year roun,weekly and some stuff biweekly. I actually got the opportunity because i used to serve coke to several members of that frat when i still sold grams and smaller sacks then i sold only ounces and up but i was stil invited to all th parties
      Had sick ass parties sith bad bitches, daytime foam parties. Sex everywhere, blowjobs in front of ppl. Quickies in the restrooms. Orgies in living rooms. All secluded because the way the complex was uilt prevented cops from entering. I used to go and bustout ounces ad get ebryone coked out lol

      But yeah hopefully they reccomend me to the other fraternity houses and sororities in that community and my business grows.use my business mindset for legal activities brother. Thsts my goal

    16. Yes SOSA interesting input on pathways people go through life.
      Some have to work harder, once they are out the hole, and get back into civilian life and stay clean. Rents, food, even used cars have went up. A one bedroom apartment in Los Angeles runs $1,700 a month. I will never get caught drinking and driving.

  2. MEXICO amazes me, with non stop murders.

    Then you'd be the only bitch left alive pinchi gerardona.

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      Smarmy ignorant retard !!!
      You are a fukn idiot all your comments are shit and you insult people constantly with your smarmy effeminate conspiracy rich bullshit . And you think you know everything you should shut the fuk up because you are a fukn idiot always talking shit to people you know nothing about . You cant even figure out when someone is being sarcastic and when they are serious .You really should shut the fuck up . Just Sayin !

    2. 10:14 Chinblaster is correct, the comment above you 8:24, was merely a comment of the truth, and was not belittling no one, like you do, but now because of your enpt behavior, I will call you azz hole.

    3. What time of call sign is sir?
      S Syria
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      R Resistance

  4. South Africa underworld figures makes this Cartels looks like children's

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    2. 4:04 the local black gangs in South Africa are street level! The Real organized crime there runs by foreign groups

    3. Pinchi kid in love with Africa, always the same comment.

  5. Cds hung narco banners in Guadalajara warning some jalisca police. Cds goes all the way to jaliscas kitchen. Can jaliscas go into culiacan or mazatlan and do the same?

    1. Cjng killed an Avendano in cln

    2. 4:06 CDS been trying hard to take that plaza with Nueva plaza but they haven't done NADA..
      CDS is not even a solid cartel anymore man!!

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