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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Valparaíso, Zacatecas: The Forced Displacement Of Local Citizens Continues

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

For several months now, organized crime has caused the forced displacement of people in different communities in municipalities of the state of Zacatecas such as Jerez, Monté Escobedo, Tepetongo and Valparaíso.

In recent months, inhabitants of the communities of Santa Lucia de la Sierra, San Juan Capistrano, Santa Cruz and other communities in the region bordering Jalisco, Nayarit and Durango, were affected by violent events due to confrontations between antagonistic criminal groups that are disputing control of the area.

A few days ago, inhabitants of the communities of Romerillo and Las Atargeas reported that a group of heavily armed men arrived at said communities forcing their inhabitants to leave them, some without the opportunity to remove their belongings, gunmen who approached the community shot at them to push them out.

In addition, it was revealed that the criminals closed the access roads to the area with various vehicles.

Two of them belong to elements of the Jalisco state police who were ambushed by armed men in the neighboring municipality of Huejuquilla,  stripping them of the units and the tactical equipment they were carrying.

In this same area a few days ago a confrontation took place where it was mentioned that elements of the Mexican Army and National Guard were looking for the gunmen in streams and surrounding hills, but the result of this operation was not disclosed.

On the other hand, it was reported due to forced displacements by criminal groups, the local PRI deputy, José David González Hernández, presented a Draft Decree to the 64th Legislature to impose up to 12 years in prison on whoever commits the crime of “internal forced displacement”, understanding this as the violence that aims to induce a group of people to abandon their place of residence or business.

According to the explanatory statement of the deputy promoter of the initiative, internally displaced persons are a highly vulnerable group, made up of people who are generally forced to flee for the same reasons as refugees. However, by not crossing a state border, they remain under the protection of your government. 

This type of forced mobility, he assured him, has been described as one of the most important humanitarian crises in recent times, since it translates into material losses and psychological and social effects.



  1. Where's the Obrador nuthugger, claiming the president is doing something? See how families are getting displaced, and help arrives late to catch those responsible.

  2. 6:36 Obrador is not the baby sitter, why don't you appoint yourself to the bbn position?
    Given your speeches, I believe you have what it takes, really, then you cOuld come to the good ol' USA, after the retiring the Unpresidented Disgrace there are job openings for the greatest of the greatest..

    1. Perhaps you should be President, since you seem to know how everything works in Mexico, what he or she up there is implying, that the cabinet of Obrador,vis not really doing much for the people. We all know the president himself, can't handle it.

  3. @1:28
    Does he (Smug Ignorant Retard)not sound like a smarmy little bitch ?
    Like you just want to rub his face in the pile of shit that is his stupid comments beat him with a rolled up news paper and throw him out the door going NO NO NO outside you smarmy little bitch and stay out ! Maybe throw him out the car in China town and keep going . Thats where Im at with dude .I picture him in a ladys pajamas sipping mimosas and smoking virginia slims lisping and rolling his eyes while he spews effiminate points of view in a very condescending voice . Yuck !

  4. Funny how ppl blame amlo for everything. As if he inHerited a PERFECT country with no corrupt politicians at every corner, no corrupt generals, commanders etc. Aml inherited a country from EPN lmao imagine that? EPN was a crook and took millions in bribes from CDS, CJNG and any cartel he could. Cjng grew unchcked during his presidency, not by luck i assume. And before him who was president? Do u know? FC the almighty CDS protector? AMLO inherited a fucked situation and ANY president, all u AMLO haters would be talking shit saying they are useless. Is AMLO corrupt? To a point i think yeah. He seems to have deals with the lesser evils. Yeah he probably made deals with cartels but do u believe hes stealing from the country like EPN and FEC did? Hell no, those guys stole in front of everyones faces from everywhere.
    Rvery president gets heat for everything as if he hold supreme power and he can control his corrupt politicians at the snap of a finger. Give the man a break

  5. Amlo knew what he was getting into when he took the gig ! And the corruption doesn't just go back to the late 90's unless your talking about the 1890s and even before that . Its the same shit just different assholes . Right on down the line .Its the fact he cowers down to them (dto) and says stupid shit like hugs not guns wtf is that ? mean while people ,children are getting ripped and torn apart alive the worst shit people can do to one another is just grinding its way across the land and people just take it like oh well as long as it was a drug addict or a narco its not going to affect me and not letting the private citizens have access to protect ion against the worst abusers of innocents and thieves and kidnappers is why I think hes a world class A hole ! Just my opinion Im sure he's a wonderful man and devoted criminal and I hope he hugs something other then the cartel nuts he tends to prefer over the people who elected him some of whom I would imagine could use a little hug on the nuts themselves ... .


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